Friday, March 29, 2013

TI Gypsy

I'm starting to feel like a gypsy. The urge to break into a rousing chorus of  "Wandering Star" is rising in my breast. O.k. its battling with lullabies, to soothe a colicky baby, but you get the picture. I've baled into the RV and jetted out of here 5 times already since mid February. Two were for 6 days at a wack. I only got to spend one night at home, between 2 of the events.  Since the Melon farmer is farming two fields next to me this year, there's a lot of chemical being put down. Last post he was fumigating with 1, 3 dichloropropene. Then he moved to the other field and sprayed Bromax, a Paraquat and phenoxy herbicide. He turned right around a week later and fumigated the first field again, this time with Metam. I've lost 8 lambs and 2 ewes. SMH

We almost lost another little guy, while I was away the whole week, but Ron brought the frozen thing down to Rosie and I in the RV. His momma got so calcium deficient from the pesticide (one of the commonly used "inert ingredients" is EDTA. It binds all their serum calcium and they get sick and die from hypocalcimia.) and couldn't care for her lambs. There's a couple of videos. If they don't load you'll have to go to the Chatter Box FB page:

Most of my days away I've spent down at the ranch. I'm knitting up small thank you's. While I've been home this week I've been working on the non-toxic cover for the carseat. I finished it yesterday. I haven't had Joey this week so I was able to get quite a it done. His daddy is now the official caretaker. I did babysit for 4 hrs. this morning as both the kids had Dr. Appointments. So this afternoon I made a nice pillow for my RV sofa. :-) sounds kinda normal doesn't it. It was nice. Being almost normal. Though I still go to bed wondering if I'm going to get another early morning text, and have all my plans changed suddenly. The last text from the melon farmer only gave me 12 hrs notice.  Since we've tentatively planned to have Easter dinner at our house this weekend I'm apprehensive I'll get a text and have to leave and the rest will move it to my daughter's. But, that's my life. @@

Saturday, March 16, 2013

One New Baby!

My new Grandson is about a month old now. Cute! Incredibly cute!! I'm admittedly quite biased. :-)

I'm  babysitting him for a couple of weeks while my daughter and son-in-law work out their schedules. I started babysitting this week while I was in exile for a fumigation.

The melon grower is farming 2 properties next to mine this year. I received a text at 4:00 in the morning saying he was going to apply nematicide later that day. Since I had all the freezables out of the RV for the winter, I had to bust my ass to get everything loaded. I didn't have time to pre-make food. Most of my clothes were in the wash. I wasn't done re-making the baby things with non-toxic covers, and I didn't have any place to go. But I got the RV loaded, with everything I could scrape up and all the baby stuff, and the dogs and I were locked in by 7:00 a.m. The melon farmer had already started applying. Its a really nasty fumigant (1,3 dichloropropene) that the field has to be cordoned off and posted for 5 days. So we got a bit of an exposure.

Well, we waited a bit longer, until a decent hour, then called a ranching neighbor and got permission to camp out on their cattle ranch. Off we went. I am loving my RV! My husband says its not relaxing to drive (there's play in the steering) but I love it. For me, its empowering! So we got down to the ranch and parked out of the way. About 10:00 a.m. Lon, the owner, showed up and had me move to a different location. One where he could keep an eye on me. And that had power. It was in under cover at the bull sale arena. We spent a few very comfortable days there. Its a busy place, but lots less toxic than an RV park. Come Sunday evening we got some rain. One of the projects that a couple of the guys, including Lon's son, had going on was drilling in some seed. They didn't want the seed to get wet so the hand parked it in next to me. Well seed is treated with insecticide, rodenticide and fungicide. Life threatening for me. It was right outside my door! I knew I had to leave, immediately. I had Lane, the son, unhook me from power. (I couldn't even open the door.) I thanked him for letting me stay and I bugged out. I drove off down the rode, pulled over, out of sight and had a good cry. I had no idea where I was going to go. I feel so displaced and 'unloved' when I'm forced to move, and have nowhere safe to go.

I suppose your a bit lost. You're probably wondering why I didn't ask them to move it or say something or what ever? Well, I was kind of caught. You see Lane farms across from my house. I don't want to be a huge inconvenience to him. It makes people less cooperative. I need to nurture my relationship with him. Now I could have asked Lon if there was someplace else on the ranch I could have gone, but then he would have gotten mad at the "boys" for parking that seed drill there, and that would have caused hard feelings. There'd have been a hoo-haw between Lon and Lane, which would have also upset Sheri (the wife and mom). Nope, it was best for me to graciously exit. So, there I was, in the wind, with no where to land. We'd spent some time earlier checking out local RV parks. most are crowded and absolutely won't work. There were a couple of maybes. I headed for one that was a bit more spacious, and hoped for the best. Their office was closed. So I pulled into an isolated spot and hooked up to power. It was a bit more toxic than the ranch. We were on the edge of town and not that far from the interstate. But I was o.k. Hopefully, I wouldn't be in trouble in the morning. Then I called Lon & Sheri and let them know I was gone, and thanked them.

First thing Monday morning my daughter dropped off Joey, my grandson, and I began daycare. Luckily the temperature had risen. At the start of my exile it was 20* at night, so pretty darn chilly in the RV. Now it was only getting down to the 40*s. So Joey and I weren't cold. Mostly it was just feed, comfort and change the baby. Joey is a bit colicky this week.

Tuesday evening it was time to come home. So after Alex picked him up, I stowed everything for travel and headed for home. I wasn't sure how toxic it was going to be, or if all the fumigant had dissipated, so I stacked everything up by the door for off loading. I parked the RV as close to the back door as possible and just got everything transferred to the house as quickly as possible. Then put away the perishable groceries and showered. Then started to work on laundry and getting ready for Joey the next day.

I guess I forgot to mention that Ron had left for Texas to help our son & daughter-in-law, the day before the fumigation... Well he got home late the same night I got home. We found out the next morning we'd lost some sheep and lambs to the spray. :-( Nothing we can do about it. If we complain, the melon grower won't notify me at all.

So Joey arrives in about an hour. I'd best get moving, I need to clean the house for my father and stepmother's visit this weekend, and I don't get much else done while Jody's here. I'll leave you with some adorable (IMO) pictures. ;-)