Friday, March 29, 2013

TI Gypsy

I'm starting to feel like a gypsy. The urge to break into a rousing chorus of  "Wandering Star" is rising in my breast. O.k. its battling with lullabies, to soothe a colicky baby, but you get the picture. I've baled into the RV and jetted out of here 5 times already since mid February. Two were for 6 days at a wack. I only got to spend one night at home, between 2 of the events.  Since the Melon farmer is farming two fields next to me this year, there's a lot of chemical being put down. Last post he was fumigating with 1, 3 dichloropropene. Then he moved to the other field and sprayed Bromax, a Paraquat and phenoxy herbicide. He turned right around a week later and fumigated the first field again, this time with Metam. I've lost 8 lambs and 2 ewes. SMH

We almost lost another little guy, while I was away the whole week, but Ron brought the frozen thing down to Rosie and I in the RV. His momma got so calcium deficient from the pesticide (one of the commonly used "inert ingredients" is EDTA. It binds all their serum calcium and they get sick and die from hypocalcimia.) and couldn't care for her lambs. There's a couple of videos. If they don't load you'll have to go to the Chatter Box FB page:

Most of my days away I've spent down at the ranch. I'm knitting up small thank you's. While I've been home this week I've been working on the non-toxic cover for the carseat. I finished it yesterday. I haven't had Joey this week so I was able to get quite a it done. His daddy is now the official caretaker. I did babysit for 4 hrs. this morning as both the kids had Dr. Appointments. So this afternoon I made a nice pillow for my RV sofa. :-) sounds kinda normal doesn't it. It was nice. Being almost normal. Though I still go to bed wondering if I'm going to get another early morning text, and have all my plans changed suddenly. The last text from the melon farmer only gave me 12 hrs notice.  Since we've tentatively planned to have Easter dinner at our house this weekend I'm apprehensive I'll get a text and have to leave and the rest will move it to my daughter's. But, that's my life. @@

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