Monday, April 8, 2013

First 2 Thank You Gifts Completed

I'm down at the ranch again. looks like it will be a couple of days. I have my thank you's made up for Lon and Sheri. I had no idea of what to make for Lane. What do you make for a late 20 year old young man out of yarn? LOL its not like he'll want a tea cozy! Though I did see a great elephant one, and a pig one I could modify. But I hailed him out the window and we came to a conclusion he's pretty excited about. Trigger finger-less hunting gloves. I've made them for every other guy in my family. I made a pair for myself, not so much the hunting as for working clasps etc. So he's supposed to get me a trace of his hand and measurements. I'll get the yarn. :-)

I'm not sure what I want to work on next...

Here's some pics of the thank you scarfs.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

Chlorothalonil was dripped this morning and I'm sitting here with a throbbing headache, and a dysfunctional eyeball. Vacuum hose attached to the ack, kind of a feeling. I don't get notices about the drip, even though I've asked repeatedly. But, and its a big BUT, I'm lots better than a usually am this time if year, due to my Escape Pod (RV). As I'm writing I'm also baking cookies for my next exile. That would be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. One of my good neighbors wants to hit a few weeds with glystar. Its a glysophate product. 48 hr REI. The recent research on glysophate shows its a much more toxic product that previously presented... It used to have a 2 hr REI. Now they are required to label it with 48. The product didn't change. Makes you think, doesn't it.

Anyway, I will have Joey again. Evenings this time. My daughter's away giving conference lectures, and my son in law works swing shift. So I have him Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I did get the non-toxic seat covers done. Organic fabrics and stuffing. And here's my all time favorite grandson pic to date. Its captioned "What up dog?"