Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Got A Virus!

That may not seem like a celebration to most people, but I've been too toxic for viruses to survive for 9 years. For me to get a virus indicates I've cleared enough of my toxic body burden that they can survive. 

It's still miserable, but its a good thing. Of course I succumbed to the virus following 2 consecutive hits that really had me on the ropes. I posted about them on "The Box." I'm trying to be good and stay in my chair, but I'm sooooo bored!! I'm trying to do little things so I get over the virus, some kind of respiratory flu. Like instead of completely clipping Rosie, I just did her head and neck. Tomorrow I'll do her tail and maybe her feet. Then, the next day, her body. I'm aiming for what Justin refers to as "the pajama clip."  

While I was in exile at the beginning of the week my patterns came. I'm hoping to be able to start some sewing projects! One thing at a time, and then rest! @@

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