Friday, October 18, 2013

Hopefully, The Last Exile of the Season

Its beautiful here in the mountains, in the crisp fall. Lower down the leaves were jubilant in their fall colors, as Rosie and I drove up. Here at the campground the tamaracs are turning yellow and gold amid there coniferous cousins. For those of you that don't also read my FB page, I had to find a safer location, much farther away to avoid getting injured by the spraying. So I've been camping out in the mountains.

I keep saying this, on all my other pages, because I keep thinking its over but, here we are again, in exile, so... "Its been a harsh spray season." They usually are. I don't think I can single one out thats, "worse" than all the others. They are all horrid in their own unique way. Of course this one did have some very positive notes. Once I realized, and confirmed (by repetition, ugh!) that glyphosate, (and flax in the dog food) was triggering the 2 week bouts of 24/7 puking, gagging and choking every 3-5 mins (Achalasia), I told my good neighbors and they stopped spraying it every week for the rest of the summer. They cut way back. They're also giving me lots more notice. Which really helps! The melon farmer gave me 30 min to 2 hrs most times and that was, in its self, brutal. By the time I'd get the RV loaded, at a dead run, and panicked, with groceries, etc, drive up here, and set up camp, I was completely wiped out and would just curl up in a ball, in total exhaustion. It would take me most of the stay just to recover. This time one of my good neighbors gave me two days notice, so I started prepping the RV 2 days in advance. It was so much better!!! I didn't feel as though my life were ripped out of my hands at their whim. We actually had company and were eating dinner when the call came in. I was able to finish our 4 generation family event, butchering deer, and great grandma getting play time with Joey, like a normal person. The next morning I could calmly load the RV, and check water tanks, while resting, as needed. I even had time and energy to help finish wrapping burger. It was much safer driving up here, not on the point of exhaustion. 

I'm still puking most days, by the way. Its not as bad most of the time, as it was there for awhile. The damage is slow to heal, and any toxin at all sets it off now. The literature says it doesn't heal; it just gets worse. However, I know that most doctors don't have my perspective. They aren't as rigorous as I have to be with avoiding toxins. I believe that is key and that my damage is healing, though slowly. 

I think its my pattern to not write much in the summer. My regular readers are aware of it. I spend so much time being ill, that I try to use whatever energy I have left lowering the burden I impose on my family and loved ones. I work hard at stepping up and trying to provide some normalcy. I think I did more house cleaning, dishes and laundry than I have in past spray seasons. Yeah, the husband's lovin' that. ;-) So in that respect, it was a "better" season. The puking, or regurgitation, isn't usually like vomiting. The volume is generally less per emission. So one can still get things done, if they take their "spit cup" with them. I've been working on small remodeling projects that we were in the middle of before I got sick.  I've had more family events this season. That does bite me in the back side, as there always seems to be an exposure in there some where. I did throw myself a birthday party, complete with guests, cake and ice cream. I had it up here, at the camp ground, so people could wear their own clothes, and not have to shower, etc. I've had a couple of exposures from other people's medication resolving out of their bodies, so we have had to limit over night guests to only those that are as rigorous as I am.  I'm working on my sheep shed again, so I can set up my upholstery machine to reupholster the RV, the next phase! I've sealed and painted the OSB interior walls of the sheep shed, and Ron's building me racks for my wool bags. Then we can remove them, my upholstery machine and my metal work table from his shop. I'll have my own work shop! Its amazing what you can get done while puking! O' I look really bad, by the way. Since it goes on all night, I'm not getting much sleep. I've also lost more than 40 lbs. due to the resultant starvation and dehydration.

I haven't worked on the weight loss article for The Box because its hard to write about healthy weight loss when I'm losing weight the absolute wrong way! I feel like such a hypocrite. However I'm collecting data for it, and one on Achalasia. I was hoping to begin writing again the end of this month, as my brains were slowing returning to sharper function (another reason I don't write during spray season - mush for brains). However when I was out painting in the sheep shed, last week, someone sprayed and I took a pretty bad hit. I don't know if it was someone further away, upwind, or the evil neighbor being his usual creepy self. Shrug. Anyway, I'll see how the brains go. I'm writing this so the damage wasn't too bad. But then, I kind of feel like this entry isn't as well written. Sorry for that. :-} 


  1. Beautiful toxed. I wish I could visit that place.

  2. Beautiful Toxed, I wish I could visit that place.

  3. I wish you could, too! I'll be there next year. If you swing a trip this way, I'll rent you a space. :-)