Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving '13

I have a lot to be thankful for! My kids and their families are all going to be home for Thanksgiving. :-) I'll have all 3 grandkids in the house. :-) I get to meet my youngest grandson for the first time. My son in law's kidney surgery went very well. He passes stones tons easier, now. He remarked after the last one, "that was nothing!" My youngest sister is back in Oregon and got a very nice job! My health is improved a ton (so thankful for my RV!), since I was able to get away from so much more of the spraying this season. Heck, I've lost so much weight from the achalasia I was able to fit into my " fat" jeans! LOL look out skinny jeans, I'm coming! Of course I can't wear those fat jeans yet. Still too much lymphoma, but I'm getting closer! I'm thankful that I can do more. It probably doesn't mean much to other people but, I'm thankful that I can get out to feed my chickens nearly every day. I bought an organic mattress for a daybed, for my eldest granddaughter. I can tolerate it in the house with no outgassing! Thank God! I sleep through most nights, and I believe I've turned a major health corner. I have the best service dog ever! :-) and she's so cute! I've established healthy boundaries or severed a lot of toxic relationships. It made the whole rest of my life easier. My husband is coming to terms with my disability. I'm living, and have lots to look forward to! What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Better

Some Days I feel almost normal. Its an odd feeling. I do dishes, clean floors, do projects and cook a meal. And I'm not even tired! If I stop to think about it I realize I've still got quite a ways to go, before I could be consindered normal, by the normal population but, I feel so much better, its exponentitially more "normal" than I was. I can still be knocked on my butt by the slightest exposure, but in between, I have soo much more energy. Which is kind of amazing, since I only manage to eat on 1 out of 4 days most of the time. A certain group of toxins trigger the achalasia spasm that closes my LES, a certain other class triggers a lymphatic reaction that results in an over production of thick choking mucus, filling my esophogus and preventing eating. On good days, I feast! I've dropped another 10 lbs, in a much more controlled, and healthy manner. On the 3 days I'm not eating I drink a lot of herbal teas to encourage the spasming to relax, thin the mucus, and add lots of phytonutrients. I'm dealing with it, and its healing. 

I had a bit of an adventure yesterday. I drove the 40 miles to the health food store to pick up our organic turkey and some raw milk. On the way home, as we climbed the hill to leave town, the clutch gave out. It smelled terrible. Burnt. I didn't know it was the clutch at the time. I thought it was the transmission. I could put it in 4th and 5th but it didn't do anything. It just revved the engine. I whipped my filter mask out of my pocket and put it on. I figured I was really gonna pay for that, but there was nothing else I could do. I counted myself blessed to have remembered to take an emergency shot with me (I'd been forgetting, the last few times). I coasted as far down the high way as I could then pulled over on to the shoulder and turned on the flashers. I called my husband. He was standing in a ditch overseeing the repair of a steam line, but left immediately for home to pick up our car hauler. Other than the horrid smell, and the consequences, I was thinking that I'd be alright. I waited for the smell to go away, and the engine to cool, before I tried to move the car forward to the nearest exit. About the time I had started the engine again and was creeping down the shoulder my husband called me back. Thats when I learned it was the clutch. He also reminded me I would have to ride in his truck. He uses them for work and I don't even go near them; they're very toxic to me. He chose the least toxic one and hooked up the car hauler and headed my way. At that point I was pretty upset. I  figured I was really in for trouble now. The truckcab could set me back months, and right before the holiday! Very upset. I was agonizing about how bad it was going to be. Well, my husband did everything he could think of to make it better, including driving with the windows down every second that he wasn't behind another truck. It must have froze his ass off! Anyway, he showed up and pulled in ahead of me. My car had a tough time crawling up the ramps even in 1st. The clutch just would not hold. But I got it up there by holding my mouth just right and feathering the throttle. ;-). Ron chained her down and then Rosie and I made the transfer to the truck cab and we jetted home as quick as we dared, windows open as much as possible. When we got home I washed everything. And I mean everything that went into the truck, starting with Rosie and myself. Twice. I was very pleasantly surprised to not suffer anywhere near as bad as I anticipated! I must be getting better. GFETE I made sure to thank my husband for everything he did, and gave him the credit for it turning out so well. :-)