Saturday, December 21, 2013


I just drank a delicious cup of coffee and, for the first time since Thanksgiving, it went in! Finally! Whew!!  Up until this morning I've been doing the Achalasia thing: drink a tiny sip, puke it back out, repeat. The pain and pressure is bad enough with liquids. Its almost enough to make you quit even trying to eat. If I cook my food down to almost mushy, it hurts less, but it still feels like you're gagging up gravel. Gravel thats stuck half way. So this morning I started drinking my coffee and it went in smooth, like a real person! I just kept drinking and drinking. It felt glorious!!! I was getting pretty hungry and thirsty so I wanted to immediately go make another cup, but I think if I contain myself, and wait a while, I'll have a better outcome. If I drink (or eat) too much too fast I'll trigger the achalasia again. I'm so tired of eating cookies and icecream! They puke up easier, plus have sugar to stave off my porphria from crashing. So I 'get by' with those. I tried to eat some 'boil it down to bits' stew last week, but I was unsuccessful in retaining much. I did get a little, and I'm greatful for that. Likewise I've been flushing my esophogus (thats what it amounts to) with echinaecia & ginger root tea, aloe vera, vitamin C and magnesium solutions. Not all together...

Today we're celebrating Christmas with family members that can't be here on the 25th. Gotta run! 

Have a Blessed and Merry, Christ filled Christmas!!!

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