Saturday, February 8, 2014

Can You Hear Me?

Sometimes I feel as though I talk and the person I'm talking to hears "Wah, wah, wahh." like on Charlie Brown. They don't hear what I'm saying. I've tried saying it over. I've tried saying it different ways. I've tried saying it both directly and very lovingly. They still don't hear me. The family members that brought chemicals into my home at Thanksgiving, and told me they didn't want to hear my complaints about it, told my husband that I was taking "Pot Shots" at them for insisting on my accommodations before they could return to my home. 

I was so upset when I heard that I decided to vent my anger through hard work. I've been washing walls and ceilings to try to reclaim my house from the toxins they brought in. I do a little every day. So I really went at it yesterday. I found another chemical booby trap. At Thanksgiving, the wife insisted she wasn't using hairspray when I smelled it on her. She and her husband were quite offended that I accused her of it. Yesterday I started washing the walls and ceiling in the room they stayed in. I got to the full length mirror behind the door. I sprayed it with alcohol and water and the reactivated hairspray that volatized off of it seared my lungs and burnt my face. The hairspray was also all over the back of the door, and the top, sides and back off the mirror. I'd washed the mirror and the back of the door (not the back of the mirror) right before Thanksgiving, because we live in a dusty area. There wasn't any hairspray then. I washed the front of the mirror several times, yesterday, and couldn't get the stink to go away. Thats when I noticed the hardware that holds the mirror to the wall, at the top left corner was loose. It wasn't loose before. I got a screw driver and took the mirror off. There was staining and stench on the cardboard back. I'm shocked that anyone could do this. I'm angry. I'm heart broken.

I keep trying to get the message acrossed that this kind of toxic chemical assault is bludgeoning me to death. Its killing me. What the hell is the matter with them?!

Edited on 3/10/14. Originally published on 2/8/14

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