Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Bug-Out of the season

My neighbor that owns the circle across from my house doesn't farm, himself. He rents it out. Usually Lane rents, and farms it. This year its a new guy. Last Friday he showed up in the field for the first time with a tanker full of pesticide! I immediately went into "high stress mode!" All that PTSD work I'd been doing to get over last year's assaults, gone. So I quickly tracked down his name and number and gave him a call. I started talking to him, I was o.k. Then when he tells me he's having an ag company apply Round-up on Saturday or Sunday, and he's applying Prowl on Wednesday, and I have to start talking about 'why' its important I know more precisely when they'll apply (meaning what happens to me) I started having PTSD. Yeah, I can't help it. Its totally outside of my control. I'm shaking and crying and fighting to master it. I know it comes out in my voice. I can't help it. The guy sounded compassionate. So I get off the phone and I'm thinking it sounds like he's going to be fairly cooperative. So even though I made a fool of myself, well, at least it had some value.

I start loading the RV with clothing, canned goods, water, medical supplies, etc. and continue putting it back together, from all the remodeling projects I've been working on over the winter: the microwave -finished trimming it out this weekend,

the shelf under the sofa wondow,

the floor under the wires and plumbing, and the cover for that area.

It takes me so long to do projects because I have to get non-toxic materials, and then have help with the toxic parts. Which means I have to schedule some of my husband's time. That last is the hardest part.

 Well Aaron, the new guy, sent me a text telling me that the spray company was scheduled for Monday. Thats o.k., it gives me more time and I can manage it at a saner pace. Ron, my husband worked his fanny off helping me with remodeling things, and we got everything ready to go by Sunday night. Ron had had a job to do Sunday afternoon, so I finished up by myself at about 5:00 p.m.. I was planning on leaving around 6:00 that evening. I went in and checked the weather report. Monday, 30 mph winds with gusts to 50. Hmmm. I'd promised Aaron I'd leave Sunday night, but what would be the point if he couldn't spray Monday? So I called him to make sure we were on the same page. Boy! Did I get an ass chewing! He stated that I'd promised to leave on Sunday night, so I had to (not exactly true, and no I don't have to. Technically I'm doing him a favor or he can't spray at all).  I tried to explain that it costs me to be away from my home so why should I incur the extra cost for no reason? That just made him mad and  he carried on about what a busy, important guy he was, how many acres he was farming where, that he had to get his seed in the ground by Friday, and he was going to spray no matter if the wind was blowing or not (against the law), his two small children, his dinner waiting and a whole raft of other pointless crap and wound up by concluding so he "didn't have time to waste discussing the weather on the phone with a (pause) woman like (me)." I thought, "jerk!" And gee, if he hadn't wasted so much time being an asshole the whole call would have lasted less than 30 seconds... But I had to play nice. So after I calmed down I called his spray company. Of course they'd work with me! Of course they won't be spraying until Tuesday! They'd be happy to keep me informed whenever they're in my area. More and more pesticide applicators are getting toxic injury. Its now a recognised industry hazard. So they completely understood. 

Any way Monday evening the wind dropped and I took off. I'm at Hat Rock State Park and was doing quite well. Then as I was writing this another camper arrived and set up near me. I'm stressing. I may have to move. So now I need to find another place to go. I'll need to be ready in case they start spewing all kinds of toxic smellies... Sigh.

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