Thursday, April 17, 2014

They Didn't

Spew toxic smellies, that is. The camphost cherry picked the less stinky ones and sent them over by me. She sent the smelly ones to the other side of the campground. It got crowded that weekend, but they managed to keep the spaces on either side of me open. We managed. Which was good as there wasn't any place else better available. 

The down side was that when I got back, Aaron hadn't got his spraying done and was just finishing up. I got hurt.  Prowl, or pendemethrin hangs around for a long time. I'm still puking, and its been weeks! I did finally manage to make it outside this week. One of my lambs debeloped muscle paralysis in its back and legs. It can't stand up on its own, so I've been going out these last few days and giving it physical therapy and setting it on its feet. Today I took Joeymand Rosie amd we went tomthe feed store. They bring our order out and put it in the bed of the Baja. We got the lambie some B complex and some probiotics.

Leg, and back paralysis are symptoms of glyphosate product poisoning, and probably the Prowl as well. I'm having trouble finding any independent research on Prowl. Its one of the gambits the chemical companies use. They keep introducing new chemical formula's, test only the 1 or 2 "active ingredients," and claim they are not that toxic. Its the "inert" or "other ingredients" that they don't test or disclose that increase the toxicity, sometimes 100 fold. It doesn't seem to matter if I complain they're hurting me, if there is no research that backs me up. 

Anyway, one of those chemical formulas causes your dental enamal to demineralize. All the sudden I had a huge cavity. I also have teeth and jaw pain. I had that last year,following the major glyphosate exposure. I've been researching the glyphosate products and there's some indication that its the probable cause. I'm trying to find a safe dentist. And I'm trying to remineralize my teeth. 

I was also trying go do my taxes, and keep my exposures to print chemicals at a minimum. Receipts, you know... I got all that done. Whew. Way too many hoops to jump! 

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