Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eating Butter

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Did you catch that episode of "According to Jim" where he walks into his kitchen to find his brother-in-law eating a cube of butter, and dipping it in a bowl of sugar? They called them "Shame Sticks." I remember how I laughed and thought, who would ever do such a thing?! And now, minus the sugar, I'm eating little 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon sized pats of (organic, pasture raised) butter, several times a day, to save my teeth! I'm still surprised by how effective putting a lump of butter, alternated with a little organic raw honey on a tooth ache was! My teeth are getting better. Definitely less pain, and they feel more solid. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before now, I'm following the remineralize your teeth diet in "Cure Tooth Decay Naturally with Nutrition". It involves a lot of grass fed, chemical free raw dairy, cod liver oil, vegetables and bone broth.

I'm in exile again. Cutsforth Campground this time. No cell, no internet. We're the only guests up here today. So we get to wander around and take walks. If you'll remember, I had just got home on Monday, unloaded the RV and did laundry. I got the call Tuesday. /:-(  I was cleaning house and trying to play catch-up on all the things that go undone while I'm gone. I was also trying to work on some sewing projects I had waiting. A long sleeve (organic) T-shirt, and blackout curtains for the RV. The sun comes up at 5:00. Much too early. Those white privacy curtains really light up! I can't sleep through it. Anyway, I'd agreed to watch Joey this coming Friday, as the regular daycare lady was not available. (Oh boy! Grandma gets Joey time!!) The spray guys made me break my word and lose out on spending time with my grandson, and I'm not very happy about it. I had to drop everything I was doing and change gears. I then busted my ass reloading the RV. @@ Again. @@ @@ I made a run for raw milk to the Tri-cities on Wednesday, refilled the fresh water and clipped Rosie. I'd brought the scissors and electric clippers along on the last trip but the weather was stormy up at Emigrant Springs and the thought of all that loose dog hair inside the RV was daunting. I spent a few hours carding wool so I'd have some ready to spin. I have to keep supplied with hand projects or I'll go nuts! Have I shown you my spinning wheel set up? I had bought some furniture tie downs from the baby department on Amazon (for keeping toddlers from pulling furniture over on themselves) and fastened it to the wall for travelling. (The other straps are for my little washing machine, which is still outgassing.)

We left at 7:00 this morning (Thursday). I'm relieved to report our trip up here this time was uneventful. No roadside spraying. No crazy drivers. I talked to the Park Grounds Manager (different than the manager that handles the reservations) who did the spraying up here last week. He had no idea that I was TI, or that I come here for exile. Its a new position for him. He's on the same page now, and was even open to my emailing him some info on horticultural vinegar. Its different than grocery vinegar which is 3-5% acedic acid. Horticultural vinegar is 10, 15 or 20% acedic acid and works very well as a safe burn down herbicide (you can order it from Amazon or your local garden center). You generally see results in an hour. He assures me they won't be spraying anymore nasty herbicide up here this season. I gave him my number just in case. 

So we're here. Its warm out, with a soft breeze blowing. Rosie and I did take a walk down through the empty campground but every once in a while I'd catch a bit of toxin (lymph pain and swelling in my jaw) so we came back to the RV and I washed up and changed clothes, and rinsed Rosie. Tomorrow will be safer.  I also didn't see any dead weeds... Glyphosate usually takes 10 days for die down. We'll see. 

Oh yeah, the lambie recovered! She's a little stunted. Her legs are short. But she's running and playing with the other lambs, and she comes running for her bottle. ;-)

Saturday May 17, 2014

Well I asked if they could turn on the water up here this time because I have a doctor apt Tuesday and wanted a shower before it. I didn't want to run out of water while covered in soap. Only the water was "on," it just wasn't working. So Thursday evening and a good share of Friday I had helpful maintainance guys crawling all over our site, fixing the water. Rosie and I stayed in all that evening and all day Friday (except for slipping out early and late for pottying). I reread Lorena McCourtney's "Ivy Malone Mysteries." They're the books that inspired me to get the RV in the first place. The maintenance guys did get the water running, sorta. They thought maybe the lift pump was out, but it checked out o.k. Eventually they decided something must be blocking the line. One gentleman went into the woods and cut a long thin hard bough, trimmed it back of all its branches and plunged the stand pipe. So there is some water that flows out now. Enough for that shower if I need it. I won't hook up to their water unless I get really, really low. I'd hate for all my water to run backwards into their system, since it kinda looks like I might have more gravity feed pressure than they do coming out of their pipe. RV water systems are designed for about 35 psi incoming pressure. I'll have Ron look at it if he and Justin make it up here turkey hunting today. Having a husband who is an engineer does have its uses. ;-)

Rereading the books (I have 4) was a very pleasant break from my cyclical, worn out thoughts. The only problem was that when I got done, I was left with the stark contrast between Ivy Malone's (fictional) life and the horrible loneliness of mine. The lonliness is a heartbreaking burden. It is so bad it is physically painful. Its almost as bad as the torturous pain that I've endured from toxic exposures. A very close second. In fact, so close that many TIs risk exposing themselves hoping it will only be "a little" just so they can have some human interaction. Its rarely a little. Something I've learned the hard way. The problem is, people were designed to relate with others. Its inherent within us to long for companionship. Being in isolation just doesn't work. Even the most harden criminals need social interaction. That's why solitary confinement is used as a punishment in prisons. For many TIs the cell phone and internet relieve some of that, allowing us to make contact with others without the chemical exposures. Its not as effective as face to face contact, but its better than nothin'! Unless of course you're also elctro-magnetically sensitive. Being up here at the campground I experience the complete isolation that EMF sufferers, who are also chemically sensitive, have. It reminds me that there are people much worse off than me. Even so, I still miss real face to face human contact.  

Sunday May 18,2014

I woke up this morning to a steady, light rain. Rosie, who is equally bored with being confined in the RV took 30 min. to select an appropriate place to potty. We were standing in a small clearing on the hill side, in the forest. To me it looks like every square foot is a perfect place to potty! But no, not according to Rosie. Some dog manuals say give them three minutes, then go back in. But it had been 13 hrs since she last pee'd. I'm amazed she can hold it that long. When she did go, it was a lot. I figure she must have very real doggy reasons for being so selective. And even if its just because she's enjoying the break, I can't blame her. We'd go for a walk but I'm still picking up crap that inflames my jaw. The property we were on for her potty spot is not park property (Its behind our camp). It hasn't been sprayed. While they don't mind a little bit of encroachment, we can't take our walk there. It would be rude. So we're still pretty much confined.

Ron and Justin didn't come. With out communication, I have no idea why. It could have been that Ron forgot he said he would stop by. Or, that he ended up not going turkey hunting. That may have been because the kids went somewhere for the weekend, and he didn't want to go out alone. Or he was having trouble with farming. He was going to disc and re-seed the hay field. I just hope no one's hurt. Its hard not knowing.

I worked on knitting a sweater with some of my handspun yarn yesterday. I finished one ball and started another in the middle of the right front piece. I'm not happy with it. The color change is obvious.

 That happens with naturally colored fleece. They aren't a solid color. The wool is many different shades and varies from one part of the sheep to the other. So sometimes there's a definite color change. I didn't break the yarn. Instead I have switched to spinning. I'm hoping this next skein will come out closer in appearance to the one I used to make the left front, and began the right front piece with. Then I'll just undo the darker part and re-knit it with the lighter (if it turns out lighter, and not too light) yarn. My other option is to start completely over with the darker ball. We'll see. 

3:00 p.m.

Ron showed up. It turns out Justin had too much to do to go hunting yesterday, so Ron disced the field. Then today he went out and did a Water Rights job in Pilot Rock. He took his shotgun and went turkey hunting on his way home. He came around the back way and stopped by to visit for an hour. It was thankfully during a lull in the rain. We policed the campsite. The last people that used it left trash all over. One was a smoker who left cigarette butts everywhere. Imagine standing next to a fire and not even bothering to toss your used butts in!? Then they pitched an empty propane bottle over the bank, along with some other trash. They also tossed their beer cans, bottles and food cans into the fire. Those things don't burn... SMH. So we cleaned things up a bit while we visited. I'm looking forward to sitting around the fire when the kids come up some Sunday afternoon. Did I tell you I reserved this spot for the rest of the season? That way it will be available whenever I need it, and I won't have to stress about where to go.

Ron told me I had a call from my EI doctor's nurse. My mineral panel came back. She wanted me to get right in and get two minerals started ASAP, that I had zero in my blood. He couldn't remember which ones. I'm assuming that call was Thursday evening. I'm going to have to wait until Tuesday now. 

Monday May 19, 2014

Its overcast with everything from thin wispies to rolling thunderheads, but no rain. The ceiling is low, with the clouds scraping and shredding themselves on the nearby mountaintops. I'm feeling kind of groggy since I was up at 3:00 with jaw pain. I made some milk thistle and licorice root tea. Licorice both thins lymph and relieves pain & inflammation. The milk thistle was to help my body to detoxify and excrete the toxins. Since I was up I stabbed myself with a few accupuncture needles and did some electro-puncture treagtments. I know I got it moving because now the other side of my face hurts, too. @@ I do get incredibly tired of pain and symptoms, and chasing them around my body. I fantasize about being healthy. I daydream about being able to live a fairly normal life and go about my business uninterrupted by toxins, and illness. That's sad. O.k. Pathetic is probably a better word. The worst part is its true... Pathetic is not what I ever wanted to be. I'm rather mad at Disney. You know, because they schlep the lie that you can be what ever you want to be, "dare to dream because dreams really do come true." Trust me; this is not what I dreamed of for my grandma years! It wasn't any part of my plans for any part of my life. 

8:00 p.m. Went out to grab my cones so I didn't forget in the morning. My teeth are lilling me!

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Up at 5:30, broke camp and headed for my Dr apt. It was a 3.5 hr drive, in the RV. Oiy! Turns out my new dentist got his wires crossed and didn't forward the samples to be tested. So its rescheduled for next week. Hopefully it won't be from Cutsforth. Anyway. I had three minerals that I was completely deficient in: molybdenum, chromium and cobalt. All the others were low. So I got a mineral drip. I also went to te health food store for raw milk. O.k. Driving a 30' RV through down town traffic is no picnic. I'm doing a laundry pitstop at home. I can't decide if its worse here, skin burning, puking or up there with swollen inflamed jaw...

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