Friday, May 2, 2014

In the Wind

It started 2 days ago, April 23rd, with Aaron texting me to say he'll be spraying Sunday or Monday. We exchanged some very civil emails. I made an appointment for a blood draw on Friday morning. I discovered glyphosate is a chelator (sucks all the minerals out of your tissue, teeth and bones). My teeth are falling apart. So I'm having a mineral panel run. Yesterday (Thursday) another neighbor contacted me and let me know he was having his place sprayed and the spray company would call me. Last night  I got the call from the spray company and they were doing 2 places upwind of me. They really wanted to spray today (Friday), weather permitting. I looked at the forecast. Friday looked very probable for spraying. Given that I had to leave the house for the blood draw, and that several more people will most likely spray, and not notify, I made reservations to stay down at Hat Rock for 5-8 days. I packed all the things I'd need, stacked them up for loading and organized the food. 

I got up before 6:00, and was packing the food in short order. When Ron finished the farm chores I put a plastic bag over my duffel bag, a sheet over me, masked up and made a run for the RV. (Aaron had brought his spray rig and parked it across from the house, Monday, 4/21. I've been getting horribly sick everytime I went out to potty Rosie or take care of the lambie. So Ron took over doing them. Then he'd bath Rosie when he brought her back in. Which is why I went flying out to the RV under a sheet, my luggage sealed in a heavy garbage bag, with extra precautions. So, Ron pottied Rosie while I jumped in the RV, tossed the plastic bag and sheet out the door, and turned on the water, refrige, and water heater. When Rosie came in she went straight to the shower. Ron took the bag and sheet and used them to transfer the rest of the supplies. It was a little stressful being forced from my home, through a toxic environment, but I was dealing with it, as it was a necessity. Ron headed out to pick up Joey. Since spray season forces me to often drive long distances away from my kids, with little advance notice, my being able to watch Joey during spray season is unreliable. They'd found daycare. It was near my husband's work and he jumped at the chance to spend more time with our Joe-boy by playing taxi. He was running a little late, so he unplugged me and headed right off, as soon as I and my stuff were inside. I sat down to send out texts and make calls letting people know I was leaving in "30 min" and they could spray as they got the chance. Then I climbed into the driver's seat and revved her up. Only it didn't rev. It clacked. It sounded like, and the panel showed, a dead battery. O.k. She's been on the charger, there shouldn't be a dead battery! I tried again. But no go. I estimated the time I'd spent calling and texting. Ron should be halfway to work by now (with Joey). So I called Lon, who was due back by from beakfast. He was just finishing up. "Sure (he'd) stop by and see if (he) could jumpstart it." O.K. Clocks ticking. I'm hoping he'll get to me in less than the 30 min I notified the others, before all hell breaks out in spraying. As I sat there I thought that I better tell Ron about the engine trouble or I'd forget all about it when I saw him next. When I called I found out that he'd had been delayed in town picking up Joey. He wasn't passed our house, on his way to work, so he stopped back by. I called Lon and let him know. It only took a few seconds to hook up the jumper cables and it started right up. I'm thinking starter problem, or maybe cellanoid... Or maybe the charger came unplugged.

Anyway, that was stressful. But push on! Ron headed for work, and I headed to my appointment. Well the blood draw ladies were a bit non-plussed. After all, I'm showing up in a 30' RV, and I have no immune system. Bless their hearts they came out to the rig in clean-suits & masks. I think I would have laughed out loud only while I was sitting there waiting for them to get my paperwork in order I got a phone call. It was from Hat Rock, the RV park where I'd made reservations. The farmer next to them was having his field aireal sprayed this morning. I can't go there. I'm in the wind with no safe place to land! 

I don't know if you can imagine the sheer terror and desolation that overwhelms me when that happens. I stumbled through a "Thank you so much for letting me know!" And got off the phone. I opened my ipad notes of alternative places. Thats when the girls arrived for truckside draw service. I masked up and stuck my arm out the window. The little gal climbed up on the running board and looped an arm around the extended mirrors. They got their work done quickly, efficiently and safely. 

I returned to searching for a new destination. I called Plymouth park on the Washington side of the river. A warm, friendly woman named Shirley answered the phone. She invited me up to look, saying she had 3 open spaces. Well, I'd been meaning to check out Plymouth park for sometime. I have a full tank of gas. I guess now's the time. Plymouth park is a very small, and natural park. Its not the kind that reminds me of a drive-in movie parking lot. The pull through hook-ups are arranged on the outside of a loop, so outside your door you have grass and trees. The breeze comes fresh off the water. Shirley was very nice, and even had experience with 4 other regulars, who are chemically sensitive RVers, in a park she works at in Arizona. She understood my needs. Still they were going to be very busy, with lots of kids, dogs and people running everywhere, and they couldn't take my credit card over the phone (its a state park) perhaps I should check out Crowe Butte. I'd looked at maps of Crowe Butte. They were farther away from farming, the railroad and industries. I pulled over and called. Yes, Christy said they had plenty of open spaces. I explained my needs. She recommended space #50. She felt it would be perfect for me.  I drove the 30 minutes down the hi-way to Crowe Butte. It turns out space #50 was a side by side (2 unit)  slab of concrete at the intersection of 3 busy roads. Obviously Christy was more concerned with filling the park than what would work for me. I met Dave, the groundskeeper. I liked him. I turned around and headed back to Plymouth. When I got there, Shirley sadly informed me that the last 3 spaces were taken. I thanked her kindly and asked if I could pull over in the dump station to do some more calling. She gave me some other camp names and some numbers. I started weeding through them. Do they use pesticide? How close are my neighbors. Was there a live person to talk to or did I just get to leave a message. Ron had called me while I was driving out to Crowe Butte, I'd promised to let him know how it went. I called him now, but he didn't answer. I called the office receptionist to get a couple  of numbers of parks near there. Thats when Shirley drove up. Uh-oh I thought. I must be blocking the dump station.

I was wrong! She'd talked to a few campers, rearranged things and had a camper leaving at 2:00. Did I want that space? Yes!! She didn't know how long it was open for but it was open tonight. Bless her heart! So I hung out at the dump station until the folks in space #2 took off. Rosie and I are plugged in, and safe, though confined. The air is fresh off the river but we have to time going out to potty just right to avoid other people and dogs. I called emmigrant park and was told they're pretty empty up there as its still pretty cold. I may jump there next. Ron offered to drive up there with me in the baja to check it out before I try to take the RV up Cabbage Hill myself. 

Update: Sunday
I spent 2 nights in # 2. On Saturday Ron, Rosie and I took a drive up to Meacham State park. The spots were much closer together. It was dark and forboding in under the trees. All the spots were pull-in/back-in, not drive through, and the asphalt was cracked and buckled. The Horse Camp area was better, but no power. I decided to stay put for now. We took the back way and went right by the spot near Weston where the diesel tanker went off the road and landed in some people's front yard, dumping 500,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Ron told me they removed the soil and even the house. I wasn't prepared for the size of the crater that we saw as we went by. The hole was over 15 feet deep and 60" wide! It was gigantic!

Sunday morning lots of campers headed out and I moved to a spot that was 'first come, first serve.' That way I wouldn't be in #2, a 'reservable spot,' if someone reserved it on line and then showed up. I tried #1, as it was the farthest up wind, but I think it was too close to the playground for me. I kept getting reactions when I took Rosie out. There was also a cleaning crew thatbwent around sanitizing the benches and tables. Unfortunately, they used lysol brown soap. Toxic. So I moved to #3 at about 6:00 p.m.. Much better. I had a lovely visit on the phone with the new camp host Carlyn. Which was just what I needed. I was starting to go stir crazy from being alone so much. I'd met her husband Wally earlier when he came to pick up my check, but it was a smile and a wave through the glass. Ron worked on fencing all day then had dinner with the kids. I won't see him till after 8:00, tonight, and he'll be too tired to visit. It will just be a  grocery drop. That way he won't have to come every night of the week. It wears him out. :-( I worry about him. In a way, when I go to the mountains, its a little bit easier on him. Since its 2 hrs away, he doesn't check on me. Its one less thing he has to do.

Update Wednesday
Tuesday was lawn care day. I watched the mower doing a meticulous job. He went over everything 4-6 times. I called the camp host and asked if it woukd be inconvenient to adk him to mow really quick right next to my RV, so there woukdn't be so much exhaust right by the door. I wasn't sure if we were exhaust proof that close. We've never tested it. She did even better than I asked and had him not mow a swatch that was up wind of me entirely.  However, someone did spray insecticide on one of the walnut trees along the waters edge. Must be for termites. Rosie and I got a hit when we were out pottying. My teeth got worse. Wednesday I new I needed to dump black and grey water, and take on fresh. The hosts said they'll dump it for me. Then when I called back to tell them Ron would be coming anyway, they said they couldn't, because its a state facility. I'd asked them if they could because Ron hadn't been going to come, and other camp hosts tell me to let them know if I need them to help. You see, I can't do it myself because the fumes from the sewer, from other user's chemicals boil up out of there, when you open it. TOXIC!!! I need water too, but I'm concerned as Ag NW has a massive farming project all along the ridge above the campground.  I checked with the campground resource manager and he said that they check water quality once a month here. But he doesn't know what for. I'm waiting to hear back. Its most likely just choleforms (bacteria). If I go home where Ron can fill the tank while I stay locked in the motorhome, I don't know if I'll be safe enough. I asked him this morning to have our well tested, in case its been contaminated by pesticides. I'm still trying to figure out all the possible reasons for my teeth disintigrating. They're still getting worse. 

I took Rosie out this afternoon. Someone had applied a pesticide on the day use side of the park. I can smell it. I got a hit. I could see a white tool truck backing around. It looked foggy. I did think I heard a 4 wheeler this morning, but never could see one.  Both Rosie and I had to take cold showers, using some of our precious water stores. I'm wearing my last clean pair of pants. I'm going to have to potty her when we go to dump or get water. Maybe we can get water at Lon's? Ron could potty her there. I have no idea what we'll do in the morning. 

Update Friday, May 2nd
We stayed at LGW dry camping. We're doing better. I've upped my cod liver oil caps and butter consumption, and my teeth have mostly stopped hurting. I haven't checked cavities the last 2 days. Its too depressing. I think there are 8 now. I finally have internet again, so I can post this.

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