Monday, May 12, 2014

Not Again!!!

Thursday, May 8th

Whew! I'm finally tucked away in my snug, warm RV. Plugged in and safe. It took a long time to get here. Let me back up a bit and tell you what happened...

I found this dentist, in Sunnyside. He does Mercury Safe dentistry, and biologically compatible fillings. I made all the telephone inquiries about being fragrance free, etc and it sounded good, so I'd made an appointment. I have to tell you, I was dreading it. Not in the normal sense of dreading seeing the dentist, but that he would still be too toxic for me to see; I was afraid I would get a very bad toxic hit, and/or there wouldn't be any materials safe enough for me. Every time I risk interacting with new people, or new procedures, I'm putting my life on the line. I was just as terrified I'd just be left with a mouth full of disintegrating teeth, and no options. 

My appointment was yesterday afternoon. Yesterday morning I was trying to keep busy so I wouldn't think about everything that could go wrong, and all the possible toxic exposures and the damages I could get. I spent several hours working on the cleaning up/restocking theRV, then I was carding wool and watching Monk. His quirkiness makes me feel not so alone. I got a spray text at about 11:00 a.m. Aaron needed his peas sprayed again. He included a statement that the Ag company was planning on spraying that afternoon, or tomorrow. Aaron's text was like someone hit the "red alert" button! I'd just got home on Monday from his last spray. I just barely got the bulk of the laundry done and the RV cleaned up. Luckily I hadn't cleaned all the food out of it, yet. My brand new microwave, that I had just installed, broke down Sunday, so I'd come home a day early, so I could take it to a dealer for replacement. I did that on Tuesday (I stuck it in the bed of the Baja, and they came out and got it). The RV dealership had told me it would be a week before I got the microwave replacement. Now I thought, How was I going to cook?! O.k. Breathe! I could fry everything. Even the water. Thats the only pan I had for the induction cook top. I could make it work. I told myself not to panic. That electrical problem, I was having with the truck starting that I told you about in the last post, it was bad coach batteries. They devolved to the point yhey woukdn't hold a charge at all while I was out ladt week. Ron hadn't had time to replace them. It was time to start getting ready for my dentist appointment. I had figured I wouldn't be back until 7:00 p.m.. I just couldn't see that I had enough time to get it all together, before time to leave for my appointment. I certainly couldn't survive accessing my RV if they sprayed while I was gone!  I took a deep breath to stifle the panic and called the spray company. They'd been great last time. I stressed how imperative it was that they not spray that day, and how I needed to be able to leave first, but couldn't due to my appointment. They were, again, very cooperative. Chris, who I talked to, said he'd make sure everyone knew not to spray until Thursday. Whew! I had a little more time. I called the manager of Cutsforth campground and reserved 4 days. I got off the phone, emailed Ron about the spray text, the ag company and my reservations and started busting my ass to get all my medical supplies, laundry and crap back on board. I hadn't mentioned in my last post that one of my glass drinking water jars got busted last week, too. I needed to replace that. We'd planned on stopping at the health food store and getting a few more on the way back from the dentist. So that would be taken care of. Then I got a call from the RV dealer that I turned my defunct microwave in to, the day before. The replacement had arrived!!! I needed to come pick it up before 5:00 p.m. Aaghgh! A quandry! Forget the microwave until I got home or get it, and try to get it installed before I left.  There was no way that I had time to run in and get it myself. I decided to call my son in-law to see if he would be able to pick it up. No answer. And his voice mail was full so I couldn't leave a message. I tried my daughter. They live on the compound where she works. She might be able to step across the way and get him for me... Aurrrrgh! No answer there either. I had just decided to call a young man I sometimes hire for feeding, and pay him to retrieve it, when Ron called. He was headed home. He dropped everything and left immediately. He said he'd call our son-in-law and see if he could get through. He did. And our SIL would pick it up for me and I could install it that evening. Wow! What a lucky break!! And great people to make it happen! Such a blessing in the middle of all that stress. I jumped through the shower just long enough to rinse off, and threw on some clean clothes for my appointment. I was having Ron take me for two reasons. If I got exposures and got so sick I couldn't drive myself home, or if the dentist was a bully. That happens a lot. Medical professionals are told by "medical boards" that are controlled by big pharma, that people like me are crazies. The ones that buy into that treat us very badly. So away we went. We even arrived on time!

I was feeling very rattled and extremely stressed. We got out and approached the door. This is the first test: If I can safely open the door with out getting punched in the face with smellies. Its rather like that Chinese parable of "The Lady, or the Tiger." Only there's only one door. I opened it. No stinkies. We entered. It was even cleaner than my EI specialist's waiting room. Next I met the staff. They were very kind, but they told me I couldn't bring Rosie. O.k. Technically, they can't say that because she's a service dog. I'd be allowed to bring her into hospitals, and ERs, though not operating rooms. But I could see their side. Some of their other patients were allergic. They wanted to know if we'd leave her in the car. We both said no. Too hot. Tie her up outside, again, we both said no. We didn't bother to tell them that she is a $10,000 dog. I told them I would make arrangements for next time. They were o.k. With that. Then we began the interview. I told him what I wanted. I asked him if he could do the things I wanted. He was not familiar with remineralizing teeth, but he didn't roll his eyes either. He asked me some questions about my health history, about this last year. I couldn't help it. The tears just started coming. I'm talking and managing to keep my voice pretty even, but great big, fat tears are pouring one after another down my face. Not one or two at a time, but three or four to a side. So many, yet they don't begin to cover the grief. He got me some kleenex. The kleenex weren't stinky. That was telling. :-) It was also telling that he didn't freak out or show distain over some of the crazy sounding things that happened to me. Turns out that his son worked in Australia with a group that were studying how to specifically provide medical care for toxically injured people. He'd had a lot of experience with people like me. He was also sitting in on the interview. He'd be handling the TMJ and bite adjustment parts of my care. It was going very well up to this point, so we went into the operatory. Ron and Rosie stayed in the waiting room. Rosie was not happy. Her job is to never leave my side. We went in the back to do muscle testing of filling materials and have a preliminary exam. Right off the bat there were issues. I told them I couldn't sit on plastic, or vinyl. They had blankets. They were synthetic. I can't do that either. Ron had got Rosies towel from the car for me to sit on during the interview, we used that. There was some stuff on the dental mirror. It burned my tongue. They were patient and understanding. They didn't get angry, or frustrated. They didn't treat me like I was a pain. We just worked carefully through all the issues. Big huge positive! I still didn't know if this was doable for me, but these were appearing to be the right people. The exam showed 6 cavities.  2 less than I thought. Thats good. Then we started the muscle testing. Dr. stevens put them in a brown paper sack, so neither his son or I could see them. I failed them all. I was sad, they were a little non-plussed and the tiniest bit frustrated. But we each voiced that we were thinking that I might be reacting to the bag. So they tested me again with something without the bag. I tested stronger. It just happened to be a tangerine, I'm allergic to fruit. It also had a slight bit of fragrance on it. They cleaned it and tested me again. Better. We ran through the items again, and I had to keep my eyes closed. I still didn't test strong enough on any of the composites. I opened my eyes and noticed that they were all in plastic containers. I can't do plastic. I asked if we could test them out of the containers. Dr. Stevens said they were in the liquid state and he didn't want to expose me if they were bad. I told him that I'd react across the room if they were toxic VOCs and he could take them right out. So we thought of something to put them in, glass prophy cups. Dr. Smith tests me with samples in glass. So they tested just a glass. I was fine. We went through the samples again. The ones that tested out fairly strong, Dr. Stevens cured and we tested again. I was even stronger. Finally! It looked like there was a way. Next I have to see Dr. Smith (my EI specialist) and repeat the tests, so that its not biased. I went home feeling so much more hopeful than I had in years.

We did stop by the health food store on the way home and pick up water jars. And on the way home the dentist office called me and said if they changed my apt to the last one on the day the cleaning ladies come after work, I could bring Rosie. Now that was very gracious!!!! When we got home Ron ran to Walmart and got some deep cycle marine batteries for the coach. I started filling the fresh water tank and installing my new microwave. I think I finished getting everything ready to go at 10:00 p.m. I crawled into bed exhausted but hopeful. 

I woke up early and managed to do the dishes, and water the plants, before it was time to leave. We headed right out at the same time that Ron left to pick up Joey. I stopped by the gas station to fill up. Ron and Joey drove in just so Joey could see grandma and wave. :-) This station takes my payment over the phone and puts my receipt in one of the basement storage bins. Then Rosie and I headed down the back roads into the high country. It takes me 2 hours to get there. On our way we encountered a farmer spraying a field with pesticide right next to the road. Even inside the RV it was making my stomach cramp badly. I started praying for rain, or a handy scout group car wash. I didn't get either and when we past through the last town I determined to ask the camp host, David, if he'd mind rinsing my RV off with water when we got to Cutsforth Campground, so I could get out with out being hurt worse. The only problem was that when we got there, the camp hostess told me someone had sprayed the whole camp the day before. The manager didn't even know about it. I started snotting up (still in the RV; some molecules are so small that they get into even "sealed" spaces), lost my voice and started puking. I'm guessing glyphosate. So I turned around and headed back down the mountain, to where I had cell service. 

There it is. Sprayed out of another RV reservation. Well, that left Emigrant park as my only option, but first I'd need to get the outside of my rig washed off. I called Ron. A TI can't make it without a great support team. I'm very blessed to have him. I asked if he could meet me at the RV park near his office and hose me off at the dump station. (They're another well manicured park like Plymouth, so too many toxins for Rosie and I to get out.) He said he'd call them and make sure they had a wash hose at their dump station. I said I'd call Emigrant Springs State Park and make sure they still hadn't sprayed. I called Patrick, the groundskeeper. They hadn't sprayed. I asked him for the space # of the safest spot, since the horse camp didn't have power and its supposed to snow tonight. He said A1. Thats right at the front. That means lots of traffic. I knew that wouldn't work. On a spark of intuition, or maybe it was that still small voice I don't listen to often enough, I asked him if there was power at the community building. Its very isolated. Well, yes, there was even a hosts' hook up! He said if I got up there before 2:00 I could meet with his manager and see if he'd let me stay there. Woohoo! I explained my RV washing problem and that I'd let him know as soon as I was done there and on the road to his park. So here I am. Sitting in a very remote site with power. I can have it this one time only. But its a God sent gift. Hopefully if I have to come again it will be warm enough I can dry camp in the horse camp area. Rosie and I even went out for a long walk through the rainy forest, on a deserted muddy track. We didn't see a soul. It was very relaxing. Just the very thing I needed after 6.5 hrs of driving! And especially my first time taking my RV up Cabbage Hill. Even the truckers hate it. And now we're tucked in with the heater going, listening to the rain rattling the roof. :-) I feel like I was very blessed yesterday and today by very many people!!!

Monday, May 12

I'm home now. RV unloaded. Water and paper restocked. Washer running. It was a very nice stay. I think the best I've had. My family even came up to visit me on Mother's day. What a lovely gift! We all took a long walk through the forest. Joey hiked almost the entire 2 miles. Pretty impressive for 15 months. :-) the weather cooperated with 70°. It was snowing Saturday morning! 

I'm glad to be home though. I have lots to catch up on!

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