Monday, June 30, 2014

Toxic Snowball

I was doing terrific! No new spray calls. They'd come and harvested the peas last week. I'd recovered to the point were I was out shearing sheep. Ron was  helping me and even did one himself. We have 11 more to go. I had decided to take a break from shearing at the beginning of this week and put up veggies. I did Kale, broccoli and beets. I felt like the "old me." It was glorious. Then the pea farmer returned to disc in the dead pea plants. I didn't connect it at the time, but by Wednesday afternoon my teeth hurt again. I'd received an email from my dentist reminding me to be careful due to my risk of septecemia. Since it didn't dawn on me that discing that field might activate the pesticide again I thought maybe I was having more decay. On Thursday I sniffed those cowboy boots I've been outgassing for close to a year. I thought they smelled clean on the outside. I brought them in, put tea bags in them and covered them with a ziploc bag and left them next to an air purifier. Since I was going to watch Joey Friday, that morning I scooped them up and stuffed them in the closet so he wouldn't be able to get to the plastic bag. I was still having tooth pain. It was at level 2-3. While Joey was napping a package arrived on the front porch. I went out to find my new potting bench. I started to open it, thinking I'd let it outgass a bit before sealing it. Well it was pretty stinky. I should have backed away right there but being slightly toxed already and not aware of it, I went ahead and pulled it out of the box. It was horrid! So I spread it out, tossed the box next to the wall and went straight to the shower. I dumped my clothes in wash machine and got it running. I thought I cleaned up pretty good. I called Ron and asked him to move it out, away from the house when he got home. Joey took a 3 hour afternoon nap and woke up croopy. By 3:00 p.m. I felt like I was coming down with something. By 5:30, when Ron got home I was hypothermic, and feeling very ill. I left Ron to take care of Joey and crawled into the sauna for 2 hrs. Then straight to bed. Since Ron had been fighting a flu virus since Father's day, and Joey had arrived with boogers, I just thought I was getting the virus. Both Ron and I were pretty sick all weekend. By Sunday Ron was experiencing ALL the various flu symptoms. My teeth were absolutely screaming! I managed to beat my symptoms back and felt pretty good this morning. Ron was feeling better, too. The discing had been finished Sunday afternoon. We didn't put it together. I reminded Ron to move that potting bench before work. He did, but he left the box. I put on some nitrile gloves and went out to take care of it myself. Oh, my goodness!!! That thing was even stinker than when I first opened it. Talk about toxic!! They used a really nasty cedar colored dye and sprayed it with cedrene (fake cedar) to make people think it was real.  I think they also put OP on it to keep bugs from eating it. It smells lije flea and tick spray. I took several long hot showers and still ended up with hypothermia, in the sauna for another 2 hrs.  I've been so sick I could barely move. Somewhere in the course of trying to clean up everything that the fumes had contaminated when they made their way through the front wall, (where I'd originally put the box so it wouldn't blow away) I opened the closet with the boots. Gag! Cough! Choke! The boots were definitely not through outgassing the toxic petroleum based polish. Out they went. 

I'm not done decontaminating stuff, but its a little better. Man do I feel stupid! But, that is what happens to us. An unnoticed exposure (discing up pesticide) starts effecting us, and dumbs us down so we don't connect the reactions to the other events going on - stinky boots, toxic stain, cedrene &OP... Blitzed! 

I've sprinkled borax all along that wall. Here in a bit I'll go vacuum it up and steam clean. I'll wash the wall and the rest of the furniture. I'm washing towels and clothes that got exposed. When I get those done, I'll start washing all the things in that closet. @@ Rosie and I have both taken multiple showers. My teeth are lots less painful. We'll probably take a couple more before we're through cleaning. SMH

Monday, June 9, 2014

Once More Into the Wilderness

Thursday June 5th,


I'm back up at Cutsforth. I was working on laundry, restocking my RV and sewing when I got the spray call yesterday. I wasn't done refitting my beast, but made sure I didn't go to bed until I had her ready to head out this morning. I only had to fill water, return the clean clothes, and put back in all the perishable food items that I'd just removed. Luckily I hadn't taken very much of the other stuff out. 

I finished the last black out/thermal curtain for the RV yesterday and whipped out a pair of shorts for my rapidly growing grandson, Joey. My daughter said 2T. I should know better, but I made them 2T like she requested. You should always go down a size when sewing... Here's a couple of pics. :-)

Hopefully I'll have time to make a 1T pair before he grows into these! 

Well, I'm still regurging. Last year I lost 68 lbs from the achalasia. It was brutal. I'd managed to hang on to my same weight throughout the second half of winter and up till recently, but it was hard work. This last week I lost 4 more lbs, from the anesthesia. The uncontrolled regurge episodes lasted 2 weeks last year. I generally lost 10 lbs an episode. They don't seem to be quite as violent this year. Its not that I don't want to be a healthy weight (145 for me, an older woman looks better, and stays healthier if she's carrying 8-10 lbs of fat, rather than being ultra thin), its just that once I run out of fat my body will start consuming its muscle tissue. Then I'll really be in trouble. I'm at 159 lbs. now. Thats only 14 lbs to go. If I'm dropping 4-6 lbs (I still have another week of regurge to get through from the first dental visit) for every dental visit, and I figure I have 5 more visits to go, I'm going to be pushing the line. That doesn't leave me any reserves for pesticide hits. I'm a little apprehensive. With that in mind I've been resorting to classic eggnog again. Its way more sugar (turbinado) than I want to put on my teeth, but sugar seems to relax the LES, so I can get the egg protein in. I was doing egg and creamcheese with out sugar but my LES wasn't opening and the solids would just ball up down there and come back out as "rocks." That didn't do me any good. I feel kind of caught. I have this one Wii game where my Mii is dressed in a clown suit balancing on a ball and juggling things. I feel like that. 

3:00 p.m.

Healing. Thats what I felt as Rosie and I climbed the knob this afternoon. Something about the sun and fresh air is more healing than any other protocol. Its not just the vitamin D. I take tons of cod liver oil caps. So there's something else... We wandered around up there, letting Rosie sniff interesting smells to her hearts content. I think of it mostly as her time. She has to sit around waiting while I do all those protocols and when I'm sick, so these rambles are mostly just following her around in the woods. We did walk down the road for a bit but I heard an ATV coming up so we scampered back into the woods. We even walked down below our campsite and checked out a few other spots. There's only one other camper in the bowl below us. The rest of the campground is around the base of the hill so I don't know whats there. I realized how much further I'm able to walk now. And I'm doing better climbing the mountainsides.

Ron got me a mountain cellphone. Its one of those prepaid phones. I'm able to call out if I need to. I made a couple of test calls when I got up here. It worked. I feel much more relaxed. If I get really bad reactions I don't have to worry about Rosie anymore. I can let Ron know I'm having trouble.

Friday June 6th,

Rosie let me sleep in until 8:00 this morning. I suspect that its because I washed and fluffed her dog bed up. It was so comfy she didn't want to get up. We did our morning knob walk but didn't see any critters. Thats what we get for sleeping in. We did climb up the hillside under the saddle and came to a thicket that smelled of urine. I'm guessing buck. Its not like I have anything to compare it to. Now Ron on the other hand can tell buck, doe,  bull elk and cow urine apart. Other than that, we say he has a dead nose and can't smell anything. LOL

I made sure to download more sheet music before I came up, only when I got here I discovered the file was corrupted. I can't open it. I think its because I'm running out of memory. I need to transfer all my photos to my hard drive and only keep the family photos on my ipad. I could also transfer tons of my research. @@ Anyway, when I went to play my guitar I discovered that the songs that I downloaded last time had the same names as ones I knew but were totally different. I was disgusted. I did play last night, but it was mostly tuning, practicing scales and chords. I tried to remember fingering for songs I used to know but didn't get very far. At least it is strengthening my fingers and making calluses again. I was pleased to see my finger tips didn't have any unusual problems. :-) I did make up a few songs for Rosie. She didn't appear to be impressed. I also had to make a new guitar strap as the old one was saturated with  fragrance, from back when I used to be a fragranced person. I used a scrap of fabric from my curtains. I'm really getting into this matching theme. LOL 

Well, thats about all I have at the moment. For right now its just very peaceful, and restful. A very welcome state of affairs. :-D 

Saturday June 7th,


I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. I read, played guitar, and plyed yarn. Yeah, I'd finished that second spool and am plying the two singles together. Rosie and I took several walks. We saw the ol' tom once, but no one and nothing else besides tweeties. No other campers arrived either. I think the coyote is living under the cabin on the other side of the knob from the people who saw the "wolf." Thats where I see the most scat, and Rosie always signals that there's something there.

I've been craving healthy food again so when it got t'words supper time, last night,  I got out a jar of soup. I intended to just drain off the broth and drink it. But, those vegetables and meat looked sooooo tasty. And my tummy was sooooo empty. So I ate it. I really gotta quit doing that to myself!  I gagged it up, choked on it and regurgitated it all night. I'm exhausted. My chest hurts and my throat is sore. I knew better but I allowed my self to cave. Its terrible when you're hungry all the time. I daydream of pizza, lasagna and fried chicken, with no regurge.


I made more eggnog this moring and drank 2 cups. So far so good. I urped up a tablespoon with a couple of vegetable bits remaining down there from last nights soup, but the rest seems to be holding. I did my teeth protocols. I felt I should mention that in case any one thinks because I don't mention it I'm forgetting them.  

Rosie's going into heat. I can smell it. She isn't showing yet, though. I think we may have a bit more trouble with that coyote these next few weeks. Hopefully we won't be up here during the critical part. 

Sunday June 8th


We must have been exposed to something yesterday on one of our walks. My teeth started throbbing,  more like an electrical charge than pain at first. Then it rose to level 1. Today its at level 2 on the pain scale. By yesterday evening I was having lymphoma congestion in my back. Again mild to moderate, like 3 or 4. Mostly, I just kept getting weaker and weaker. I spent most of the day resting and reading, too tired to spin. I couldn't smell anything, or even feel skin burning, but something got me. At 3:00 a.m. I was feeling like I was fading away. Kinda like an inflatable toy with an air leak. My heart stumbled, then stopped. It missed a few beats and then went on, slowly, laboriously. I coukd barely draw a breath. I coukd 't seem to get in enough oxygen. I realized my eyes were closed but I could still see everything in the dark room (really weird). I made my peace with God. When you figure you're on your way out, its something you need to take care of. Its also incredibly hard. Who wants to die? Not me. There are so many things I still want to do. We're hard wired to keep trying to survive. It is a deliberate act of submission, to lay down your life and submit to His will, not your own. I was surprised when I woke up this morning. I was still feeling very weak. When I took Rosie out, I didn't go very far. I was spent by the time I got back in. I forced myself to eat, which has made me nauseous. My thinking isn't very clear. I realized I should give myself some shots. It took me an hour to get it done. I had to do it a step at a time, then rest. I'm not bouncing back, so I'm lying here resting, hoping I start feeling better soon. 


It finally dawned on me to wash the dog and shower. I'm feeling a smidge better. Teeth still hurt, still weak.

3:23 pm

I'm climbing back out of the pit. Its hard. I'm tired. I'm thinking one of the cabin owner's or neighbors must have sprayed. It was far enough away, and filtered by the trees that its effect was not as caustic or obvious. A slow "drip" of poisons. We went out just now for Rosie again. I'll wash and nap.


Rested, got board, finished plying yarn. Took Rosie out again, washed, rested some more, @@ I unravelled the too dark knitting. Now if I can just scrape together the brains to figure out where I was...


Everytime I take Rosie out the pain gets worse. My teeth are at 6. I can't chew. I tried to cook some broccoli until it was mushy, then made cheese sauce. I'm hoping I can get it in. I've been getting water in pretty good this afternoon. Broccoli and cheese sauce scavange toxins. The chlorophyl also helps the glutathione pathway via the porphyrin pathway. 

I plan on taking Rosie out one more time this evening and then washing us booth, and we'll be good for the night. 

Monday June 9th

11:30 a.m.

We got up about 8:00. I slept pretty good and was doing a little better. When we went out so Rosie could potty I gathered up the cones, the camp chair and furled the awnings. I also unplugged us. When we went back in I moved the RV off the leveling blocks and stowed those. Then I washed both Rosie and I, putting on clean clothes. After I had breakfast and stowed all the inside stuff we left Cutsforth. My teeth started feeling better right away. 

I'm home now. Aparrently the house AC is down. Looks like I'll be camping out here. I'm re-running a load of my husbands laundry. He can't get out what he can't smell. When I finish with his, I'll start mine.