Monday, June 30, 2014

Toxic Snowball

I was doing terrific! No new spray calls. They'd come and harvested the peas last week. I'd recovered to the point were I was out shearing sheep. Ron was  helping me and even did one himself. We have 11 more to go. I had decided to take a break from shearing at the beginning of this week and put up veggies. I did Kale, broccoli and beets. I felt like the "old me." It was glorious. Then the pea farmer returned to disc in the dead pea plants. I didn't connect it at the time, but by Wednesday afternoon my teeth hurt again. I'd received an email from my dentist reminding me to be careful due to my risk of septecemia. Since it didn't dawn on me that discing that field might activate the pesticide again I thought maybe I was having more decay. On Thursday I sniffed those cowboy boots I've been outgassing for close to a year. I thought they smelled clean on the outside. I brought them in, put tea bags in them and covered them with a ziploc bag and left them next to an air purifier. Since I was going to watch Joey Friday, that morning I scooped them up and stuffed them in the closet so he wouldn't be able to get to the plastic bag. I was still having tooth pain. It was at level 2-3. While Joey was napping a package arrived on the front porch. I went out to find my new potting bench. I started to open it, thinking I'd let it outgass a bit before sealing it. Well it was pretty stinky. I should have backed away right there but being slightly toxed already and not aware of it, I went ahead and pulled it out of the box. It was horrid! So I spread it out, tossed the box next to the wall and went straight to the shower. I dumped my clothes in wash machine and got it running. I thought I cleaned up pretty good. I called Ron and asked him to move it out, away from the house when he got home. Joey took a 3 hour afternoon nap and woke up croopy. By 3:00 p.m. I felt like I was coming down with something. By 5:30, when Ron got home I was hypothermic, and feeling very ill. I left Ron to take care of Joey and crawled into the sauna for 2 hrs. Then straight to bed. Since Ron had been fighting a flu virus since Father's day, and Joey had arrived with boogers, I just thought I was getting the virus. Both Ron and I were pretty sick all weekend. By Sunday Ron was experiencing ALL the various flu symptoms. My teeth were absolutely screaming! I managed to beat my symptoms back and felt pretty good this morning. Ron was feeling better, too. The discing had been finished Sunday afternoon. We didn't put it together. I reminded Ron to move that potting bench before work. He did, but he left the box. I put on some nitrile gloves and went out to take care of it myself. Oh, my goodness!!! That thing was even stinker than when I first opened it. Talk about toxic!! They used a really nasty cedar colored dye and sprayed it with cedrene (fake cedar) to make people think it was real.  I think they also put OP on it to keep bugs from eating it. It smells lije flea and tick spray. I took several long hot showers and still ended up with hypothermia, in the sauna for another 2 hrs.  I've been so sick I could barely move. Somewhere in the course of trying to clean up everything that the fumes had contaminated when they made their way through the front wall, (where I'd originally put the box so it wouldn't blow away) I opened the closet with the boots. Gag! Cough! Choke! The boots were definitely not through outgassing the toxic petroleum based polish. Out they went. 

I'm not done decontaminating stuff, but its a little better. Man do I feel stupid! But, that is what happens to us. An unnoticed exposure (discing up pesticide) starts effecting us, and dumbs us down so we don't connect the reactions to the other events going on - stinky boots, toxic stain, cedrene &OP... Blitzed! 

I've sprinkled borax all along that wall. Here in a bit I'll go vacuum it up and steam clean. I'll wash the wall and the rest of the furniture. I'm washing towels and clothes that got exposed. When I get those done, I'll start washing all the things in that closet. @@ Rosie and I have both taken multiple showers. My teeth are lots less painful. We'll probably take a couple more before we're through cleaning. SMH

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