Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dental Visit #2

I had my second dental visit July 10th. I thought I published this but aparently it only went to draft. Sorry about that! We filled the next 2 worst cavities, including the one that Dr. Stevens was stressing over. He didn't say anything about decay. It went even better than I'd hoped - as far as the epinephrin is concerned. Much of the improvement was due to the extra supplements I'm doing based on my DNA report. My body tolerated the epinephrin well. Apparently I don't make it, so I needed it. I used it up in 2 days. Those first 2 days after the fillings were great. It really kicked the achalasia down. Once it got used up, the achalasia came back. Bummer! I left a message about it for Dr. Smith. 

Dr. Stevens is very careful to keep my anesthesia right on the edge. That does mean that many times I'm feeling quite a bit of pain. Its not the worst pain I've ever felt, but it does put some perspective on the Bible passages where the concuring army puts hooks in the jaws of the defeated and leads them along. Ow! 

I'm dropping weight again. This years total so far is 11lbs. down. Thats a total of 79 lbs. I'm feeling weak and puny. I tried to eat things all day yesterday. They bounced back up like they were on a trampoline. Dealing with it was exhausting. In one hand I hold the glass or cup of eggnog (water, tea, etc) that I'm trying to get in. In the other hand, I have my spit cup. I take a sip and before I get the cup away from my mouth a couple of inches I'm regurgitating. I usually urp a couple of times, spewing not only what I swallowed but any accummulated saliva. It goes on all day, interspersed only with emptying the spit cup and refilling my glass or trying some other liquid. I'm feeling weak, starving and dehydrated.

I'm starting with herbal tea for the nutrients and hoping it will get better from here. :-}

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