Monday, September 29, 2014

Dental Visit #5, and A Family Day

Wow! Last time I had a family get-together at my house, I paid for it big time. Enough fragrance and toxic chemicals were brought in that I puked from Thanksgiving clear through the New Year. I can remember the heavy puking lasted through Christmas. I was severely malnourished, and didn't expect to survive Christmas Eve, or Day.  There is such a huge difference between then and this last weekend!

Let me start by backing up to our return from Fly Fishing and prepping my "loner car" the Chevy Blazer. First off it was in the shop getting a new transmission. It wasn't completed until mid-week. That made things a little stressful. It takes time to do a decontamination. I had my husband treat the carpets with borax and do the initial cleaning with our general spray on, home made, cleaner. Then after it set for a couple of days, he vacuumed it out. Then it was my turn. I recleaned all the hard sufaces, sealed them with AFM's Hardseal, and after it dried I recovered the carpets in baking soda. I left the baking soda down and put cotton rugs over it. I worked hard; it was glorious, being able to do it, and still take care of my grandson! I was also cleaning house, doing floors and projects to prepare for the family dinner that was coming the next weekend. Amazing right? On Tuesday, the 23rd, I had my pre-dental apt for an IV. It was my maiden voyage in the Blazer. Unfortunately I discovered that road fumes leaked into it even with all the air off. I'd not been able to get any fuel until that morning. It had just been re-licensed the day before. I left early so I could go by my favorite (accomodating) gas station, Space Age, with plenty of time. I loaded up Rosie and jumped in the driver's seat. The gage read stressfully low! We made our way, smoothly, to Space Age. No dramatic accelerations or stops, to conserve fuel.  The attendant regretfully informed me that their whole system was down. It would be at least an hour. Urrgh. I didn't have an hour to spare. I called Ron to get a number for the station where we have the self service cards. I'd talked the girl into accommodating me there, once before. I headed that way, keeping everything crossed and praying that we made it. I had visions of me getting stranded in the middle turn lane of a 5 lane highway... Not like I could get out and push myself into the station. We made it! Whew!! Only the nice young woman who was attending before was changing the reader board. There was a guy working the pump. I tried to tell him I pay over the phone. First I got "I can't hear you." Then I got, "Open the Window." I told him I couldn't. Then I got, "Open the door." I told him I couldn't and tried to explain and show him my letter. He gave me the "your a freaking lunatic" sneer, and walked away, basically leaving me stranded at the pump. I could see him in my rearview mirrors giving me "your a wierdo, I'm not serving you" looks. Fortunately the nice young woman finished her chore and came to help me. She explained that she'd been told that she couldn't take my card over the phone anymore. I told her I had a self serve account, and asked if we could charge it to that. She said she'd make it work. Ron called me back to check on me. He then called the main office and the manager said she'd head right over and help it get done. In all I was there for 20 minutes. Thats where I discovered that fumes leaked in. Anyway, I got to Dr. Smith's with a mild headache. The second big dissappointment came when a very fragranced individual came into the office behind me. She was so volatile I had to mask up, even though she was in another room and the door was shut. I always feel like that wastes my shot (and my money). Next, I went to the Health Food store for raw, grass fed dairy products. It was full of fragrant people! Oiy!!! I was beginning to think it must be "stink like a trollup day!" By the time I got home I was wishing I'd not gone and just saved my money!  I felt sick and  exhausted. I was very pleased to find out that I seemed to bounce back by the next morning. Good thing, I was babysitting. When Joey went down for naps I cleaned, including airing and recleaning the Blazer. When he went home that evening I still had the energy to mop all the floors. GFETE I love feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dental Apt, 3 Amalgam Replacements

On Thursday morning, before my dental apt, I re-cleaned the kitchen floor and put down two coats of AFM, non-toxic clear finish, 2 hours apart. I felt if I could get two coats on, it would have a nice long time to set up, with no traffic, since I'd be at the dentist. I was thrilled to pieces that I did it! I still had plenty of energy when I finished! You know I'm crediting both the BH4 and the amalgam removal. 

I was driving myself to the dentist for the first time because there wasn't going to be any "gum contoring." It would be a lot less stressful and traumatic. I was feeling so much better, I was figuring that I'd be feeling well enough to drive myself home. I'd encouraged Ron to take the rest of the week to go fishing. He was supposed to have the whole week off for vacation, but they'd called him back in for Tuesday and Wednesday. @@ He'd left early that morning to go fishing with a friend, but wasn't heading to the mouth of the Columbia as previously planned. The fishing report said it wasn't that good. Instead, it was hot locally. He felt better about that, in case I had trouble. 

collected all my paraphanalia and loaded up the Blazer. We took the back road. There was barely any traffic. We didn't get any fumes. The car behaved fine, despite my feeling of pending trouble. You know, that little voice... Anyway, we got to Dr Stevens office with no greater trouble than a few wrong turns. Heh, heh. Obviously I hadn't been paying attention when Ron was driving. This time the amalgams that were being removed were on the top right. Dr. Stevens laid the chair clear back, so I was slightly upside down. I discovered I couldn't swallow in that position. I made the choice to just let the saliva run out of the side of my mouth. I'd mentally reviewed my options and that seemed like the best one. I mean, I didn't want to drown in my own spit. I didn't want to stop the procedure. I couldn't really say anything with the " rubber (nitrile) dam," ventilator and VOC protection in place, so I didn't swallow. I just let it run out. I imagined it was puddling up on the floor, and worried that Dr. Stevens would slip when he stood up to reach for supplies, but the pillow case I'd brought to cover the head rest of the dental chair (a barrier against fragranced personal care products deposited by other patients), soaked it all up. We did 3. It was so much less tramatic than when I'd had the cavities done. It was over in 1 hour and 15 min. I felt tons better post procedure than previously. No kidney pain, and no urine discoloration. Excellent!!! I had no dizziness either. I still felt "good." It was so easy! Like normal. It was kind of hard to wrap my head around it! Rosie and I got back in the car and drove home, no problems. I started my protocols on the way.

We were 5 miles from home, coming up the hill, when the "check gages" dash light came on. Ahhh, the little voice was right. My engine temp was almost red lining. As we crested the first rise the temp dropped. It rocketed back up as we started up the next incline. I pulled over 100 ft from our exit and let the engine cool down. Then we crept slowly the last mile home. Hmmm. Reminds me of the time my van had radiator problems due to the fans quitting. I waited a good 10 minutes in the car before we got out, in case there were radiator fluid, boil over, fumes. I've learned to pay attention to my little voice. 

Every visit I've been charting my adverse reactions for Dr. Stevens. I didn't have any. I felt great, my mouth was already un-numb, my teeth weren't even sore! I still had tons of energy!!! Thats so amazing, and thrilling I can't even describe it. I put another coat of finish on the floor, and spent that evening doing more house cleaning! I had no adverse effects at all. My urine volume was great and the color was good. 

The next day was Friday and I was watching Joey again from 7:00 a.m. until 6:30 in the evening. We had a great time, running from one end of the house to the other. We played hide and seek. Then I tossed an old sheet over the day bed in his room and all three of us, Joey, Rosie and I, crawled under the bed and played fort. I taught Joey-boy how to safely climb over the end of the bed, both up and down. He was trying to do it on his own, so I figured I'd better teach him how to do it safely, rather than have him get hurt. He was climbing up on a chair, then over the metal frame. His little shins were gathering a lot of bruises because he'd get part way up and then dive over, bouncing his legs across the bar. I tried removing the chair but he quickly learned to scale the metal frame without it. So hand holds, foot holds. Climb safe. ;-) I even cooked lunch. This all probably sounds so normal to everyone else that its boring. To me its amazing! I can hardly believe I feel this good and I'm able to do all of this! To me its a miracle... SMH  After Joey went home I baked a batch of pumpkin spice, cream cheese filled cupcakes for my daughter-in-law's and granddaughter's birthdays. One coming, one missed. Then I made a macaroni salad. My daughter would be in charge of the green salad, my son-in-law was making baked beans. Ron was going to be smoking salmon. He made the marinade and started the salmon in that while I was baking. Since I still had energy and really wanted to get it done, I scrubbed the bathrooms! Including the tub and toilets!!! Woweeee!!! 

My son and his family arrived around 10:00 a.m. Saturday. We had a rough start because my granddaughter's beautiful kinky black hair had quite a bit of residual fragrance. My daughter-in-law has been using only organic, non-toxic products on her, but Mia's biological father's family doesn't, and she stayed with them for a couple of weeks before school started. Since African American skin is very dry, you don't wash it with degreasers, or frequently. Its really hard to get those toxic products out/off! Michele had to wash her hair 4 times before she was safe enough. Mia still had fragrance coming off her head. We had her wear a hat to contain it. She hates having her hair washed! 
She was so good about it though. She was a little doll, doing it just for grandma. I gave her milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces as a reward for her bravery. I gave her mama milk chocolate w/hazelnut pieces as her prize for endurance. I knew she was stressed and frustrated, too. We still have to work on how to make that work better all the way around.

Even though there was fragrance still coming off Mia's hair, my body handled it so much better. I was thrilled. I didn't do a health nose dive!!!!! I had 2 little boys, a year and a half, and my 5 year granddaughter, running and playing through the house, and 5 other adults. I had a blast!!!!! 
I spent a lot of time playing with the grandkids, and still had a great time with my kids and their spouses. I was even able to eat some food at the table without regurging! Wow! I did regurge later, after everyone went home to my daughter's. Turned out my son went off without his belt. He'd taken it out of the bin to put on, then gotten distracted. I felt better as soon as I found it and put it away. But I was so incredibly better! :-) :-) :-) Even with all the things that went on, the work, the exposures, the people, the wild playing, I was still feeling terrific. I even cleaned up right away (but not the dishes, my daughter-in-law did those for me, and everyone else pitched in with clearing, cleaning and putting away the dinner stuff) when everyone went to Alex's. I'm hundred's of times better and its been in just a few months! I'm a living testament to just how important amalgam removal and DNA diagnoses of metabolic errors and implementing the work arounds are! 

I guess I'm also a testament to never giving up, too. The western medical paradigm sent me home to die in March of 2004. It got worse for years after that. Just when I'd think no more horrible thing could possibly happen to me, some pesticide applicator would blitz me with some obscene toxic cocktail of pesticides and I'd experience even more apalling, gross, horrific symptoms. I felt like they were chemically bludgeoning me into the grave. I'd claw my way back out of the pit, only to find them waiting at the top to beat me back into the hole. I kept trying, even though I was so exhausted I didn't think I could do it. I forced myself to keep jumping the hoops, doing the endless protocols and searching for workable answers. I'm so blessed to have found them (the answers), and the people who have made them possible. I wouldn't have survived without them. My story is also a tribute to those great people and their dedication to what they do and willingness to meet me where I needed them to. My recovery wasn't any one thing, it was a symphony. :-)

I know I'm not done yet, but I'm so far along the way to recovery I'm beside myself with joy and gratitude! GFETE

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