Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Out of Order - dental visit #4

Some how, I wrote this down and forgot to post it. @@ That's me! So I'm posting it out of order. Its actually from August the 28th.

The Baja broke down on the way to the 4th dental visit. The engine quit the first time coming down the hill into Grandview. We managed to get it started again, but it sounded like it was trying to throw a rod. Ron and I knew we were going to have to do some major problem solving to get me safely through this one! The big issue would be transporting me safely. Its not like I can ride in a tow truck, or be stranded in a hot car, on the roadside for hrs. We discussed our options for getting me home. We decided that if we could nurse the baja along enough to get us to Dr. Steven's that he could drop Rosie and I off for our apt, while Ron would try to get as far home as he could, then use our roadside assistance to get a tow home. Then he'd come back for Rosie and I in the RV.

We stopped at the first place that might have oil and got a couple quarts. Ron topped it off, so the rod would be well lubricated. Unfortunately that meant that I got petroleum exposures when he got back into the car. Nothing we could do about it... Dr. Stevens directed Ron to his mechanic, who confirmed it was trying to throw a rod. Ron headed out t'words home and made it as far as Prosser. When he called the roadside assistance service he was informed no tow truck was available for two hrs. He called a few friends. One came and gave him a lift home. There he discovered that my RV had a dead battery and it wouldn't take a charge. That left only toxic vehicals. He brought the least toxic truck, with the car hauler, picking up the Baja on the way so I'd spend the least amount of time in the truck as possible. That was a horror story in itself as the come-a-long was broken and Ron had to block the trailer wheels, unhook it from the truck and drag the Baja with a chain attached to the truck, onto the hauler. It took him 3 tries. He said he had the tongue of the car hauler pointing to the sky there a few times. He also brought both air purifiers. That was smart. It saved me a lot of adverse reactions.

Meanwhile, back at the dentist, I had 2 amalgams replaced and 5 restorations. One of my amalgams that appeared to be only a crack was much deeper than expected. It was poorly (over) filled with a material that never set up. Dr. Stevens removed that material, replacing it with a biocompatible material and glued the tooth back together. There was some gum cutting away on a couple of the restorations. I was dizzy and tired after, but better than the last time.

Since we didn't have my Baja, and I hadn't grab my spitter cup (or my towels - too stressed) I was unable to begin my protocols until I got home. It makes a difference. I have a lot more swelling and teeth pain than any previous visit. My mouth and esophagus were too dry. I couldn't get in food. I did get some herbal teas in while still at the dentist. I noted that my kidneys (consistant with previous visits) and lower back (most likely due to sitting on the paper, due to my failure to remember to grab my towels) were very painful. Though my urine color was very good following the work. An improvement over last time. After a couple of hours my teeth were too sore to chew even mini chocolate chips. I also experienced sharp abdominal pain (atypical, most likely due to the petroleum exposures). All of the trials Ron was having had us reunited and leaving the dentists at 8:00 p.m. The Stevens' were wonderful and took excellent care of me. I got through decontamination procedures by 9:45 p.m., did some baking soda water, salt water, then coconut oil. My hands and feet were cherry red from the truck toxins. The color slowly returned to normal following decontamination. My feet and lymph tissue are swollen. I got a blistering temporal head ache that comes and goes, and stabbing pain in my right ear drum. I was weak and hurt all over: joints, muscle tissue, skin, fibro points and several lymph nodes and accu-points. I finally ate a little ice-cream around 9:45. But it wouldn't stay down. By 10:44 p.m. I noticed an improvement in my kidney pain; urine volume. The color was still pretty good.

There were more adverse reactions, but all in all, way better than I could possibly have hoped for based on previous experiences. Even though the exposure was worse this year, it was tons better than when my car broke down last year! I'm so pleased with how well I'm improving with the amalgam removal and the DNA work-arounds!!!

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