Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just Go Forward

Thats what I'm doing. Still. I'm amazingly better, but I'm still struggling with getting toxins out, and getting my gums healed. Whatever it was that Bellinger drilled on the 3rd bit me in the ass this last Tuesday. I tried to pull some large weeds in the afternoon. Evidently the chemical drifted and was present in those dusty weeds. Within 5 minutes my tooth started vibrating, my gum became swollen, again. Within an hour it was horribly painful and I had a huge white spot and all the surrounding tissue was spongy! I took a needle and stabbed the white spot. Pus and blood exploded out. I started treating it aggressively for drainage, swabbing it with sterile gauze to collect the exudate and constantly swishing with salt water, coconut oil pulling, essential oil water and drinking buffered C water to bowel tolerance. I still reabsorbed enough toxins from the drainage to make me pretty sick. An abscess is simply a surface ruptured lymph node, and I knew I had a lot of pesticide stored there, as well as expected to have toxins build up from the anesthesia. I'm actually pleasantly surprised this is the only one! Anyway, when I used to post on Mercola, I read a lot of Captain Randall's posts as well as Sayer Ji, who runs GreenMedInfo. I went to GreenMedInfo and found Captain Randall had written an article about when he went through a period of loose teeth and lots of mouth abcesses. He found that a heaping teaspoon of C crystals in water, w/ a half teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda, repeated until just before bowel tolerance, healed his up considerably in 3 days. Great info! So since I use magnesium buffered C, I cut the baking soda to a quarter of a teaspoon. Dang! But that combo really improved my achalasia!!! It had come back since the chemical drilling on the 3rd! Good to know! I need to post that to the achalasia thread! The toxins that were reabsorbing from the drainage made me pretty sick for about 36 hours, but I continued to throw every protocol for detox that I have at it and kept up the washes around the clock until it stopped oozing. It was really full, and deep, so it took awhile. I was so sick Wednesday I had to forego having Joey that day.  I had an apointment on Thursday and I really was worried I'd have to postpone it.

I was going to drive into the mountains and look at some remote properties with a realtor. I was moving kind of slow and tired Thursday morning, but got all my supplies loaded into the Blazer, and Rosie and I headed out around 7:30 a.m. We had 4 properties on our list, and looked at them all. For one reason or another, I had to remove 3 of the properties from my list. One of them took an hour and a half to get there, from Baker City, on top of a mountain, in the timber, and then it turned out it was on a bluff over looking two pesticide using farms! They weren't even a mile away!! The second one, most of it was cleared of timber, the third and my favorite, already had an offer. The last one turned out to be creepy, with a super creepy neighbor right across the dirt road from it. Like a 15 ft road! But at least I know what they're really like. I'm leaving the second one on, in case we decide we want that pasture. The cleared land is set up for wheat, with a silo, a barn and separate pastures for cattle, with sorting chutes. I'll have to look at the tax lot maps to see how close other farming is to it. 

There were some really pretty drives and it was quite pleasant until I hit a deer. Good thing I was only doing 35. I was driving along a remote roadway, passing a little house that was set close to the road. It was densely shrubbed and landscaped. Suddenly, boing!, a large doe lands directly in front of the car. Like 2.5' in front of! I swerved and hit the brakes, not much brake action, they're spongy. I slowed a little. The deer, mid next sproing, contacts the car's right front fender. The sound was horrible. She rolls up over the hood, then the windshield, one hoof striking the glass as she revolves, "chipping" it. She continues up over the roof of the Blazer, sounding like an artillery barrage! I look in the rearview mirror and see fragments of black plastic and shiny stuff flying 15' through the air out behind my car. I look all around, no deer. I drive slowly down the road until I'm away from the house (possible landscaping pesticides), and stop. I was wondering if she got hung up in the luggage rack, and was unconscious, up there. Just what I'd need, being pulled over by a game warden for illegally harvesting a deer! I get out. Nothin' up there. I look around, no deer. The right side rearview mirror is gone. Only some bits, with snagged deer hair, and wires remain. There's some scratches on the door panel, a football sized dent in the right fender behind the center point of the right tire, some dents in the front passenger door panel, and the antennae is flattened in line with the windshield. I do see what I assumed was 'another deer' running out of the yard and bounding away in the field below the road like the dogs of hell were after it. I finally had to come to the conclusion that that 'other deer I saw running away' was the deer I hit. She must have road down the luggage rack like a skate boarder and cartwheeled off the roof and landed back in those peoples yard! I would not have thought she could have walked away from that. SMH

That wasn't the only wildlife I encountered. Later in the day, as I was driving down a narrow canyon, along a creek I came upon 2 Big Horn sheep battling it out for dominance. I wasn't sure they were going to let me get by without becoming part of their battle. I crept forward so slowly I could hear the individual pieces of gravel crunching under my tires. I got some pics. 




Sorry about the bug smears on the windshield. :-} The sound they make when their heads smack together is something. I tried to get an action shot but my ipad was too slow. It came out very blurry. The whole day was quite the adventure, and far more car time than was good for me. I got home at 7:09 p.m. But I know that unless I do it, I'll never get out of here! Staying here just isn't safe... Finding a place far enough away from toxic chemicals and pesticide is not going to be easy!

I was thrilled to discover I felt good enough to watch Joey Friday. My daughter called me mid-day and told me that she was just informed the compound where she works/lives is was going to be sprayed that evening and on Saturday. She asked if I could keep Joey over night. Of course! So Joeys been here since yesterday morning, and I'm not letting him go home until tomorrow afternoon. We've had a very busy day today. I was a bit put out by those campaign phone recordings. I got one just as I got Joey down for his afternoon nap! It woke him up and I couldn't get him to sleep again until now. Urgh! It was a pesticide using farmer urging me to vote No on 92. Hah! Not a chance!!! I'm voting "yes" on 92 because I want GMOs labeled!!! We need to know what is our food, not just what's in it!