Saturday, February 21, 2015

Be the Turtle

I'm trying to remind myself that slow, steady progress will win out in the end. Its the set backs that frustrate me. I got out for 2 days. I did get my RV put back together. All it would need when I got notice was water, food, clothes and handwork. Then Bellinger sent a "seeder" out, without notification. I was trapped in again! Yes, I called. Yes they assured me it was just untreated seed. Yes, my body tells me otherwise. I have to admit, it could be someone else, out of sight, applying something very toxic at the same time... Yeah, right. I feel there must be an especially deep, extremely hot hole in the pit of hell reserved for this guy.

I spent Tuesday thru Friday this week feeling like I'd been run over by a truck, then he backed up and got me a couple more times. You know what I go through. Burning skin, eyes, kidneys, stomach. Bloating upper and lower GI, and liver. Puking. Encephalopathy. Lymphoma. Snot. You can go back and read the details in previous posts. I so don't want to have to go through it all again. Even just writing about it is bad enough. 

Thursday was so bad I didn't even take most of my meds. (Nutraceuticals). There wasn't much point, since I wasn't holding anything down. I managed to keep 50% of 2 oz. of pot roast on Friday. That was an improvement. I still lost 4 lbs. I wouldn't mind if I was losing fat, but I'm not. I keep losing muscle mass. Its easier for the body to convert, than stored fat. I worked all winter to build up that muscle. Urrgh! 

I did run some water tests. Other than being hard and alkaline, my water's good. :-) This is me, trying to think about positives. @@ Lets see, other good things: i've just about finished stocking up the household goods for the summer, so my husband won't have to worry about it while I'm gone. I might be able to have my daughter and her family over tomorrow, IF I can recover enough today. The winds blowing, so no one SHOULD spray...  ...   ...   Still thinking...   ...   ...  

I think the coffees ready. I'll try that. See if I can get that in. :-}

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