Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stay Extended

I'm curled up in pain fighting off a stout lymphoma attack. I've taken several of my nutraceuticals, but I'm out of yogurt. Since I have to open the caps to take them, I have to put them in something I can get them down with. A few of them taste so bad I gag. I took the ones that weren't as bad with some honey. I've zapped myself, needled myself and ran the shiatsu massager. The pain is so bad in my back and neck they are intermittantly paralyzed. The impaction comes and goes through my thoracic duct and chest as well. I also heated up a bottle of water and held that where I could reach. It was bringing it down a small amount, but not for long. I gave in and gave myself an IV Glute. It was a 10 month past expiration date. I hope it was still good. Almost 2 months since the last shot. 

It's been a rough couple of days. That's probably what set it off. I found out I had to stay another 9 days, and I was barely hanging on for the original 10 days of solitary confinement. I was looking forward to the three day weekend so Rosie and I could get out more. We stay in the RV while the maintainance crews are working. Unfortunately the crew broke a water main. They're working over time, this weekend, to fix it. It would have been fine (other than not getting out except in the evening) except the wind switched around and was blowing across the diesel equipment right t'word me. They also took out the power, and the sun was shining. The outside temp was 70°. Rosie and I were sweltering in here. No air purifiers, no air conditioning. We tried to open a vent when we thought it was safe, but occassionally we smelled diesel. So the upset, plus the diesel has really got me. 

I'd ordered new Glute but it showed up at the house after I was forced to leave. My husband was supposed to bring it, and supplies, up this last Wednesday. Unfortunately, he's supposed to be going in for hernia surgery, and getting around in that condition has slowed him way down. He rescheduled to come up today, with my daughter and grandson, Joey-boy. I hope the crew finishes before they get here...

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