Sunday, March 29, 2015

They Came Bearing Gifts

They brought me supplies. I have milk, cheese and veggies. I have honey and chocolate bars. Yumm! And more yogurt to take my vitamins. It was so wonderful to see them. I miss their faces. I miss their voices. We went to the playground again with Joey. He went down the roller slide with his Daddy, and swung on the swings on his tummy. Rosie and I went down the chute slide again. This time she climbed right into my lap and rode all the way to the bottom! She loved it! She ran around, crazy like, leaping in the air! Then we went for a walk, and I told Joey the parts of "The Gruffalo" as we came to the lake, the stream and the rock. That was yesterday evening. 

Today I had a terrific day. No one else was here and I spent most of the day outside. I used my Panda wash machine and did all the laundry, hanging them over tree branches to dry. It was perfect. 65°, breezy and I didn't have to run for cover once. I had the RV completely opened up to air out and even aired out my mattress! We washed rugs, jeans and even my sheets. You have to do those items one at a time because the basket is so small. But I washed several tops at once. In between, while the washer was running, Rosie and I went over and played on the slides again. She still loves it. We tried the roller slide, but she wasn't as thrilled with it. She went down the first time by herself. She liked it better sitting on me. Then I took a long hot shower and washed my hair. Glorious! I followed up by emptying of the black and gray water, again, and refilling the fresh. I finished up the washing chores with washing Rosie, using the outside handheld shower. Afterwards we took our usual walk.  I wanted her to dry out some out there, rather than in the RV. Rosie was completely pooped. I was too, for a while, but I needed to bring in the laundry and put the RV back together. So I made myself get up off the couch. I even made a delicious cream of mushroom, broccoli and sweet potato chowder. Yum!  Now I'm just kicking back enjoying a peaceful close of the day, with the windows and door still wide open.  This is why I'm looking for a remote property. I feel like a real person. I can have a life. I can do things for myself. I'm not imprisoned.

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