Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boom-a-rang Blues

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm back up at OHV again. 

The good news is that I got to go home for Easter. I went back a day before I should have, so I could clean the house and cook the family dinner. Once I was in the house, I stayed in until the volatility period was up. I am getting better. I was able to cook the whole meal myself. I even made some bunny cookies and put together an Easter basket for Joey. Ron did the shopping. I know it wasn't easy for him. His hernia was killing him. We busted our humps and got it done. I also got most of the RV laundry ready to go back in while preparing the dinner. While the roast was cooking I clipped Rosie down real short. She had so much hair she was over heating when we came down from the mountain. It was so long and fine, I saved it for spinning.

Monday morning (April 6th) I got up early and filled the fresh water before Joey got to our house. Ron's folks were coming to be there during, and take care of him after, his surgery and they'd want to watch Joey. So I'd asked for him this day, since they'd want him the rest of the week. It was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of time outside doing animal chores. Two ewes had lambs so we had four newborns to take care of. We had a really fun day. The days I get to spend with him mean so much! I miss so many of the family events. After he went home another ewe lambed out, twins. Then I worked on the RV again, pulling empty water jars to fill and returning clean laundry. I was starting to feel like me again. I was also starting to have some hope of a semi-normal life. 

When my daughter called that evening to see if I could possibly watch joey again, on Tuesday (April 7th), of course I said yes. Ron's folks wouldn't be able to handle a restless little Joey at the hospital. It would be a better day for him if he came to stay with me. We spent another day outside, first with Ron, before his surgery. He left for the hospital at 10:00. It grinds me that I can't be with my own husband, but I have to just let it go. It gets me nowhere to faunch over it.

We did more animal chores; the horses had to be brought in because they were getting too much fresh grass. Joey helped me drag out the hoses and fill the trough. We had lambies to take care of too. One of the older lambies was not feeling well. We drenched it with detox solution. We went back in for Joey's nap when Ron left, and later some lunch. In the afternoon Joey and I went out again. We dug up some daffodil bulbs in the front sheep pasture next to the road. Daffodils are toxic. I worried that the sick lamb had been nibbling on them. O.K., I dug, Joey collected rocks in his Easter basket. It was a beautiful day. 

About 3:00 p.m. neighborhood farming activity began happening. Mr. Smart came driving by in his tractor, spewing diesel exhaust. I snatched up Joey and headed for the house before the diesel fumed us. We played with Joey's farm tractor and animals in the living room. While we were playing I saw a strange looking spray rig go by, heading South. My daughter told me they were spraying with that rig down on the corner at Cleaver's, when she came to pick up Joey-boy. I was imprisoned again. So much for me taking care of the farm chores while Ron recuperated...

Ron's surgery went well, and he was discharged. He went to our daughter's house to recover because I can't tolerate the anesthesia and drugs coming out of his body. His doctor encouraged him to walk as soon as possible, so he came over with our son-in-law, Justin, in the evening to do chores. The lamb needed treating 2x a day. Ron gave directions and Justin did the work.

Wednesday (April 8th) I worked mostly on paperwork. I fretted a lot, chafing at being locked in, and Ron not resting enough. Ron, his dad and Joey came over to do morning chores. They let me know the neighbors were still spraying at the corner. Not much happened that day until a little after 5:00 p.m. I looked out the french doors to see Bellinger's pivot's end gun blasting water over the fence and deluging one of my pastures. Bellinger chemi-gates. I never know just what chemical is in the tank and coming out with the water. The wind was blowing hard across the gusher, carrying chemical with it to the house, and pressing against the door, pushing it in. I smelled chlorine and other chemicals coming around the door. I called the farm manager who swore there wasn't any chemical. He lied. As usual. I got so sick I had to do an emergency glute IV. It was so bad that the IV only backed it off for a few hours. All the pain came back, and my liver distended. I threw everything else I had at it, including 20 acupuncture needles, the zapper, shiatsu massage, and several scalding hot showers. I also doubled up on all my other meds. It was another one of those episodes where I wasn't sure if I was going to pull out of it, and it was so horribly painful I kinda, almost, wanted to die just so the pain would stop. Screaming, crying pain, level 10. It finally backed off enough that I could sleep at about 2:30 a.m. Well sleep, or passed out, whatever...

I woke up Thursday (April 9th) feeling like I'd been mauled. It was an improvement. I can't remember much of what I did that day. Usually I clean on the day after one of those attacks. The physical exercise helps to move lymph. I was still too exhausted for cleaning. I know that Ron, his dad and Joey came for morning chores; just his dad and Ron came for evening chores. In the afternoon I tried doing more paperwork. I think I finished the Chatter Box taxes, they're pretty easy. I was pretty wiped out. The memories from that day are just gone.

Friday (April 10th) I woke up with toxic Encephalopathy, and stabbing pituitary pain, that spread to my right eyeball. That usually indicates a pituitary bleed. I got to see Joey through the window when they came for morning chores. Later that day Ron got a text from Aaron Heideman saying he was going to apply fertilizer on the property across the road, on Sunday. Synthetic fertilizer is toxic. Its so toxic that if a baby comes in direct contact with it, it will kill the baby. Both the ammonia and the nitrates have listed side effects. But its worse than that. I found out that the listed ingredients compromise only 30% of the product. The other 70% are "inerts." Here's the kicker, they are the by-products of pesticide, and other chemical, production. The chemical companies don't want to pay to dispose of them properly, in lined landfills; its too expensive. so they use them as filler in fertilizers and other broadcast products. They include dioxins, heavy metals, persistent pollutants and other known carcinogens. I posted this info with links on my personal FB page and was going to copy it here, but since my internet is down - I can't. But, Wow! A 2 day notice! I was surprised. Ron texted Heideman back asking what time he would start, so I'd know when I had to leave by. No reply. I wasn't surprised. I started getting stuff ready, and making calls to see where I could go. I was hoping to be able to stay at one of the closer places. No luck. There were either too many people, or neighbors were spraying, or the camp host made excuses. Its back to OHV, like a boom-a-rang. 

Ron came home Saturday (April 11th) to help me get ready. It was stressing him. I didn't want him tearing his hernia repair, so I parked him in the recliner.  We also needed to finish up our taxes since I'd be gone over tax day. I'd been working on them for two months. I just had a few things left that needed Ron's input. I spent the day collecting everything to the staging area, to be moved to the RV. Late Saturday I transferred everything to the RV, then showered and washed that set of clothes. I could tell it was still slightly toxic outside. The RV was ready to go. 

I left before 7:00, Sunday morning (April 12th) since that was the time Heideman insisted 
I be gone by, the time before. I assumed he was just being an ass then, and it turned out he was, but I can't afford to be caught here with him actually applying, so I had to make a run for it that early anyway. What can I say that I haven't said before? That I hate being run out if my house at the point of a lethal weapon? Nope. Said that. That it makes me both furious and heartbreakingly sad? Nope said that, too. I tried to put a good face on, and not bitch. What's the point in bitching? It does no good. 

So Rosie and I are up here again. The first day (Sunday 12, 2015) wasn't too bad. Hardly anyone was here. We got out a lot. I skyped with my sister for awhile which helped with the loneliness. Today (Monday) was harder. No internet. We did get out twice. People were coming and going from the store and central buildings, but no heavy equipment.  I have started sketching again. I used to be an accomplished artist. Artwork just poured from my hands. I lost it. The chemical poisoning destroyed it. I lost small muscle coordination. I lost the ability to 'see' the way I used to. Not so much the actual vision, as the perspective. But I thought I'd try. Maybe I can get it back if I practice. Now, drawing is like wringing milk from a dry cow. I work, I slave, and in an hour I'm exhausted with very little to show for it. I started with one sketch in the upper left corner. Then after a break, I tried again, and again. They seemed to get better, though it may have been that I just got more determined (stubborn) and tried harder. 

In the late afternoon, I made a tasty stew for supper. It was quiet enough, in the evening, that deer actually came within 100 yards of our camper. Rosie spotted them first. We didn't do much that evening,  just knitting and watching DVDs, it was very cold. Too cold for Rosie with her short clip to get very far from the heater. Just as we were headed for bed, it started pouring. The rain on the roof sounded like a junk wagon going down a gravel road. Then all the sudden it went quiet. I figured it had turned to snow. I was already snuggled down in my bed and wasn't getting up to check. I'd tucked Rosie in with a towel as a blankie. She wasn't getting up to check either.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We woke up to 'sugar frosted flakes' snow. I could tell the cafe people were in residence, I saw them scamper across the porch and into the cafe, bright and early. Very shortly a stream of woodsmoke was streaming out of the chimney. Ron went to work, and took Joey to daycare, too (he was supposed to take 2 weeks off). We got a short call on their trip over. Its a highlight in my long, lonely day. They call on the way home, too. Ron did tell me that Heideman hadn't applied yet. He just parked 2 semi-s full of fertilizer in front of our house. Yep, he's still an ass. I knit and watched DVDs to help the time go by. Still no internet. By 9:00 a.m. the snow melted off the gravel. O.k. Thats pretty bad, when snow melting is even note worthy... It was pretty quiet out there. No big equipment. I thought maybe we could get out for an extra walk when the snow and wind let up. I noticed there was quite a bit of hail mixed with the snow that was coming down. It didn't even occur to me the night before to think of hail. That's probably why it was so loud. I took my gaggy vitamins and supplements. All 33 of them. To reward myself I decided that it would be a good time to try baking a pumpkin pie in the convection microwave. It turned out great, but by the time it came out, the big equipment was in full force. We didn't get out until after 5:00 p.m. for our walk. I finished sketching that pinecone. It turned out fair. I was surprised at how much the petals changed position with the change in humidity. I had left over stew for dinner. Unfortunately something set my achalasia off. Maybe a couple of the carrots weren't cooked enough. Maybe it was the new Wii cable... It felt like I had gravel stuck half way down my throat. It was a pretty painful round that lasted hours. Finally I figured out a combination that got the stuck food out and I was able to sleep. It was even colder than the night before. I doubled Rosie's blankie. I woke up freezing around 4:00, but lucky for me thats detox time and a wave of detox heat warmed me back up. Rosie wasn't so lucky, so I re-adjusted her blankies, they'd come off, and tucked her in good.

Wednedsay, April 15, 2015

When the sun finally did come up neither of us even wanted to leave our warm snuggly nests. But, we needed to get Rosie's business done before the work crew got going. It was so cold in here that even our valiant little space heater wasn't keeping up. I let Rosie bring her blankie into the galley, and wrapped her up, until we warmed up a bit. When we went out it was to discover a bright blue and golden morning. Not a single cloud. No wonder it was so cold. With no cloud cover all the heat escapes into the atmosphere. Rosie didn't dawdle over her business but got it done in record time and we both beat a hasty retreat back to our (relatively) warm coach! It occurs to me that my Alaskan friends would say I was a cold weenie. Title accepted.

Lots of activity up here today. They open in 2 weeks. Refrigerated trucks bringing supplies to the cafe. Big equipment racing to finish those new hook-up sites. Random people driving through to check the progress. There's even someone's dog running around. Looks like we'll definitely be staying in today. 

I spent most of the day knitting a hemp belt for my son, and watching Monk DVDs. The yarn is so small and difficult to work with I only made 3 1/2" of progress the whole day. It was a pretty bland day with only a few highlights to relieve the boredom.  I called my dad on the mountain phone, so he wouldn't worry. Peggy and Julia called me because they hadn't seen any FB posts and they were worried (the internet/my ipad is still not functioning). 

Rosie and I got in our walk starting at 4:45, and got back in in time for our Poppa and Joey-boy calls. (Heideman finally applied) I wised up and moved the heater into the back room for the night. Rosie slept much better. I didn't. Too much bright red light, and noise. Shrug. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It was much warmer this morning. There was a little frozen mud and vegetation, but it was sunny and felt balmy. We got up a bit late, 7:05 a.m. It takes me 5 minutes to get dressed and do my hair. The work crew was already here and getting going. Rosie was too distracted to pee. The wind started blowing from the direction of the crew and I could smell someone's strong soap or deodorant. Khhh-hack! We were done. We ran for the RV. Rosie is going to have to hold it. Poor dear. I had to wash up when we got back inside to get it off of me. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

By the time I got back in the RV, yesterday morning, I had a headache. It was heavy and oppressive. It stuck with me all day and into the night. I struggled with depression, profound sadness, crying and thoughts of suicide all day. I even wrote a will. It got real bad when Ron called to let me know that Heideman had texted him that he would be applying 2,4-D this morning. Thats another 8 days of solitary confinement. It was almost more than I could bear. Normally I don't get suicidal. I'm too competitive and vengeful. I want to live to see those guys 'get theirs.' I do get suicidal from certain chemicals. Apparently those chemicals were in that personal care product. Its no wonder our teenagers commit suicide or have anger problems. That product smelled like one a teenager would wear, like Ax depderant. I've smelled it before in the chemical soup of fragrance at the high school. 

It was a heart broken, miserable day. I fought the urges off by telling myself that if I killed myself, they'd be happy. They'd get what they wanted. They'd win. It was a demon I wrestled with the whole damned day. Sometimes I was beating it down, sometimes it was beating me. When we went out for our late afternoon walk I just kept going. I was so depressed I just wanted to run away from my life.  I walked out past the trail, out into the bowl and I straight away from the campground.  We walked for 2 miles into the wilderness. I'm ashamed to say part of the time I was hoping a bear or cougar would get me. Then I'd think about Rosie and know I'd have to kill the bear or cougar to protect her. It was a very drugged up day. It's worse than 'Alice down the rabbit hole.' In that analogy of a drug trip, at least Alice didn't make decisions that were totally against her nature. With this chemical poisoning I was. I was even so far gone I was hoping that if I couldn't find a carnivore, then maybe an enraged elk. But then I remembered they've shed their antlers, and its not mating season, so no help there. We didn't see a single large animal. O' Rosie signaled there was something there, but it was a good third of a mile away. Deer or elk most likely and they were keeping their distance. I struggled over rocky outcroppings and slogged through icy morasses. I didn't care. My shoes were sodden, my socks were sloppy wet. Ironically, I was momentarily proud of those socks. They were my hand spun, hand knit socks. Initially they got freezing cold when they first got wet but they warmed right up and kept my soaking wet feet warm as we continued to plod through the frigid marsh. I kept going, out of the bowl and into the trees. It was when we came across an ATV trail and sign post that I stopped. One way said "21 to 1" or back to the campground. The other way said "21 to ..." It had a picture. I had to try to decipher what the picture meant. It was a blue rectangle, with some uneven curve lines. They were sorta like the symbol used for water, but not. The swells were smaller and greater. So did that mean mountains? ATV moguls? For some reason that incongruity, that puzzle, snapped me out of it. Perhaps the exercise flushed the chemical from my system. I turned around and headed back the 2 miles to the campground. Glad to be past the worst of it. I hate what the chemicals do to me. 

Ron had called before our walk. I hadn't told him about the suicidal thoughts. What good would it do? Doesn't he have enough on his plate already? It would just increase his stress. (When he and Joey-boy called this morning I had to fight my autistic tendencies to blurt out the truth. I managed). Anyway, my sister called yesterday evening. I couldn't talk, I was out of minutes. Ron sent me some minutes later that evening and I called my sister back. We spoke for 25 min. That helped. The loneliness is the hardest part. The suicidal tendencies had past. The headache was down to a dull throb.

This morning dawned warm. Like 50°. The floor and the toilet seat were not shockingly cold. My shoes had dried out. The work crew was at it before we even got out of bed. But this morning the breeze was in our favor. It was blowing from our side of the camp ground. I took Rosie out with no problems. We even played a little. When Ron called, he said they're planning on coming up tomorrow afternoon. That is something to look forward to. :-)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yesterday was all about my anticipated company. I got up and got ready. I took a lovely shower followed by emptying the black and grey and refilling the fresh so Ron wouldn't think he had to. Then there was a long wait until they got here at 2:40 p.m. I re-read a book on my ipad, so the time would pass faster. When the finally arrived, Rosie expressed how I felt perfectly. She ran around like crazy, leaping for joy, licking Joey's face, wiggling with ecstasy at seeing her family again. I refrained, though I did express my pleasure in a more appropriate manner. We visited and played with at the playground. Joey, Justin, Rosie and I went down the slides. At about 4:00 we set out the awning and some chairs. Ron handed me my groceries and they ate a picnic lunch they'd brought. It was all store deli food. I cringed as they tried to feed a toxic red jello salad to Joey. Thankfully he had the good sense not to eat it! When Joey finished eating he, Rosie and I marched around, hiking up and down over nearby ATV moguls, into small woody areas and back to the camper through meadows. We marched and sang hiking songs we made up. I got about an hour visiting with my daughter, her husband and Ron while they took turns playing with Joey, who is way too young to just sit still for visiting. Then we all hiked up to the public restroom, so they could go before leaving. When we got back to the RV they packed up and left. That was it. I couldn't hug them, or kiss them, they were too toxic from the stores they went to to get their lunch. They drove away. My heart broke. I started reading that book again, so it wouldn't be so horribly lonely. I finished it at 11:30. I went to bed hoping to be so tired I'd drop right off. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't make myself think of anything else. My loneliness sat on my chest, staring me in the face in the dark. I cried and cried. 

We woke up late this morning. Its over cast. I decided I would hand wash a few things, rather than haul out my wash machine, since people were coming and going at the cafe. I'm hanging them to dry in the bathroom. I had yogurt again, so I took my vitamins. Its a struggle, getting through the loneliness, so I'm trying to keep busy. Pretty soon I'll go out and drain the grey water since I'm using so much for laundry, and top off the fresh. That way I won't have to worry about it on heavy equipment days. I did the floors and rugs as well. The day is stretching out ahead of me like a salt plain.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I got up early today. Ron had brought me some organic almond butter and I ate some mixed with butter and honey last night for a treat. It kept coming up all night. I gave up and got out of bed around 6:20. Rosie actually gave me a baleful look. She stayed in bed. When I passed the refrigerator she remembered she gets raw meat for breakfast and jumped up. First we'd go out so she can potty. Then she gets her breakfast. It was brisk this morning, but not cold. Rosie was as much distracted by woodland creatures as she is by the work crew. I'm afraid she's getting bored and depressed herself. 

Yesterday evening she scooted over and sat down right in front of me sticking her long nose right in my face. Since she's generally a self sufficient, non-clingy dog I knew it meant something. I set aside the letter I was composing to my legislators, and took off my glasses. She leaned her forehead against mine. Poor baby. She wants to go home as much as I do. Poor dear, she doesn't understand why we can't.  :-( :-( :-( I stroked her ears, scritched her face and told her how beautiful she is. I stroked her and massaged her whole body, finger combing her short curls. When she seemed like she'd had enough we played tug with her gator for a little while. The banishment is getting to her, too.

Poppa and Joey called on their way to work and daycare. We'd evidently had another lamb. Joey wasn't too talkative this morning so I told Ron about the letter I was writing to my legislators. He started to tell me that you can't impose morals in place of laws. HOLD the PHONE! That is exactly the reason we have laws!!! When people can't behave morally we institute laws to make sure that they do! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I write the date every day so I don't lose track. One day pretty much blends into another. 

I worked all day yesterday on that letter. I spelled it all out. Well, not all of it. I didn't name names, but its pretty obvious. I also left out the deliberate use of pesticides by one of my neighbors, as a weapon. I forgot.  The problem I realized is that my current state senator used to be one of the county commissioners that refused to protect me from that neighbor's deliberate assault. Because I talked about their bigotry, if I send it to him, I'll just piss him off. They do retaliate. 

I pissed off the wife of my representative, years ago. She's still getting even for that one. What did I do? Well, she worked at the place where my husband works. She was the receptionist. She was married, with one son. Ron was always coming home telling me stories about how they were joking around. I didn't think anything of it. Then one day he comes home and tells me this story about how Sheri showed him her bee sting, on her elbow. She did it by turning her back to him, bending over and sticking her butt out (her very large butt) and her elbow up. She looked over her shoulder, pointed at the bee sting and said, "See." It went clear over Ron's head, but I realized what was going on. This was before I was disabled. Next time I had to drop by Ron's office, I sat down on the edge of Sheri's desk, told her I was aware of what she was attempting. I also promised her that if she tried anything like it again I drag her by the hair, out behind the office and mess up her face so bad, she wouldn't be able to lure another guy away from his wife. I should of done it. She transferred her plan to another married co-worker. He was married to a very sweet, gentle woman, and they had 3 little boys. He divorced her and it destroyed his wife. He went on to become a state representative. He always mentions how he's an Eagle Scout, and an upstanding member of his church in his campaign propaganda. Gags me every time I read it. The social climber divorced her husband, left her son behind and went to Salem with her co-adulterer (something his propaganda never mentions). The home wrecker is his office manager, and his new wife. She's never forgiven me for protecting my husband from her clutches. Anything I send in, she round files. 

So now what? I thought about sending it to the other legislators, but its the good buddy system. I'm thinking about researching who their friends and enemies are (when I get home and have internet again) and sending it to a few appropriate people. Since my state senator and representative are republican, I could send it to the democrats. Heh, heh. I'm also thinking about sending it to the ADA, as a complaint. Boy are my fingers sore from typing!

I realized something this morning. I've stopped daydreaming. I've been a daydreamer my whole life. It can get in the way, but its also where a lot of creative ideas come from. I'm trying to decide if this is an indication of improvement, or a sign of getting worse. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I started out knitting, yesterday, but ended up polishing that letter. I guess its because it makes me feel like I'm doing something to help myself. I'm thinking maybe I'll try the new Governor. I just have to get it to her, not through the usual channels...

Back at home Ron is battling wheel lines in the wind and gathering up new lambs. Another one today. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm trying spinning today, to keep occupied. Theres something on the hemp yarn that makes my teeth hurt if I have to keep the windows closed up due to activity outside. I keep going back and tweaking my letter. It does help the time pass. I got word from Ron this morning that the Parks Director up here was going to have the other parks sprayed today, so they'd be ready on the 7th, when they all open. That was very sweet of him. It made me stressed and cry anyway because after the last 2 years, 2 weeks is now not enough. My skin burns and my teeth hurt. I'm hoping and praying that I won't have to evacuate that week. He'll spray the OHV after that. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I got some exposure Thursday evening that had the lower left side of my chest and left arm hurting so bad I thought I was going to expire from heart attack. It made me pretty weak, too.  I suffered with it and lymphoma through the night and a good share of the day. I kept trying to wash my face, change clothes, etc.  I finally took a shower, and changed clothes again; that made a positive difference. I wasn't in much of a mood to write. I had to empty the grey water and fill the fresh after people went home. I filtered some for drinking water but it still tastes like used aquarium water. Yesterday evening, 8:00, another camper moved in closer to me. I'm hoping to be able to still potty the dog,and go home tomorrow, without getting exposed again.

Its snowing pretty hard today. I got up at 6:00 so I could get the dog out to potty. We did alright. I changed the seat covers on the couch. Did some tidying. Mostly, I read books I've read before. The new people didn't get out until after 9:30. I have a gut ache from the filtered water I drank yesterday. :-( lots of heavy equipment, a dirt bike and some ATVs running around.

5:30 I took Rosie out to potty. The newest camper people seemed to have left already. It could be it was a lot colder than they expected. Or they just moved their camper up here for the season. They left about 3:00. When we set out on our walk we discovered there were a few guys, with a couple of ATVs staying in one of the log cabins just past the public restroom. We are hemmed in. No more walks. Since the two ATVs broomed away, and a diesel truck drove by on the highway, we'd moved closer to, trying to stay far enough away from the ATVs, and their diesel truck, I got an exposure. Had to shower again.

Ron called. He has the new internet dish with him. 

Sunday, April 25, 2015

Up at 6:00 to get Rosie out before everyone else starts moving around. It was so cold I wore socks and long underwear with my jammies. I made coffee with the last of the drinking water I'd brought from home. Two cups, and I'd polished off the half n half. I have one cup left in the pot. I wonder what sour cream coffee tastes like? Noticed that Rosie isn't drinking her aquarium water either... Hopefully, we go home this afternoon. 

I hear the birds on the roof. I hope they haven't built a nest up there (we've been here so long). 

We broke camp about 2:30 p.m. I climbed up the rear ladder and made sure there were no birdies up there. It was a long drive back home. I was so looking forward to a night in my own bed. It took me a couple of hours to get everything unloaded. I started on the mountain of laundry, the sink full of dirty dishes and general cleaning right away. I arranged with my daughter to get to have Joey-boy on Tuesday. I was really looking forward to it. When I finally crawled up to bed I was disappointed that it was so hot upstairs, I couldn't sleep. I did discover that the problems I was having were with the internet connection up at OHV, not my ipad. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

This morning I rolled out of bed and began the laundry and dishes, finally getting to sanitizing all the drinking water jars. I called my Dad fairly early. We were having a pretty nice call. Then the land line rang. It was Leroy Smart. He called to tell me that Crop Protection Services would be spraying a pre-emergent on his GMO corn field, south of my place, tomorrow morning, between 7:30-8:00 a.m. I thanked him for letting me know, struggling not to cry.  I'd only been home 15 hrs. I had a breakdown and a huge toxic adrenaline/ stress reaction. I ended up having to inject IV glute, and take all my meds. I'm out of a bunch. I spent quite a bit of time ordering them, and taking care of business. I sent that draft of the letter I was writing to my Dad, so he can run it buy a lawyer. 

I tried calling the State Parks manager so I could go to Emigrant Springs, instead, but he never called me back. I'm headed back to OHV first thing in the morning. I'm grateful they let me go up there, but stressing over the equipment, and ATV exposures.  We're not going to be able to go out for walks!

I worked all day getting everything ready to load back up, while continuing to fight with reactions and congested lymph. My daughter and her family were in Tri-cities, so they stopped and got me some raw milk cheese, and yogurt. Ron helped me load the RV, after work and fill the water. I had intended to run a bottle of hydrogen peroxide into the fresh to kill the bacteria, so he did that too. I got it all loaded back up at about 9:00 p.m.

I think I've had to do 6 showers today and 4 clothing changes. 

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