Sunday, May 10, 2015

For Pity Sake!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

         "Those who seek my life set their traps, those who would harm me talk of my ruin; all day long they plot deception." Proverbs 38:12

I'm back up at OHV. I can't help but feel those guys are out to get me. I was home 15 hrs when I got the spray call. They were spraying the next morning.

I spent a very bad night. I think the 2,4-D wasn't gone yet. I fought with lymph congestion the whole time I was home. All 37 hrs. The pain woke me at 1:30 a.m., or so. I never did get back to sleep. I just ran protocols all night. I started drinking coffee at 5:30. Ron got up a little before 6:00. We were planning on me being gone long before 7:00. The spraying was supposed to start between 7:30 - 8:00. The owner of Crop Protection Services has always behaved like a jerk. He didn't change his MO. They started spraying right after 6:00. Ron went to take Rosie out and saw them. He quickly helped me get to the RV, fully draped, then took the sheet, and cover-alls back and wrapped up Rosie. She didn't even get to potty. I tried stopping for her once we got out of the crop zone, but she was too stressed. I'd pulled over into a gravel yard and took her out. She wouldn't go. With stopping for gas, for Rosie and trying to find someone to rinse us off (we passed a second spray rig on our way up), it took us 2.5 hrs. The wind was blowing pretty hard across the top of the flat, too. Maybe 15-20 mph.  I slowed down for that. We're here. We're safer. I still have lymph pain, but there isn't anything else I can do about it. I've washed Rosie. I've washed me.

10:51 a.m. Ever the optimist, I was hoping I wouldn't get any worse symptoms. I just started having sharp ureter pains. Grrrrrr. >:-@ by the time it got to be noon, they'd been replaced by nausea. Not long after that I noticed a sharp stabbing headache, followed by the end of the ring finger on my right hand becoming painful, the nail was purple and the base was numb. O' come on now!!! Geez! Enough all ready. I tried a nap, but with the increase in activity up here it didn't pan out. Boy the workers are busting their chops today. People are zipping about everywhere. A county sheriff is now in residence. Electricians are wiring new pedestals in over in the new hook ups, in the trees. Guys are still laying pipe. Its grey, so it must be sewer. The backhoe is grinding along pushing dirt into holes.  Its really coming together. I saw a cleaning lady zipping about on her ATV, and another gentleman setting out the trash cans and fastening chains to all the lids and cans. The wind up here makes that necessary. They're certainly giving it the "full court press." Rosie and I are focusing on staying inside, out of the way.

I finished washing the hand washables I didn't get to at home. Rosie's gator, my wool socks. I changed shirts and washed the one I wore up here, incase it got stuff on it in our dash for freedom. At about 4:00 I tried  mag C, cell food, iodine, & heal-all, then mag C w/baking soda royal jelly and propolis, manuka honey lozenge and extra ATP. I finally got some improvement. It helped the peripheral neuropathy a little too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I went to bed last night at 9:30. I had to wait until it was dark enough to sleep. My eyeballs hurt. They felt like they were being sucked into my skull, and I had a dull headache. I thought it was just because I'd been up since 1:30 a.m. I woke up with the same headache and eyeball pains so they must be symptoms. It finally registered that my balance is out of whack. I've fallen over a few times in the last couple of days. Not to the floor, I've caught myself. This morning I lost my balance twice before taking Rosie out to potty, and once when we were out. I'm staggering like a drunk! That has a name..... Ataxia, maybe? I can't remember. I've had this before, back when Ontiveros was using 2,4-D every week "to teach me a lesson." Anyway, man was I thirsty this morning! I drank 2 cups of water while waiting for my coffee! Ahhh! Coffee! Slurp, slurp, gulp. Aahhhhh!

I sure slept hard. Dreamed hard, too. Angry, tense dreams. Thats not going to help my wrinkles. @@ -The tightly compressed lips, the frowny face... The upside is that while I regurgitated a couple of times, I didn't lose it, or choke on it. I woke up enough to deposit it in the spit cup, then went right back to sleep and dreamt more of those weird, angry dreams.

I raise the dinette blinds at 6:38 a.m. (to scout activity before taking Rosie out). Greg, the Parks Manager was just driving back to his RV. From breakfast? I hope so. That would be better than an emergency of some kind. Man! thats a hard working guy. 

Uh oh, not past the revolving symptom door. Kidney pain just showed up. @@

8:30 a.m. 

Rosie and I got our call from Poppa and Joey-boy. Joey was pretty quiet this morning. Ron filled me in on their plans for the weekend. Our kids and their families are converging on the Portland Zoo. I used to request that we do that for Mother's Day, every year when they were little. Ron will be going to meetings in Salem, then to work on the Duplex. Then they will all be meeting back up at my father's house on Sunday. I can't help but feel left out. 

I organized a few cupboards and aired out the RV, briefly, during a quiet few minutes. I figured I better do it while I had the chance. Maybe I'll look at how to tear out the gas stove. I need something to work on to keep my mind occupied.

Well, it looks like removing the stove won't be too hard. Its a matter of disconnecting the gas line and removing 10 nuts. Putting a counter back in should be pretty easy too. While I have the hole opened up I'll take out the gas furnace. I want to try putting a Lazy Susan in that space. I'll access the bottom from under the dinette and the top from the new cabinet I'm going to put in where the stove was. If I can't find one that fits, I'll figure something out. I'm also going to install a counter top plug & cover. I currently have my hot plate plugged into the bottom of the upper cabinet. I worry about the chord getting on the burner. 

I moved the paper towel holder to the underside of the microwave cabinet. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. Its perfect there, since I'm taking out the stove. Where it was, it was right over the hot plate, so boiling anything tended to make the paper towels a bit damp. Then I re-organized several cabinets. I'm having a lovely morning.

10:30 a.m.
Oh dear! New neighbors. They're only 3 spaces away. Worse, they have a foo-foo dog! And they let it wander!! Stressing!!!! How will I get out to potty Rosie with out getting hurt? I can't! I need to move! How can I get out to break down without getting hurt?! I can't!! I have no where to go!! O.k. Calm down. Maybe they're just going to leave it to save their spot for the summer. Just hold on. Breathe, breathe! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well, that was terrible. Once the adrenaline is released I'm shit out of luck! It dumped as soon as they pulled in. The first spot was right next to the other trailers. Then they decided they wanted space around them, so they moved to half way between us, just 3 spaces away!  Thats when it really dumped! I was so damaged from the other recent exposures that it came down like an avalanche. I wasn't sure I was going to get through that one. Both tachycardia and arrhythmia, and these weird chest fibrillations. And weakness. I could barely move once the heart problems started. Of course I got severe lymph pain in my chest, back, etc. @@ I hate being me. As if that wasn't enough I got nausea, and my arms felt like wood, my hands were worse. And that was even after Greg, the Park Manager came over and had them move further away. I felt bad about that too. The poor guy was 70, or so, and he'd just finished getting it all set up. @@ I texted Ron to Thank Greg. I also told him to tell Greg "if more people need to come up, I can move to E loop and dry camp, without power." It would be better than the alternative. That pretty much wiped me out for the rest of the day. I spent hours zapping acupuncture points to try to bring everything back into balance. I spent most of the night puking. I'd planned on getting up at first light to get that walk in for Rosie, but that didn't happen. 

This morning the sheriff was up early. He moved his camper farther away. I'm wondering if something was said to other people, too, or they just got those other spots open... I feel like a big inconvenience to everybody and a pariah. I wish we could find a safe property...

Well, back to zapping my accu-points.

2:00 p.m.

Sudden Horrible pain in my left armpit, and arm. Can't tell if its lymph or blood clot. Took 5 arnica sublingual, 1 astaxanthin, 1 teaspoon royal jelly and propolis honey, drinking ginger root, panax ginseng and fenugreek tea with raw honey and cinnamon. (Blood thinners) zapped the crap out of several possible accu-points. Changed my shirt. I was wearing the one I washed, that I was wearing when I came up - incase I didn't get it clean enough.

I sure wish they had alternative medicine hospitals! 

4:00 p.m.

Feeling better. After that I'm going to just lay around.

5:00 p.m. I took my socks off to zap my feet because they hurt so bad and discovered 2 of my toes on my right foot were drk purple. I also had kankles. Surprise! I zapped everything I could find. The color came back. Rosie and I went out for our walk. The mosquitos were terrible.

9:00 p.m.

Ron brought up everything that came. My biologic "meds" from the pharmacy, and from Holistic Health. My honey also came. My cod liver oil and K2 didn't. I'm taking Rosie's Astaxanthin. Tastes AWFUL!!! Ron also brought up some of the milk products, and stopped and picked up an extra 1/2 n 1/2. He'll be in Corvallis and Portland over the weekend. He doesn't want to come back up for a week. Realistically, not until the following weekend. The mosquitoes were as thick as flies on a cow's butt! Much worse than earlier!

Friday, May 2, 2015

I slept real hard. I only regurged once. When I woke up and checked the time, it was 10 min. til 6:00. I thought about getting up, but just laid there for a while longer. It was a pleasure to lie in bed, comfortably, without pain. Rare and priceless. In fact it was "snugly and warm." Its been a long time since I've last experienced that. I got up when I heard the first stirring in the other RVs. Its usually Greg, and its a while before everyone else. I noted my pee was tea colored, though volume was good. Once I was presentable I took Rosie out for long walk. I decided it would be better, if I could manage it, in the morning. Less mosquitos, less chance of someone zipping around on an ATV. The people in the cabin don't come out until until 8:30 or 9:00. Rosie and I hiked up between the road and the cabin. We'd got past the narrowest spot when I heard something coming down the highway. Rosie and I angled sharply away from the road, and quickly walked as far away as we could get. It was a school bus. Ah, I hadn't even thought about that. I'll have to get up earlier. Bummer. We were out for about 30 min. 

I had my first cup of (left over) coffee when we got back to the RV. Ron and Joey-boy called. Apparently I'd missed their first call. We only chatted for a few short minutes. I won't hear from both of them again until Monday. 

Wow! The left arm pain is back! (7:46 a.m.) Possibly the diesel exposures, from the bus? I didn't smell anything. What the heck is triggering these?! Time to go throw blood thinning herbs at it! @@ - - maybe it was a poisonous plant? Remember when I had that immediate, horrible reaction to those red mushrooms? Sheesh, it could have been something the people in the cabin used for mosquitos, or even the propane exhaust. I'm so beat down, at this point, any and every trace exposure is setting me off. This isn't working for me. I so need a large remote property of my own. Ron is supposed to meet Sunday with a prospective buyer for our duplex. If it sells, I'll be closer.

I'm running the zapper, while using the shiatsu massager and I have 5 needles in. ST 36, on the left leg, the calf nose (ST 35), on both, and something else in that area. It lit up with the zapper, so I stuck it. Maybe ST 36 at 5 or 7. Its clear to the outside. Oh poop! The shiatsu massager overheated. @@ 

10:03 a.m. Doing better.  My left arm still hurts but its bearable. A cup of ginger & dandelion root, ginseng and milk thistle tea with raw honey, nutmeg and cinnamon should help. I also put a couple of drops of agrisept in my cellfood + lithium water. Running protocols is endless!@@  I checked my feet. Those 2 toes are red, but not purple, and the edema is better. Guess I'll zap them some more. 

10:56 a.m. Return of the bad arm pain. I'd switched to yoga pants to do needles, etc. I went to change back to regular pants and decided to stuff the pair I had worn outside this morning into the laundry. Owoowoowoooowwww! Stupid volatile toxins!!! Starting over.

Washed the dog. Washed me. Turned the seat covers. Massaging. Zapping.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I had another, milder, episode yesterday evening. I repeated the procedures. I drank a cup of milk thistle, hibiscus and moringa tea. Did I mention I've been putting a EO clove/coconut oil treatment on my arm pits? Clove thins. I also neglected to mention I'm so swollen I can't fit into my other jeans. I'm back in the "fat" pants, coveralls. :-( 

Ron did text me that he got to our son's. Then he texted to tell me "Mia and Gabriel say hi!" Yeah, I texted back to Mia and Gabriel. :-}

I did have a very peaceful night. No regurg until after I woke up.  Urine volume and color was good. :-) You guys probably think I'm a little obsessive about checking my urine, but when you've almost lost your kidneys as many times as I have, seeing good color and volume is like getting a bouquet of flowers! Yellow daisies! GFETE

I don't think anyone's here. Not even the cafe people. I don't know about the cabin people. I'm not going over there to check. I think it was probably mosquito killer, from them, thats been getting me the last couple of days (70% probability). No doubt its getting me worse because of the exposures I got when I went home. Anyway, I have the dinette window, and the vent wide open. The fresh air is wonderful! If no one shows up by 10:00 I may even do laundry. 

So far my left arm is a little sore, and I have the tiniest bit of neuropathy in my pinky and ring finger on the right hand. I'll start my meds as soon as I finish my coffee, and throw in a few more "thinners." I'll probably do a little "zapper yoga." Thats where I twist myself into various pretzel shapes to zap the inflamed acu-points on my back. 

I was just thinking, if you have fibro, get a TENs unit with an acu-pen and zap your fibro points. They're just blocked/congested lymph nodes or chi. Either way, it works. If you haven't read from the beginning, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a couple different specialist before I got diagnosed with chemical hypersensitivity. It was after the Monitor spraying. What I learned when I took those courses in Environmental medicine was that Fibro and Organophosphate poisoning have the exact same symptoms. So its the same thing. Get an acu-pen and zap every sore spot.

11:05 a.m. 
Looks like the whole crew, plus a few more, have arrived. I've closed the windows. Sigh. 3 more 5th wheels, arrived one right after another.

12:30 Wives are setting up their camps for outdoor activities. The wind is coming right across them out of NNE. My chest and arm are aching and ramping up!!! I was telling myself to wait until 5:00 a.m. And then I'll move. I figured they'd apply mosquito repellent like crazy this evening. So I couldn't get out during the dinner hour.The pain just keeps getting worse! I'm reacting even in a sealed RV! I'm afraid if I wait, I won't getting out of here alive!

2:27 p.m.
I broke camp and ran for it. Not very far. I went out to E Loop. Well beyond the cabins. No water, no power. But, and its a big one,  The air is clean! Its amazing how much difference it makes. Its scary how toxic it can get and I can't even smell the chemicals, but the symptoms start climbing. I thought my heart was going to explode! As soon as we got out of the main camp area I started feeling better. I'm airing out my RV. My chest stopped aching, my arm stopped hurting. I can breathe. Rosie and I have been out wandering around in the sun and clean air. I tried to call Ron before we broke camp; he didn't answer. I figured I'd text him once we got moved. No cell service on my mountain phone. I'll have to go back in (closer anyway) tomorrow and fill up with water, I'll send him a message then, unless we (Rosie and I) figure something else out sooner. 

Hah, I tried my other cell phone. I got a call out to Ron! I only had bars for that one call. Thanking God for getting one call. :-) 

You know, I was thinking that stressing was making me worse. Only now that I've moved, I'm still a little worried about water and how cold it will get tonight, but its not effecting my heart or lymph! Remind me next time I attribute that crap to stressing, its totally the chemicals. I just can't always identify the/a source. If I start having that kind of pain, I need to leave! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bad night. I ate almond butter and then sweet potato/broccoli chowder yesterday evening. Totally different set of pain. Bad, but not life threatening like the chest/left arm pain. But I still didn't get much sleep. I'm not sure which one did it to me. I've had a similar incident from eating roasted almonds. I thought it was the brand. Like maybe they lied about one of the ingredients. You know, "salt" could include MSG, something like that. I could have been wrong about that. Hmmmm. I also got e. Coli from a meal of leg of lamb, mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli years before I became TI. I'd always figured it was the broccoli or the fact the hostess let her cats get on the counter... (Litter box paws). It felt like it could be either of those. I'm leaning t'words the almonds because I was reading in my "Common Poisonous Plants" book that they contain the tiniest amount of cyanide, like you find in the pits of cherries and peaches, etc. Or, the almond butter could have had trace amounts of aflatoxins. After these last exposures, I could be weak enough that I would be effected. 

Last night it was cold. If I hadn't had to keep getting up with the pain, I'd probably have been warm enough staying under the covers. We got up for the day at 5:00 a.m.. I was in too much pain to stay still, so I figured, "why not?" I cranked up the generator, heated it up in here and made coffee. Then, after turning off the generator and letting the outside fumes dissipate, Rosie and I walked down to find an accessible frost-free hydrant. Once we located one I could easily get the RV in and out of, we came back for it. We don't have much to break down. This spot is more level w/o leveling blocks than the other one was with them. We drove down there about 6:15 a.m.. Rosie got to sit in front between the seats. She likes that. On regular drives, I won't let her ride there for safety reasons. No one was up in the base camp area. We could just see their 5th wheels over the hill, and through the trees. I backed the RV right into the slot. Jumped out and hooked up the hoses. 15 min. of waiting and we were full. Double quick I unhooked, drained, coiled and stowed the hoses. Then we quietly drove back to E9. Thats done for another 5 days. 

I parked in almost the same spot when we got back. It turned out that with the little bit of difference, I have better reception. I sent Greg a message, so he'll know we're still here. I even talked to some friends on my regular phone. How nice! I'm warming it up in here (and the water) so I can take a shower. 

We went out after my shower. The wind has switched direction and was now blowing across the campers, t'words us, again. I got a bit of an arm pain. I think we'll stay in until it switches directions again. Besides, the crew is working today and they're running the dump truck.

4:15 p.m. 

I decided I should eat dinner early enough that I'd be through the worst of it, by bed time, incase I guessed wrong. I hedged my bet by taking some enzyme caps. If it was the broccoli, they should help make it less intense. I enjoyed my warm creamy soup. No apparent problems. I followed it up with a cup of detox tea. Again, so it would mitigate any reaction, if I had one. Then I waited to see what would happen. Basically, I got drowsy. I laid down on the couch and took a nap. I guess it was the almonds. Dang! I love almond butter. Bummer!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Well, it was cold but not too cold. I made sure Rosie had a double blankie on. I'd put on double P.J.s and socks. We were fine. I regurged most of the night, but actually slept quite a bit. No pain, which is a huge plus. We'd gone to bed without running the generator/heater. I wanted to make sure I could isolate the cause of the pain I went through the previous night. You know, determine if some trace amount of fumes from my own generator were giving me problems. Its right under the bedroom. 

The side walls of the freezer weren't still frosty this morning. My cell was drained. I ran the generator after we got up for a good long while. I needed heat, coffee, refrige, cell, ipad, hot water. In that order. You have to do the big draw things one at a time. Ron called. No Joey. Our son-in-law had the day off, so he kept him. The buyer did not appear interested in the duplex. I called a couple of people to break up the loneliness. My dad, my daughter's mother-in-law. She's truly a lovely person. I read for a bit, then Rosie and I went outside to get some sun. Rosie had a good sniff about. I took some pics with my ipad. It gets better pics than my digital camera. The color's truer, too. 

I spent the day reading and taking Rosie out. I took more pics with my ipad. I wanted some flower pics to draw, inside. I didn't want to spend hours outside because the mosquitos are so voracious. I talked to a few more people on the phone. My son called. :-) 

In the late afternoon Ron called again and let me know Greg was on his way up to talk to me. He wanted to spray for mosquitos before he opened for the season and his guests arrived. I can see that. Normals would not enjoy the camp with this many mosquitos! He does take care of his guests! He wanted to know which other camp I wanted to go to. He hadn't been able to spray for weeds in either of them. So we set up an appointment for the morning where he'd go with me and unlock the gates. Oh goody! Power, sewer and water again! I'm all ready dreaming about that shower. I chose Ansen-Wright, because they had a water line leak at Cutsforth and they'd have equipment in there digging up lines to make the repairs. 

Greg even spent some time just chatting with me. He's a very nice, compassionate man. He thanked me for the text letting him know where I went. He told me about his daughter, who'd been in a coma for months. He shared very briefly how the doctors said they should "let her go," and his whole family rallied around, gave up jobs and did everything in their power to help her. She now is married, has children and a Job! Not a complete recovery, but pretty darn close! Greg wanted to encourage me. He said, "Miracles do happen!" Yes they do! I don't think he realizes that he is one of mine. I wouldn't have survived this spring without him letting me stay up here, and watching out for me the way he has. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5:54 a.m. Cold!!! So looking forward to on demand heat again. Rosie and I got up and went out to potty (her). I saw a light yellow shape down in the draw, and said to myself, "That sure looks like an elk butt." You know, like if it was facing away from me, head down, eating. I made a bunch of noise, but it didn't move. "Huh, must be a stump." Rosie was on alert so I stepped t'word her to see what she was looking at. Rumble, crack and thunder! 8-10 elk jumped up, startled and then trotted down into the draw and over the next hill. The stump went with them. It had been an elk butt. Lol. The one that first startled was up the hill, on our side and much closer. It started the cascade. They were pretty cool! Rosie thought they were very exciting. 

Putting everything away so we can break camp and moved down to Ansen-Wright.

9:00 a.m. 
Plugged in, set up, heat on! No cell, no internet, but the water's warming for a shower! While I was sitting here typing, a doe, with last years fawn, wandered by down the hill from us. Rosie can't wait to get out for a hike! 

11:50 a.m.
The RV had a chill on it that my little heater was having a hard time shaking off. So I read for a while. Then Rosie and I went out into the mountains and hiked around for an hour. It was gloriously fresh and clean. As I drug myself back the last 50ft. to the RV, I realized I'd over done it. I'd have to rest up before I could take that shower. Thats o.k. Its still good. 

I puttered about, and read for awhile. I was about to take Rosie out for a quick potty break, but we realized there were a couple of guys setting out picnic tables down below. They were using their pickup to haul them around, so we decided to wait. I took that long lovely shower. Ahhhh! By then the guys were gone. Rosie and I took another short hike. It was a lovely peaceful day.

When I tucked myself in I thought about the blessings and difficulties of each place I'd been, so far, this spray season: I remembered how chemically bludgeoned I was, and how tremendously grateful I felt that Morrow County let me go to the OHV park, even though it was closed. It had full service. Electricity for cooking and heating, sewer and water if I needed them. And it had space, lots and lots of space. With clean air. I was so grateful, and so relieved. It also had internet, at first. I chafed because the speed was so much slower than mine, but when it went out, I realized I had been blessed to have it at all. The cold was a difficulty, but I could handle that. Hand spun hand knit socks, gloves, sweater, hat, beats the heck out of commercial. As the weeks went by, and it got warmer, I realized I really needed to replace the A/C's breaker. It kept tripping. That was a difficulty because we'd overheat while waiting for an opportunity to get out and reset it. I had my mountain phone, and Ron made a point to call me twice a day. That was a blessing. As the work ramped up for the approaching opening, it became more difficult: more people, less space, more chemicals.

The blessings of E9 were that it was isolated, I had lots of space around me, once again. The air was gloriously clean. It was very beautiful and peaceful. I had unlimited regular cell phone! That was a surprise and a blessing. The difficulties were all from the fact that I was dry camping. No electricity (very cold nights), having to run the toxic generator, no immediate water. Though it was kind of fun to sneak over to D loop, at the crack of dawn, and fill up. :-) My sweater got contaminated, and thats making staying warm more difficult.

Here at Ansen-Wright, I have all the amenities and no one else is here, so lots of space. At least until Thursday, when they open. But I feel safe, and cared for and blessed. I don't have any outside communication, thats hard, but I'm looking forward to going home Saturday. I can deal with it for a few days.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I got a weird one for ya, I got a mosquito bite 2 days ago. It didn't itch or anything. I thought, cool! But this morning, when I woke up, it was itching like crazy, and swollen. Go figure! Oddly enough, I washed my hands with EDTA soap, and the itching went away. The swelling went down quite a bit. I just did it because I've been experiencing some numbness and tingling in my fingers again. I figured it was from the generator fumes, I was exposed to yesterday, closing the hatch and plugging into power. I thought that soap might help draw the chemicals out. 

I was hoping to do laundry today, but it looks like its going to rain. Oh well. Shrug. 

7:00 p.m.
It rained and snowed throughout the day. Rosie and I got out for a short walk. We stopped at the barbed wire gate. I didn't have enough strength left to wrestle it open again. I spent the day working on an "Emergency Medical Procedure" for Greg. He requested it. It took me a whole day because I needed to sort out what I should say, and what I shouldn't. I have some research to do when I get home, for safer substitutes.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The parks open today. Rosie and I got out so she could potty around 7:30 a.m. I've seen several campers heading up to the OHV. Its 11:00. So far no guests here. I'm a bit anxious. The suns out. :-) I don't know why that helps, but it does. 

3:00 p.m.
We went out on a long hike. More than an hour. I was pretty tired when we got back again, but it did help me relax. It felt like my ATP was low, so I took an extra. Then I had a really nice lunch; 2 cups of soup. I think I wasn't eating enough. I had cut back, when I was regurging a lot. I guess I better make sure I eat more. No other campers yet. Just spinning and watching movies.

Friday, May 8, 2015

A beautiful, crispy cold morning. Not quite frosty, but close. The sun is shining brightly, pushing its warm fingers in through the trees. We both slept well. Rosie dreamed dreams of romping with dogs, chasing critters and barking at the delivery man. Thats what she always dreams. It must be nice to be a dog. I had bizarro dreams that melted away as soon as I cracked open an eye. I wouldn't have woke up at all, except I had to pee. Rosie gave me a somewhat reproving look, I'm sure I must have I woke her up just as she was finally catching the delivery man. We went out for Rosie's potty around 6:30 a.m. 

I expect people to arrive today, it being Friday and all. Greg did say there are some reservations. I swept the floor, shook out the rugs and cleaned the air and heater filters. I wanted it done before anyone arrives and I can't get out safely. Even with drinking 4 cups of coffee, I finished before 8:00 a.m. - I'm not drinking it for the caffeine. The caffeine doesn't effect me. I'm drinking it for the methyl donors. Its part of my protocol. 

Now what will I do for the rest of the day? All I can think about is getting to go home tomorrow! I'm both excited and afraid. I'm afraid I'll be told someone else sprayed and I can't go home. I need to figure out something to do to get my mind off of it. It will be what it will be. I won't be able to change it. 

11:35 a.m.

O.k. That didn't work! I tried drawing with my new pencils. Toxic!!! I had some major reactions. I just spent 45 min taking things, zapping myself and frantically trying to mitigate the damage. That hurt! My pulse is strong, but irregular, 84/min. My left arm is killing me. I don't know what thats about.  I showered and changed clothes. I want to scream and cry. But whats the point. It won't help. Now, I'm afraid to do anything. I guess I'll go back to reading an e-book. 

In the middle of all that a camper arrived. 

12:11 p.m. second camper showed up.

2:35 p.m. camper number three. I'm glad for the county, that they're doing such good business. So far they should all be far enough away that 
Rosie and I can still get out...

3:10 p.m. Camper #4, that I can see anyway. And a cute little chipmunk is sitting right below our sofa window.

5:10 There was a big powwow. All the guys got together and BS'd around one of their pickups for a while. Made me think about how I've heard men demean women for "having a hen party" or gossiping. Looked like chickens gathering to me. Whats the difference? 

I watched a few kids pedaling bicycles madly around the park. There were several dogs off leash. That concerned me, because of flea and tick insecticides, but they all stayed far away. I hate having to worry about everything. I hate how every little thing is a threat. When everyone went in for dinner, I took Rosie out to potty. My lymphs are hurting again. I'm planning on getting up early and leaving first thing in the morning. The only thing we'll have to go out for is to unplug, and let Rosie potty. If I do it early enough, hopefully they'll all still be in bed. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I woke up at 4:30 with shards of glass raking my bladder. It wasn't light enough to break camp. I waited until 5:30 before getting up. I've got just about everything stowed and am making coffee. I don't know if I'll get to go home, but I've got to leave here. My teeth have been aching all night. I feel like I'm passing a kidney stone. I'm guessing the other guests used mosquito repellents around their campfire last night. I remember when I used to do that... They don't,  they can't, conceive of what its doing to me. I need some place where it doesn't happen.

I got home by 8:00 a.m. And began refitting my RV for the next escape.