Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cutsforth Again

Tuesday May 26, 2015

Pioneer intended to spray their GMO Liberty Link corn with Liberty (atrizine plus glufosinate) and glyphosate this morning. Since they start anytime from 6:00 a.m. On, I left by 5:30 a.m. It was a struggle to get it all put together on time. Oh, I got plenty of notice, but a different neighbor sprayed Sunday, and didn't tell me. Yesterday, two of my (full) glass gallon water jars had material fatigue. The bottoms cracked clean off and the water went everywhere. I wasn't even touching them! They were stored in the bin. It was a couple of hours after I'd cleaned up the first one that the second one went out. Then the air conditioner kept tripping the refrigerator breaker and I couldn't get the fridge and freezer cold to load. I was up late trying to finish the loading. @@ Am I cursed? 

On the positive side, I got 18 days home in a row.  I think thats a recod for the year. I got to watch Joey everyday last week, and Ron and I went and looked at property on Memorial Day. :-) Saturday I climbed up on the RV roof and found/patched some holes. It was leaking again. I figured out what to order to safely redo the whole roof myself. I'll order it when I get home again. 

I'm up at Cutsforth. Hopefully there won't be too much mosquito repellent this weekend. I did notice a large oil stain on the ground just under my RV when I was setting up. I can't smell anything coming from it. I'm spraying it with enzymes just to be safer, and have asked for a shovel to remove it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

7:23 a.m.

O.k. That did not go well. Sandy, the camp host, brought me a shovel and a garbage bag. The oil spill was about the size of a large pizza. I'd been thinking that a gallon freezer bag would do the job. A large leaf bag was very generous. I was thinking that if I stayed well back from it I'd be o.k.. You, know, not get my face close to it. Stay clear back on the end of the shovel... I even put on nitrile gloves. I kept spraying the oil with enzymes as I worked. My plan seemed to be working. When I got the oil stained gravel up I could see there was oil soaked dirt underneath. I could smell it just a little.  I couldn't leave it like that, so I sprayed it down good and dug it out and put it right into the bag. I kept spraying. The dark layer was about 1/2-1". I could see there was more dark oily dirt under the unstained gravel. I didn't know if it was some kind of pre gravel treatment or the spill had been larger, or seeped. I figured I'd quit there and let someone else deal with it. I went around the outskirts of the campsight and got shovelfuls of clean dirt and filled in the hole. I figured that would trap the VOCs. Then I scavenged gravel to cover the dirt. I carefully tied the bag, keeping the opening downwind and pointed away from me. Good so far. 

I'd ended up with a lot more contaminated dirt than I'd expected. There was about a 5 gallon bucket worth. I knew I couldn't pick up the bag; the dirt was too heavy. The bag would tear. But there was a box in one one the basement bins. I could open it out and roll the bag carefully onto it. Then I could drag the box away to the place that Sandy had asked me too, so she could pick it up. I laid the empty part of the bag out  on the box and began trying to coax it, by rolling the dirt inside, through the bag, a little at a time onto the box. They don't make bags the way they used to. It tore, spilling oily soil onto the ground, right in front of my face. Diesel fumes rolled up like flame searing the left side of my face. I stumbled backwards, then quickly grabbed the dirt up with my gloved hand as best I could, while keeping my face as far away as possible. I dropped the loose, reeking soil onto the box. I'd hit the "Oh Shit!!!" Wall, again. I quickly got in the RV, stripping off all my clothes, and stuffing them into a laundry bag. I only took the time to remove my cellphone and keys from the pockets before knotting it shut. I grabbed the dish soap (its designed to cut grease) and went immediately into the shower. I slathered dish soap everywhere, especially my face and hair. I rinsed thoroughly, generously using my precious, limited water supply. I'd deal with that later. I turned on the exhaust fan after the first round and collapsed onto the tub seat. I washed and rinsed 4 more times as I bawled, wailing my frustration, terror and grief. The burning on my face was less, but weakness, chest pain and difficulty breathing had already set in. For me heart attack and suffocation by diaphragm paralysis are the usual responses I have to diesel exposure. I dragged my uncoordinated body out of the shower, arms and legs feeling like wooden clubs. My mind was in a flat out panic. I could barely think of what to do. Thoughts collided in my brain like 6 frozen peas in a shaken jar. I struggled to focus, audibly talking myself through what I needed to do. First, get dry, put on some clothes. The thought popped into my consciousness to support my immune system. I got glutathione out of the fridge to warm. I took extra RNA drops, and arnica sublinguals for the climbing pain, and lymph congestion. My chest ached like a hatchet blade was buried in it. Shaking, I mixed up C, magnesium, Cellfood and lithium. I was hoping the lithium would calm my richocheting thoughts. I called Ron. He wanted me to tell him what to do. I could barely decide what I needed to do next. I couldn't think of anything that he could do. He wanted to "come help me." I told him what I was doing, and that when I got my shot done, I'd want Sandy to come unplug me.  There was no need for him to drop what he was doing. It would take him hours to get here and there wasn't anything more that he could do, that I wasn't already doing. I just needed to talk to him because I was afraid. I didn't say it out loud, but the PTSD from old exposures, is triggered by new exposures, and it can be just as debilitating as the physical traumas. I finished drinking my C mix while on the phone with Ron. I emptied the contents of 2 probiotic capsules into my mouth. The thought had popped up that "the gut is 70% of the immune system." I repeated to Ron that  I'd move after I finished doing everything I could to prevent full blown reactions. I'd call Sandy when I was ready. I'd call Ron back when I knew what I was going to do next, and where I was going. The phrase from childhood games of "monster" kept reverberating in my head, "run, run for your life." Only I was too weak to get myself out of there and to confused to drive. I took some ATP and K2 to give myself some energy to deal with everything. I'd been trying a Magnesium "oil" spray, and it had helped with burning skin following pesticide exposures. I got out the spray bottle and doused my skin, everywhere I could reach. It helped. Thats when I realized the diesel fumes had "burnt" my left eyeball, as well. I couldn't think of anything to do for that. I have some homeopathic eye drops somewhere, but I couldn't find them. Maybe they're at home. I got out my IV kit, instead.

What I'd taken was helping. Things were beginning to ease. I sat down next to the window to get good light for the stick. First I called Rosie up on the seat and into my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and cried into her fur, needing the solace that she brings me. She snuggled up, seeming to recognize how much I needed her. She licked my arms, neck, face and even my hair. She helped. It eased the shaking and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I was ready to do that IV. Thats when I found out that my veins had sucked into my arms and I couldn't see them. Normally they're prominent. I don't even use a tourniquet. I got a sock to use instead. The only thing I could see were the scars. I aimed at the scars on my right arm's inside elbow vein. I couldn't seem to get any blood to come up the tube. I tried 3 times. When I'd take out the needle, blood would come out. O.k., so maybe a bad needle? I switched to a new needle and the left arm. It took me several sticks to find the vein. When I did, I taped the needle down and began the procedure. Only the Magnesium oil made the tape not stick. As I began the injection, the tape unstuck and the needle came out! With both arm veins bleeding like sieves I decided to try the tiny vein on the back of my left hand. I stuck paper towels into my elbow joints and bent up my arms. I propped my feet up on the space heater and went after that tiny vein on the back of my hand. I got it in one try. It was a good stick. I taped it down. Relief! Oh crap, same problem. As I began injecting the tape gave way and the needle backed out. I hadn't put magnesium oil there, so I didn't think I was going to have the same problem. I ended up with a painful lump of glutathione injected into the soft tissue of the back of my hand. Well at least it would absorb slowly from there. Now what? I was running out of locations to try.

At this point Sandy showed up. Ron had called her. I weakly crawled into the front seat to talk to her through the closed window.  I must have looked a sight. I was holding my bloody syringe and injection needle in my hands, bloody paper towels sticking out from both elbow joints, face red and swollen, hair awry from my shower and Rosie's ministrations, weak and shaking... She didn't say anything about that. I had her unplug me. Then crawled back to finish my IV. I could see a vein further down my hand but it was too wiggly to make the stick. I tried. Another hole. I took off my Medic ID and tried that area. That vein is deeper, and harder to hit. Its also more painful. This time I used a really long piece of tape and put it clear around my wrist, figuring I'd stick the tape to the tape. That should alleviate the magnesium oil/tape coming loose problem. I couldn't get that vein, so I moved to where it went right across the wrist bone. I got it and anchored it, tape on tape. I finally got the glute in! That had to be one of the worst emergency self injections I've ever performed. 

At that point I just sat and cried softy. I took stock of my situation and realized my breathing was still labored, but better. It still felt like someone was sitting on my chest, and it was hard to draw breath. I focused on just breathing for awhile. Then I began the ordeal of putting my RV back together. You see, I'd torn everything apart to dry it out before I'd gone out to remove the oil stained gravel. Water from the roof leaks was under the cushions and the decking was delaminating. I'd discovered it when I'd first got here. The wall where it has run down (the inside) was squishy, too. Then there was the water in the storage compartment, from where the jars had broke. All of that was torn apart and airing out, besides all the stuff I usually set out when I make camp. It took me awhile, moving slowly, resting often, to get it all put back together. 

Finally, I had everything stowed, and drove off. I left the stack of leveling blocks, because with that open bag of diesel infused soil, sitting right next to them, it was too toxic to collect them. The first alternate camp sight I backed into was too short, or my RV was too long. My front wheels were still on the approach grade. I would have had to raise the rear duallies by six levels. I don't have enough leveling blocks; you have to build a pyramid for each tire. You're not supposed to raise more than 3 levels, anyway. The next sight down I needed to be facing the other way to back in. I carefully drove all the way down to the bottom of the hill to turn around.  Then slowly, cautiously back up. I could tell my brain was not working very well, so I was being extra careful. Now facing the right way, I backed right into it and only had to raise one set of duallies. It took every block I had left to raise them by 2 (someone remind me to get another set when I get home). The RV's still a little cock-eyed, but I've been worse.

Then I called Sandy to thank her for her help, and tell her where I moved to. I told her about my friend who always says, "stick a fork in me, I'm done!" I felt like pulledf pork. Sandy got the joke. :-} Then I called Ron, to tell him I was moved and improving. After that, I curled up and just tried to get through the rising tide of secondary symptoms.I fell asleep and then woke up at one point drowning in fluid in my lungs. I have that kind of asthma. I developed it after the Monitor exposure of '96. I'm sure it wasn't a lot, it doesn't take much to drown a person. It just kept coming. I coughed out liquid for probably an hour, fighting for breath the whole time. The fever and chills add to the misery. I was still weak and shakey and couldn't walk more than 30 ft. I discovered that when I took Rosie out to potty. The magnesium and arnica seemed to be keeping the lymph pain down to a tolerable level. I took more supplements and tried to eat something, to keep my strength up. So far the only thing I'd eaten had been yogurt with my vitamins and coffee. I guess the positive side was that I'd taken all those supplements and vitamins 30 minutes before going out to dig gravel. I'd at least had a "full tank." I laid around the rest of the day, battling through symptoms and "recovering." Too debilitated to even want to watch a DVD. 

I took my stats with a blood pressure cuff I'd got for my emergency kit. It said, "112/60 94/min" and showed green. It must be o.k. I realized I don't know what the numbers really mean. 

Later Ron called while driving home with Joey. He'd had a really suck-pill day. I apologized. He said it wasn't all my fault. He'd had issues with a co-worker and his boss. I felt guilty for putting him through all the stress, and figured if it hadn't been for me, he probably could have handled the co-worker better. The call left me feeling morose. At 7:30 p.m. I decided I'd have to watch something to take my mind off of my own issues. I made myself put in a DVD, and I worked on resizing a water jar cover. I crochet the water jars jackets so they don't clink together and break in transport. 

Rosie and I went to bed about 9:30 p.m.I had a surprisingly good night, with only a little choking, and coughing up water. I woke up this morning feeling extremely stiff, with the keen edge of that imaginary hatchet still feeling like it was buried in my chest. I also still had pretty bad lymph pain in my spine, arm pits and ribs. It was 7:30. I was still weak and couldn't manage more than 30' to take Rosie out. Its taken me until now, 10:30 a.m. To get that lymph pain knocked back down to tolerable. Again, the mag oil really helped. Interesting. I took my RNA supplements, the ATP and K2. I'm scraping up the energy to take the caps with yogurt. I spent 30 minutes zapping myself. 

5:14 p.m. I spent the day struggling through lymph kidney, ureter and bladder pain, fever and chills. Around 3:00 I realized I'd broke over the hump and that the episode was much shorter than I expected. I must be getting better. Thats a relief! I took my blood pressure again. 105/53 94/min todays was lower. I'm starving, but don't have energy to cook. I pulled something out of the freezer. I'll see if I can hold onto it. My major muscles are all sore.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

8:29 a.m.

I slept well. That is tremendously healing. I did wake up ay 5:50 with esophageal pain, it felt like regurge irritation, and acid reflux. I got up and drank some water; that took care of it. I went back to bed and slept in until the Poppa and Joey-boy call. 

During the course of the call I asked about my livestock. Ron wasn't going to tell me until I got back, but 3 lambs are dead. 2 left lying on the field, one gone completely. Ron says there's no sign of anything having gone under or through the fence. I'm wondering if maybe it went over? A large dog could do it. So could a cougar. One was sighted crossing the school yard, in town several years ago. Ron didn't even know if ours were killed during the day or the night. He didn't check the evening before he discovered them. Anyway, its horribly sad and there isn't anything I can currently do about it. Ron turned the llamas back in with them. He'd brought the ewes and lambs up to the field right by the house. He thought that would prevent predators. He also turned Lottie (mule) and Mariah (the mare) in with them. A mule can take out a cougar. Maybe I can get a survelliance cam now. I'm sure it will be back. 

Well, today I need to dump the grey water. I used a lot of water when I showered after the diesel exposure. It will be better if I do it today, rather than wait until the weekend with more people coming. That means I have to pack everything back up, since I'll have to drive to a dump station, down below. I'm not sure how easy getting out of this space is going to be. Its right on the curve and the road is narrow, with a steep drop off on one side and an embankment on the other. Its going to really put my RV driving skills to the test.  Mentally, I'm not sure if I've recovered enough. Plus, its a lot of physical work, breaking down, moving, setting back up. The actual dumping part's not that hard. I need to call Sandy, later, and find out which station might be the safest. I don't want to call her too early. I still feel guilty about making her get out of bed the first morning. :-/ 

10:30 a.m.

It turned out much easier than I thought! :-) I'm very pleased. When things go well, I feel like celebrating! I only had to back up once getting out of this spot. No one was in the section Sandy directed me to. It worked perfectly. I could even take my time and not worry about drive by exposures. Since it went so well I drove down the mountain to that property I saw the for sale sign on and copied down the number. I did have more difficulty getting back out of there. It took me 6 back ups to get turned around. They didn't really have a place for turning a 30' RV around. I called that realtor when I got set up back here. He wasn't in. I'll call him again later. I could see what looked like a yellow double wide back in there. I also called Ron and let him know the dump went o.k., so he wouldn't be worrying about me having another catastrophe.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The rest of yesterday was pretty much uneventful. I rested. I worked on the water jar sleeves. I did get hold of the realtor. He told me that property was only 3.5 acres. He's working on a list of other possible properties, and may take us to see the Long Creek ones. He seemed very nice. 

Oh, I didn't tell you about our trip to Long Creek to look at two properties. I made an appointment with a realtor down there. Ron arranged his schedule to go with me. Its a two hour drive from our house. The realtor didn't show. We waited at the meeting spot for 30 min. I called all 3 of his numbers, and left him a message. We even went into town and looked for him. We spent the rest of the day driving around looking at properties by our selves. We didn't go on the properties since they were posted "No Trespassing." But we were able to see where they were, and pick up a couple more possibilities. Since the realtor hasn't returned my call (like maybe there was an emergency), I'm getting a different realtor.

Thats pretty much the high points. I did make soup and put out the carrot and celery scraps for the chipmunks and squirrels. They weren't too interested. A small rock chuck, or a very large ground squirrel, showed up though. He was very interested and pretty cute! Only Rosie thought he was pretty cute and very exciting, too. She jumped up really fast and scared him away. 

8:12 a.m. Poppa and Joey-boy called. Joey was cranky. Poppa was planning on going fishing tomorrow and coming up here Sunday. The thought of fishing had him in a good mood. Then I reminded him that the park may need me to move back up to my usual spot, since they usually get an influx of guests on Fridays for the weekend. After the call Rosie and I went out and filled the fresh water tank. I pulled weeds and cleaned up downed branches into a kindling pile while it was filling. When I came back in I noticed I'm showing signs of porphyria. I'd thought I'd done pretty good as far as minimizing damage from that diesel exposure. The porphyria symptoms where a surprise. I haven't had them in a long, long time. And I haven't been out in the sun hardly at all. My urine was lavender. I guess I'm not eating enough sugar. I'd cut back, hoping to lose a little weight. Sigh. Talk about being between a rock and a fat place.

8:30 p.m.
I spent a very quiet day. I worked on another sleeve. I read a Frank Peretti novel. Another camper arrived. Nothing else exciting or noteworthy happened until 6:00 p.m. when a big thunderstorm came through. It was so close it made all the hair on my body stand up. I turned everything electrical off and we sat in the dark watching it until it was over. It poured. I worried about if I'd found all the leaks.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I slept in until 7:00 a.m. When we went out to potty I could smell someones soap and toothpaste. On the way back into the RV I smelled artificial blueberry pancake mix. I'm exuding thick, sticky snot out of my esophagus. SMH I can't help but think about the damage that its doing to their bodies that they're not connecting the dots.

Preliminary examination shows no dampness under the cab-over bed cushions. :-) I did find a little dampness in the bottom of the wall, under that window. I can't be sure its from last nights rain or something that I didn't notice before. I'm letting it air out and running the UV air purifier incase of mold spores. 

Outside, in the real world, the day started out bright and clean, but now the air appears hazy. I'm wondering if there's a fire from last nights storm?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yesterday was hot and muggy. I read another book and crocheted. It was 3:00 p.m. before I got the snot resolved. I started over with coffee after that. I never got my supplements taken. I didn't want to waste them. It rained again in the afternoon, hard. There was only a little, distant thunder.  After that an older guy, dressed in a T-shirt, bermuda shorts, socks and berkies, clomped down the hill, out of the woods. I wondered if maybe he'd hiked up the road in the morning (why I smelled the soap and toothpaste), and been lost in the woods all day. He was making a beeline for his trailer, cutting across several campsights. He certainly was not dressed for a day in the woods. He did look rather grumpy. 

I did have some soup, but it was late and I regurged, aspirated and choked all night. 

I'm cranky this morning. Rosie's so bored with being locked in here she refuses to pee when we go out. She spends her time sniffing instead. Not the kind where she's looking for a good spot, either. I give up after 10-15 minutes and we come back in. In an hour or so she'll insist she needs to go out again... Clever of her. I'm letting her know I'm displeased with her by not letting her up on the couch. It will be interesting to see if she gets it.

She got it! Next time I took her out she did her business right away. I made a big deal out if it and gave her a liver treat. 

My husband, and my daughter and family came up for 3 hrs. Of course it was right before and during the afternoon thunder storm! When it was directly overhead they took shelter in Ron's truck while Rosie and I sat in the cab of the RV and made faces at them. The trucks were nose to nose. Ron and Justin ended up taking 3 wheelbarrow loads of bad dirt and gravel, from 5 locations up at my regular spot. I'd also discovered this morning, that someone had apparently torn apart a chainsaw or some such thing on the picnic table in the spot I'd moved to. No wonder I kept smelling gas! It also explains why I felt weak and shaky every time I took the dog out. I took my VOC detector out and ran it around the sight. There were a lot of other spills, too. I'm trying to figure out how much of my problems were due to the old gas/oil, and how much was the other campers. The soap, etc, was definitely one of them. After all the trouble I had with other campers at OHV, I'm hesitant to rule them out. Which sucks because it really limits my safer places.  I treated the picnic table with enzymes and covered the stains with baking soda. Its much better now that my usual spot is cleaned up and we're back up here. :-) I've had the windows open and aired every thing out. I had Ron check my roof patch and the window that I was worried about, while he was here. He said they both looked fine. He also brought up a new 30 amp circuit breaker for the air conditioner. Did I mention that it kept tripping? Hopefully we'll be able to spend the rest of the week with no more exposures. :-)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ahhh, a good night's sleep! I slept in, clear until a quarter after 7:00. It was lovely. It certainly helped that the RV was finally level. I had used every block I had at the last spot, but it wasn't quite enough. So my head was "downhill" even with the extra pillows. Well, enough so that I "felt" like I was sleeping with my head downhill. Anyway, no puking last night! I got up and had my coffee and got it down, no snot! Yay!!! I'm taking vitamins, then we'll start laundry. :-) I'm feeling so much better. I'm trying to make myself take it easy, go slow. 

One of the other breakers tripped last night. The one with the refrigerator and the heater on it. I'm hoping its a fluke... Well, an old lady can hope anyway. I'll keep an eye on it.  I didn't get my call this morning, so I called. Joey stayed home with his daddy. Ron was driving the truck. It doesn't have handsfree cell phone. He needs to dispose of the dirt. I didn't tell him about the breaker tripping. He has enough on his plate. 

10:23 a.m.

I got the dirty laundry washed and spread out on a fir tree. I'm running the first of the items I was wearing when I tried to clean up the diesel. The rest are soaking in a bucket. Thats where they all started. I found my purple face mask! I'd thought I'd lost it. It was tucked deep in the pocket of the heavy shirt that's currently being washed. I'm drying it, then I'll bag it to wash at home. I think almost all the other campers have left. I watched the smelly soap guy pack up and leave this morning, while doing laundry. 


I may not get my toxed laundry clean enough to bring in the RV. The first piece is drying, but it still smells. I may have to leave it out there for a lot longer. Now I'm worried about cleaning out the wash machine. Time will tell. 

3:00 p.m.
When I finished the exposure clothes I filled both tubs of the wash machine and put in enzyme cleaner. Then I left it to sit for a couple of hours. It cleaned up real well.

I sprayed weeds with ag vinegar about 1:30. I didn't get it all done. I ran out. Already I can see the thistles are dying. The clover is dead. The grass and mullan are sickly but hanging on. I'll pull or put boiling water on the survivors tomorrow.

6:00 p.m.

Oh dear! The most horrid smell of sewer gas is permeating the RV! I was afraid a sewer pipe had broken or something. I tracked the source to under the bathroom sink. I found that the stack ends right under the counter with a cap that has VENT HOLES!!! Aaaaaaah! O.K. Filter clothe is going to cover that thing when I get home. For now I gave it a paper towel "hat." No wonder it takes me longer to recover from exposures when I can't open the windows. Sheesh! Thats disgusting. So, basically, its burping because my tanks are full. The gage says I have a third to go, but I'm thinking a bulb may be out. I'll empty in the morning. I have all the windows and vents open for now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


We slept all night with the vents open. I haven't slept with the windows open in 11 years. Not since the melon growers moved in. They like to spray in the middle of the night. It was lovely having all that fresh air. Of course the sunlight comes in with the fresh air, so no sleeping in. We got up and I did a little weeding, while Rosie did her business. We're waiting for our Poppa and Joey call before we head down to empty the tanks. 

9:53 a.m.

I'm feeling very proud of myself. Maybe that's not the right word, but I feel full of joy at how far I've come from just 5 years ago. I realized it as I rounded the back of the RV, to pull the awnings back down. From 7:30-9:00 I'd broken down, drove down to F9, dumped, cleaned up the equipment, stowed it all, driven back up, parked in a different spot so I could weed the spot under the RV, weeded, re-parked and set up, plugged in, swept the floors, shook out the rugs, weeded some more, fed the dog and put digester in the tanks, all before my morning coffee. Wow! I'm pinching myself! Of course I had to take a 10 minute rest in there, but still, its so much better than I used to be. 

Five years ago I had a dream, an idea, that maybe, just maybe, if I could find a not too toxic RV I could remodel it to non-toxic and leave my home when they sprayed. I hoped it would give me a chance to get better. At that time I was barely able to stand up for two minutes. I spent most days lying in my chair, unable to move much at all. Much of the time mentally impaired from the poisons they were applying. It took me the whole first year just to get the RV ready. I had to work in 5, then 10, then 15 minute increments, with hours of rest in between, and I was exhausted the whole time. My husband thought I couldn't do it. He figured it was another project that he would have to do, and a big waste of money. But I got it done. The first 2 years I took it out, I wasn't even able to dump my own waste water, Ron would do it and helped me set back up. Last year I started dumping while at Ansen-Wright. This year, I'm doing it all and weeding, a few days after exposures! I'm tons better. I realized it as I staggered around the back of the RV because I was tired. I realized I still wasn't as tired as I used to be all the time. I'm thrilled with my progress! It felt good to realize how far I'd come. 

11:22 a.m.

Showered. I love being clean. Thats the hardest part of living in the RV. I Don't get to shower every day. Sponge baths don't cut it. One of my favorite authors, Patrick F. McManus writes about a mountain man, "Rancid Crabtree" who doesn't bath because he wants a protective "crust" (he thinks it keeps the germs out).  Ick. If I don't shower everyday, I can feel that crust forming. When I have my property, I'll have water, electrical and sewer hook ups and will be able to shower everyday. :-) Its my next dream...

11:49 a.m.
 LOL I was taking my supplements and a snowshoe rabbit showed up. My did he wind up Rosie. His feet were still white, and so was his undercoat. We could see it because of the breeze. His top coat was brown. He was pretty cute.

7:00 p.m.

I spent the rest of the day weeding. We got all the thistles and mullen that I didn't get sprayed, pulled, from our sight and halfway to the next one. Then after I could feel I'd had enough I worked on my guitar lessons. I'd taught myself to play guitar as a teenager, but forgot everything when I was brain damaged. For many years there my skin was so delicate that pressing a string would cut it. I'm better enough that my skin isn't so fragile. I'm rebuilding those calluses as I relearn the notes and chords. I'm also trying to learn to play better than I did as a kid.

I decided to see if I could get soup down. Still having trouble with celery...

Wednesday June 3, 2015

I spent several hours regurging the bits from the soup. Mostly celery. But slept really good through most of the night. I did wakeup with detox at 4:00. But I went back to sleep and slept in until 7:13 a.m. Drinking coffee triggered more regurge, until I managed to clear the celery bits that were blocking my LES. I sure wish I could come up with the solution to getting that muscle to relax, so solid food will pass again! Oh how I long for pizza!, or nachos! 

We got our morning call. They're still in the truck so its hard to hear. I plan on weeding more today. After I finish the pot of coffee I'll try boiling a few more stubborn plants. Its raining so much, new ones keep coming up. 

6:52 p.m.

Rosie and I spent time in the morning and evening pulling thistles and mullan on the road and at P32. I put boiling water on several more weeds around this sight. I also spent lots of time resting and working on guitar. I made more soup. This time with broccoli, and no celery. Yum! We're spending our evening spinning and watching the Lord of the Rings. 

Friday, June 4, 2015

Oh was I naughty! I stayed up til 11:30 watching "The Return of the King." I wasn't even awake when we got the Joey-boy and Poppa call. They were calling early because Joey's daddy had to go into work early. Poppa took Joey for a fresh donut while waiting for daycare to open. Yum!  Rosie and I got up after the call. We've been out for her potty run (and my first weeding round). Now I'm waiting for my coffee to perc. 

1:00 p.m.

O.k., feeling like Snow White. I was working on my guitar playing, looked up and found a deer grazing and listening right outside the window...

4:00 p.m.

I smelled motor oil in the RV. I'd gotten up for something, and walked through the galley. I smelled it right there, near the ceiling. I thought maybe it was something I'd gotten on my gardening gloves. I'm keeping them in a rack over the door, across from the galley. I bagged them. That wasn't it. I open vents and kept trying to track it down. I suspected it might be coming from the A/C. I duct taped it closed. Its completely covered in strips, clear out past the edges. That was it. There must be a part that had oil in it that broke. I was thinking bearing, Ron suggested compressor. I'd been looking at heat exchangers, to replace that one with, so I'd have heat that was blown through the whole RV. I guess its time. I need to get it coming and do it when I do the roof. 

Friday, June 5, 2015


We slept in again. The phone woke us up. The night was windy and things hit the roof, waking us several times. It is a clear, calm and beautiful morning. I often wonder why I get out of bed at all. I mean really, it seems so pointless sometimes. I get up, get dressed, do my hair and go sit on the sofa. Many of you would think, "Just stay in your pajamas." But I can't. Even before TI I couldn't stay in my pj.s. Now that I'm TI, I don't even sit on my bed with my day clothes on. I can't run the risk of cross contamination. Likewise, I don't sit on the sofa or dinette benches in my pj.s. However, many days, like today, I feel like getting up and dressed is pointless. No one comes to see me. Why should I care if my hair's messy? But I do. So here I sit, halfway through my lonely coffee protocol with the long solitary day stretching out before me. Sigh.

12:06 p.m.

I gave Sandy, the camp host, a call about an hour ago. I was wondering if it would be better to dump the black and grey today or if it would still be safe tomorrow. Turns out I'm already too late. People are scattered all over the park (and in the loop I usually dump at), with 6 more coming in today. Its Fishing Derby weekend.  I'll have to find some place else to dump the septic. I filled the drinking water jars and the fresh water tank. At least that will be ready to go. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Broke camp at 7:00 a.m. Headed home.

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