Saturday, October 10, 2015

Inching Forward

Its been four and a half weeks and I'm still dragging. I've had 3 Meyer's cocktail drips and given myself weekly glute IVs. I'm still way to fragile. I'm frustrated with myself and my weakness. I decided I was going to do something. I picked the thing that required the least creative thought. I chose 'replacing the RV awnings.' It took me more than a month to figure out the right replacement fabric and get it here. I sealed them when they arrived. I can't remember if that was 1 or 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I had Ron round up the tools that I would need from his shop: The rivet gun, some rivets, the cordless drill, its charged battery and an 1/8" bit, some cotter pins. I collected my tools and parts: the awnings, the new straps, duct tape (aka the third hand), electrical tape, a file, vice grips, screw driver, box cutter, notes from watching utube videos, a hammer, punch, chisel and a 1/4" box wrench. He's gone hunting.

I started the first one (there are 2) at about 11:00. It was a bright sunny day in the 70°s. I discovered I was very porphyric and couldn't be in the sun for more than a few minutes before I was naseous and overheating. I moved as much of the project into the shade as possible. Every 5 minutes I spent in the sun, required 15 of exhausted rest. It took me an hour and a half to get that first one done. I staggered back into the house, jumped in the shower then ate several spoonfuls of honey. I washed the clothes I was wearing. The old vinyl had been deteriorating, so I they were probably covered in it. I figured I'd try to do that second one in the evening. It was around 3:30 when I realized that a nice cloud cover had come in. I threw my coveralls in the dryer and waited anxiously for them to get dry. I got back out for the second one around 4:00, and finished in 30 minutes. That was including clean up! I was still pretty wiped out. After tossing my clothes back in the washer, and taking another shower I made eggnog. Now I'm resting. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I got them done. Sigh. One more thing off my list. I have a headache. I hope I don"5 pay for this tomorrow...

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