Thursday, December 3, 2015

It Was a Wonderful Thanksgiving

I haven't got to say that in years! We had a lovely time, and I didn't even get sick! Yay!!!!!! I was even able to get some of the food in, including Turkey! Yum! I feel really blessed! 😍

I'm recovering from a sick day (yesterday). I'm not certain what caused it. It could be some of the freezer bags we seal the mail in were leaking. It could be because I forgot to block the down draft on the stove after cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. It could have been something Rosie got on her fur. Or all of the above... I addressed all those, plus a few more possibilities. Sigh. Slowly crawling back out of the pit. I feel better today than yesterday, but my head is killing me.

Today my FB feed had posts that several of the groups I support are suing Monsanto for crimes against humanity. Excellent! Wish I could testify.

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