Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Next Chapter

Just when I think it can't get any worse, surprise! Adding to my overwhelming list of symptoms and disabilities was not in my plans. Only, I don't appear to have much control over it. It's ironic that so many people have complained that I (and those like me) am trying to control them. My whole life is controlled by the decisions of others. Mostly by the choices they make to make money. I feel like an unwilling sacrifice on the alter of their god, Mammon.

On November 6th we finally got the new IP provider. Google had bought out our old provider and closed them down. Our only option left was to get a dish on the house, and a new provider. We waited to the very last day. The new system put out way too much elctro-smog. I hadn't had ElectoMagnetic Field sensitivities in a very long time. Years ago I'd experienced some, but they were pretty minor. By the first week of December I was grossly afflicted. Nausea, salivating, dizziness, staggering, massive headaches, collapsing. It resolved a bunch when I turned off the wifi.

The net result was that I couldn't be on the internet. I took off most of December and got on the last week only to shut down The Holistic Chatterbox. No use having a website that I can't monitor. The only original person who remain active was Patty (God bless her). And I started The Chatterbox for that group of friends. Since I couldn't even get on anymore, or do much research, I closed it.

I was getting 20,000 visitors a day. Only one person donated this year. God bless her, too. One of the other things that bothered me was after I'd post up a bunch of research other sites would produce an article about the same subject. They never bothered to give the Box credit for collecting the material. Maybe thats peevish...? But if I wasn't getting paid, and they weren't making donations, the least they could do was give us a nod. Ah, too much to ask for.

I've spent a few minutes each day trying to find out info on EMF. Its harder when You can't be on line. I did have a lovely friend that suffers from it. She helped me refine my search before logging on. I learned about a few gadgets that can help EMFS sufferers deal with the problems. I still have to limit my online time. I purchased a blue wave length screen filter for my monitor and shielded my tower. I directly wired my internet, via ethernet cable, to my computer. No wifi. Its better. I'm clawing my way back out of that hole. I also purchased an RF detector. The two next biggest polluters are the cordless phone system and the microwave. Switching the house back to corded phones. I have a 'dumb cell phone.' It doesn't contribute to electro-smog. I haven't checked my husbands 'smart phone' yet... I was terribly worried about my RV. I run it all on electricity. If I lost that capability I'd be up Shit creek without a paddle. But when I checked it, It was pretty clean. The IR heater only showed a problem when right next to it. My air filter also had a small field. I can turn it off when I'm in that room. I didn't check the microwave in there. I have it stripped for the winter, so nothing in there to use as a test. Its a convection/micro, so I just won't run it on microwave.

So that's where I am. fighting forward. it feels like into the teeth of a gale...