Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trying Something Different

Thursday May 19, 2016

5:50 a.m.
I'm up. Everything's ready but the coffee and unhooking. It will be a 5 hour drive, so I figured I better have my coffee. 

7:48 p.m.
We arrived about 1:30 p.m. I stopped to meet with my husband, for supplies and waste water disposal, when I got down to I-84. I topped my tank at my favorite accommodating station and stopped again at a rest stop outside of La Grande. Just to be on the safe side I stopped for gas in Baker City, too. Their pumps were down. They could only sell gas if you payed inside with cash. I "phoned a friend." Actually I phoned my father-in-law. He ran right over with a couple of $20s. I only needed one. That guy is still at the top of my heroes list. I took my time driving as the winds were blowing 20 mph, with gusts above that. It took me longer, but it was safer. If I drive at or above 60mph, the wind can (and has) actually pick up my RV and deposit it in the other lane. Not all the way of course but enough to cause an accident. I'm all for avoiding that! Since I skipped breakfast I set my RV up quickly. It wasn't really level.  Once I got some soup in me, I added a few more blocks to my stacks. I spent the entire afternoon on the phone catching up with friends! I have regular cell service here. I am in much better spirits! The spot I picked is last on the loop and upwind of everybody. Hopefully, I won't smell people. More people have come in since I got here. The forecast is for storms and rain, maybe there won't be too big a crowd.  I'll pay for 2 days at a time, incase it doesn't work out so good. We've been out for Rosie to do her business and not had any trouble. 😀 So far, so good. We're ready to see what tomorrow brings. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

8:22 a.m.
I was up in the night with pain so I slept in. I don't think I ate enough sugar yesterday to keep up with my porphyria. I'm feeling the effects of all that exertion.  I'm certainly dragging.. 

Rosie is loving this spot. Her dinette seat window allows her to monitor everything that goes on on our loop. During my first cuppa she gave the alarm. I got up and peered up the road. A dump truck hauling a hoe. O' no! There are survey stakes in the hook-up right behind me! We watched, they didn't stop! Yay!!!! They drove past us to the end of the loop and turned left, back t'ward the picnic tables and boat launch. Pretty soon a flat bed with 3 dirty barrels strapped on the back came by. I wasn't worried this time. They followed the same path as the truck and hoe. I finished my second cup of coffee when Rosie signaled more movement. My nearest neighbors were leaving. Busy morning.  

I'm planning on resting most of today. Even after 2 cups, I still feel draggy. I just don't bounce like I used to. Even though there's more traffic, I feel better because I'm not cut off from communications. Four months of mostly solitary confinement is torture. I appreciate that Greg checked on me at Ansen-Wright by radio when he was going by. But it was so very brief. I appreciate that Ron was checking on me by the prepaid mountain phone at Cutsforth, but it too, by necessity, was brief. I used a few of those precious minutes to call some family occasionally, when I couldn't stand it anymore. That too was rare and brief. The isolation, combined with Sandy's discrimination and slanderous accusations really crushed my spirit. Being able to call people has revived me. My wilderness property will absolutely have to have cell phone accesses.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

8:33 a.m.
My weekend neighbors, that arrived yesterday afternoon, have been blessedly non-smelly! Even the people nearest me aren't stinky. Rosie and I have been able to go out without harm. I still make sure there's no traffic on the road and no dogs or people, but its working out real well. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yesterday was pretty mundane: Knitting, reading. Today was the same. Ron did come with supplies and to do waters. He was pulling his boat and met his parents and brother at the boat launch. They spent several hours fishing. He and his brother stopped by on there way out to visit for just a few minutes.

Monday, May 23, 2016

It started well. Ron called on his way to work as I was opening the window to pull down the awning. The wind shifted as I was closing it and blew in across my nearest neighbors. The man was outside with one of his dogs. After my phone call with Ron I went back to reading Foxes' Book of Martyrs. It wasn't long before I realized I was feeling ill. The whole thing turned very bad very quickly after that. I tried taking a bunch of the caps that I had inside, but what I really needed was a shot. I couldn't risk going out to get one, without knowing what got me and if it was still there! I was having fever and chills so bad I was cramping. I cranked up the heaters to try to get warm. Eventually I was able to make some herbal teas to help clean my blood of 'whatever it was.' I kept taking caps. Finally I slept. When I woke up it was to realize that I now had both peristalsis and symptoms of endocrine system disruptors. I reasoned that the neighbors must have used an insecticide on themselves or their dog. I didn't know if it was on their camp chairs and still present or not. 

I called the camp manager to see if there was a different spot where I could move to. She told me she would drive around and look and to call her back in 45 minutes. When I did, she said there wasn't one. This campground has a lot of spots! They only had 12-18 campers in the whole camp! I asked her how long my neighbors were going to stay. I thought that maybe if they were going to leave the next day, I could wait it out. She said she didn't look at the post. I knew it would be on her computer... But I didn't let on that I knew she was lying by inference. I asked her if someone could come help me unhook so I could go to a safer area and get out and get my IV. She said she'd ask the camp hosts. It took hours to get an answer from her. Her final answer was, "No. We won't help you. It would be a liability issue." She'd put me off, while I was fighting for my life, and refused to help me for hours! Ron called his 80 year old father, who drove up, with my mother-in-law, to unplug me, so I could drive down to the boat ramp and get out to get my shot. I got a lecture from my anxious and frustrated husband over letting her draw it out that long. He said I should have known she was going to say no from the start. 

It took me 30-40 minutes to recover enough, after my shot, to decide what to do. I couldn't see getting plugged back into that spot; we still wouldn't be able to get out. So I decided to try to drive home. I was still feeling awful. I'd just have to do it in small steps, with lots of rests. Thats what I did. It took about an hour and a half from the shot, before all the fever and chills abated. Mostly after that it was pain. I troweled on arnica balm, and took some sublinguals. I made it 3/4s of the way home and then stopped at Deadman Pass for a nap. I made it home by midnight. Its still toxic here, but less than up at Union Creek Campground.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another major crash. I don't know why. I gave myself the shot. I made eggnog.  I did scalding showers and sauna. I called and got an appointment to see Dr. Smith as soon as I could get there. Called Ron to come take me. I got the Meyer's cocktail. He tried several other things on me. Doing blood and urine tests tomorrow. Still hurt all over. Weak and exhausted. He didn't seem to listen to Ron or I about the exposures. He wants to try some new protocol he learned about. Homeopathy. At this point I'm going to let him. I insisted on blood and urine lab work. I went home exhausted and in less pain. I didn't do much the rest of the day.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I took my test kit down to the Interpath lab. The nurse was a little annoyed with me at first. I required her to come out to the car to draw my blood through the window. After she got my information and took the kit inside to prep the draw her attitude got better. She must have read my chart. When she came back out she looked astonished. She asked, "What happened to you?!" I gave her an extremely edited version.  

By the time I got that finished and got back home, I was exhausted. I rested the rest of the day.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Ron had promised to babysit Joey and Toby as the regular sitter wanted a 5 day weekend. Mostly he slept on the couch. He's so tired that when he sits down, he falls asleep. I watched the boys. Toby was scared, at first, because he didn't know me. We got to know each other and we all had a great time. I'd forgotten how constant the needs of babies are. My mother-in-law has pretty much spoiled him. Thats what my daughter and son-in-law have been saying. I see what they mean. If I turned my back to get some water for Toby's cereal, he started fussing! O' my! Joey mostly played with his toys himself. I gave him my full attention when Toby went down for naps. I was pretty tired afterward. I loved my time with the boys.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I was going to rest today, so I'd be ready to watch Toby on Tuesday, only Ron volunteered me to watch them to our daughter. Instead of taking his word for it, she called me to verify. She was concerned I'd be too tired. I told her I was too tired for 2, but I thought I could take one for a couple of hours. I got Joey. Little 3 year olds do not like being drug around shoe shopping with their mother. We made eggnog. Joey got to separate the eggs! He was very excited. He called to Ron as Ron was gathering supplies to work on my RV refrigerator, "Look Poppa! I do the eggs!" He did too. He didn't spill or drop them or anything. I'd given him a small glass with the separator tool on it.  I'd pour the egg in, he'd jiggle it around and tap it until the white was all slipped off. Then he'd pour it into the pan. I had him put in the scoops of sugar, too. I tried to let him stir, but that was too boring for a Joey-boy. He got down from his step stool and ran around for a few minutes. When the eggnog was done, he helped me put everything away. Then we had lovely cups of warm eggnog.  He was full of energy today. We were playing in his room when Ron came into ask me some questions. While I was distracted Joey started jumping on the bed. It actually has bowed wooden slats not springs, so I don't allow jumping on it. I had to get after him. I could tell he knew darn well he wasn't supposed to be doing it too. I ended the conversation by taking him into the living room, pulling all the couch cushions off onto the floor, and telling him to ask if he wants to jump on the furniture, and I'd tell him which furniture he could jump on. I pointed to the cushions lined up on against the couch. "You can jump on that" I said. He grinned and threw himself into the game with all his excess energy. After several minutes of bouncing on the cushions, he stopped and pointed to the deck of the couch, 

"Can I Jump there, Nama?" He asked. I was very pleased that he'd learn the lesson so quickly.

"Sure. I don't mind if you jump there Sweetie." I answered. Its an old couch. It won't hurt anything. He was thrilled and exuberantly ricocheted all around the couch and cushions. It helped him to burn off all that extra energy he had.  

He did seem to be a little whiney and fussy whenever he'd hurt himself. I think he must be getting a cold. He did have boogers. When he'd get a bonk and start crying I did the traditional grandma's, "Aww, come here. Let me kiss it better." He'd come over I'd hug him and kiss it and I'd check it out, to make sure it wasn't serious. If he kept crying or whining that tired fussy cry I'd say, "I think it must need some extra special Grandma kisses!" Then I'd kiss it and flurbert (raspberry) it several times until he was laughing and trying to get away. Then I'd say, "Are you sure it feels all better?" I'd squint an eye at the alleged owie. "It looks like it needs more to me!" And I'd make a general motion to recapture the victim, uh, er patient. He'd make sure he was out of range before assuring me it was fine now. LOL I had a great time.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016
I'm still tired. I'm not getting much sleep at night. I'm either regurging or choking up snot. I'm going to have to try washing my bedding. Maybe it got dusty... I vacuumed the floors and dusted when I first got home, but I didn't do anything with the bedding. Its the only thing I can think of. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

6:10 a.m.
The wash machine quit working yesterday. It wouldn't drain. My bedding is still in a pile on the floor. I slept in a chair, and got more sleep than I have since I've been home. 

I was so exhausted and sick I didn't have the strength to fix the washer. I tried. The error code said it was a drain pump problem. I checked the exhaust hose. I even pulled it off and washed it out. I tried running the washer on drain and spin with the hose hanging t'ward the floor, over a bucket. Didn't help. By that time I'd spent everything I had. When Ron came in he pulled the washer out of the closet and took off the rear access panel. I held things, or fetched tools. We worked our way through the drain system. We cleaned everything up to the drain pump. Its located in the front of the washer and we were going to have to take off the entire housing to reach it. We were trying everything else first. During one test run, one of the hoses we'd removed and cleaned came off and flooded the back room. Luckily Ron caught it quickly. It was actually a fortuitous thing. It flushed out the drain pump, as well as giving me an opportunity to mop the floor. A pea sized ball of lint came out. After Ron put the hose back on securely, the washer started draining again. 

Our daughter and her family came over for dinner, so laundry activities ceased. I started the company towels and clothes first thing this morning. Hopefully, I'll get to my bedding today. 

6:31 a.m.
Ron just called me out to check out his progress on installing my new RV refrigerator. He worked most of Saturday morning and quiet a bit yesterday pulling the old one, then cleaning and modifying the cabinet. This one doesn't use LP. Its AC/DC. It didn't need the flu. It does circulate air around the back and then back out into the interior of the coach. That made for some complications. The existing cabinet was open at the back to the flu and to the outside through the access panel. Lots of outside air. He asked me how I wanted it sealed. We considered sealing it behind the grill trim and continuing to use the flu, or sealing off the flu and access panel We consulted over the options and chose sealing the flu and access panel. That meant the interior of the cabinet, where the air was circulating had to be sealed with AFM sealers, so that it was non toxic. It was a lot of work. So right after he took Rosie out, he went out and slid the refrigerator into the prepared cabinet space. Its looking pretty good. It slid in perfectly. He hadn't plugged it into 120v power or hooked up the DC (12 volt), so he slid it back out. He had been outgassing the unit while I was gone. I took a test sniff of the fridge interior and the cabinet space while I was out there. Pretty good! 

I'd notice that gasoline smell came back the day after I returned again. I can't smell it today, but my lymphs hurt when I went out to check Ron's progress. 

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