Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Last Friday a likely looking property came up on Zillow. I sent in the email that I was interested. They didn't contact me back until the next day. Then 3 different people contacted me! Not a realtor, just support staff. We wanted to get right on it and see it right away. It never happened. The realator Zillow sent me to never contacted me. The listing realtor John Knipe didn't even have the keys! It took until Tuesday to wrench this info out of them... I harrangued the support staff, but by then 3 people were ahead of me! Get this, Michael Hoffman doesn't show houses on evenings and weekends! What kind of a realtor doesn't work when most people are able to see houses? Zillow randomly sent me to Keller Williams and, apparently, they didn't get much cooperation from Knipe realty either. Lots of people wanted to see it, but no one could until today,  Wednesday. I found out that the house on the property is not permitted. The sellers are listing it "as is." In other words, they don't want to solve the problem, they'll let the new owner deal with it. I read the ordinance on permit violations. The fees, fines and county reimbursement will run thousands, and they can make them remove the house! What good is buying a property for an amount that includes the dwelling and barn, where the house could be removed? Since I didn't get a fair shake from the Umatilla County Commissioners before, and due to my disability, the court system either,  I'm choosing to avoid this mess. Its too bad that the house is not permitted. It would have worked. Oh yeh, the "contract sellers" (including realtors) that were aware of the violation, that participated in the sale, can be fined also. Its the new 2016 ordinance. I'm guessing Umatilla County is tightening up the loop holes on permit violators. Ron says its the same for Morrow County.