Monday, March 13, 2017

And so It Begins for 2017

I've returned to exile today. I'm sitting comfortably at Hot Lake RV park in the Grand Ronde valley. Farming hasn't started yet in this mountain plane. I have electric, but not water or sewer. Thats o.k. I'm good for at least 5 days. Maybe by then the snow will have melted out of my usual places and I can go there. I'll have to meet up with my husband to get groceries anyway. 

I am tremendously grateful for all the help I had getting ready. It has been toxic all winter so I wasn't able to do my own loading of perishables and clothes. I got pretty sick after doing the preliminary stuff a couple of weeks ago. My hubby went in for double hernia surgery Thursday. It turned out that there were 5. He's staying with our daughter and son-in-law until he finishes outgassing the toxins. He's barely moving and isn't supposed to be lifting anything. My son-in-law, Justin, came to the rescue. He came over yesterday afternoon with Hubby. I'd urged Hubby to stay at the kid's but he insisted on coming. Justin showered and put on safe clothes, then ferried all my stuff out to the RV. It was a couple of hours worth of work. They'd stopped and got groceries (the reason Hubby felt he HAD to come, so Justin would know which brands to get), it took additional time to transfer those to safe packaging, then out to the RV fridge. We made Hubby sit on a bench in the sun and grouchily twiddle his thumbs. He doesn't like being helpless. Anyway, I had only a few items to transfer this morning. 

Hubby had talked to all the near farming neighbors earlier this month. The melon farmer was going to fertilize tomorrow or Thursday. I was getting out ahead of schedule. Heideman said he wasn't doing anything in the field across the road until the last week of the month. He showed up this morning and started discing the gmo cornstalks. SMH treachery or stupidity? 

Rosie and I ran out to the RV cloaked in a sheet, clutching our last bundle of things, as soon as we talked to the caretakers at a couple of possible locations. Until that point I wasn't sure where we were going. Then I set about organizing. I'd just had Justin put stuff in general locations, rather than try to put it all away. It took me 40 minutes to get it all ship shape. I brought along my last two plants. My husband forgets to water them when I'm gone. I was down to one. I got one for Christmas. They are a bit difficult to transport, but its their best bet if I want them to survive. They rode in the shower. Hubby,  came over and unplugged us, fixed a few last things like banging on the stair retractor (it gets stuck) and positioning the mirrors. He also discovered a backup light was out. It improved his mood that he was "still helpful," though it made me cringe to watch him try to walk and do stuff. It looked so horribly painful.

The weather report said today would be a good travel day. Wind 3mph, occasional showers. They guessed wrong on the wind. Luckily it didn't get to really blowing until the last few miles of our journey. The only other problem we had on the trip was that the kitchen cupboard kept coming open. I'd pull off the road and close it. I finally noticed that it was cracked. I duct taped it shut. That temporarily solved the problem. When I get rested I'll root around in the tool bin and see if I have some glue. It will give me a project to work on. 

And there it is: the beginning of this year's exile. The air is cleaner here, I'm beginning to feel better already.

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