Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I've Relocated

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The snow melted off up at OHV. I'm parked up here with power and sewer. The water is on down the hill, in front of the activity building. Cell reception in my RV is limited to only a small area in the cab over. You can guess how I located it. Heh, heh. The park's internet is on, but the passwords must have changed. I can get those tomorrow. I have the window open and am getting fresh air. Chilly fresh air, but that's  what sweaters are for. It was a long trip. I left just before 7:00 a.m.. I made good time getting over the pass and back to the valley. Ron met me near my favorite gas station for supplies and news.  The trip from there wasn't too bad, though we passed 4 spray rigs. Three huge ones and an ATV with a spray tank. No wind though. Which is why they were all spraying. There wasn't but one other car going the same direction as we were. Not many even on the road. I finally got set back up around 1:10 p.m.. 

This past week "wasn't anything to write home about." Literally. We sat in our RV, safe and warm and went out to potty (Rosie) twice a day. Our only visitors were a pair of Greater Canadian Geese. I surfed the net and posted inflammatory (to people that don't like facts) things on FB and youtube. Not trolling but sick of misinformation and craziness. Before I left home I was able to get another 6 lingerie bags of fiber washed and carded. I spun and dyed 2 skeins. So while I was listening to youtube videos I finished my blanket (for those of you that haven't already seen my FB post/pic). Here's a pic.

Rosie is continuing her slow recovery. She's put a healthy amount of weight on. Her feet are still tender. We won't be able to walk much. Her breathe and body wind has stopped stinking. Her ears still get crusty. It may take 6 months for those to heal. Hopefully being up here will benefit both of us... My ears have been itchy and crusty, too. 

Thats it. 

March 24, 2017

Our week at OHV started out well. Nothing happening, safe and warm. Then Monday afternoon when I took Rosie out I smelled campfire smoke and heard gun fire. Lots. There were single shots, deep and loud, echoing off the mountain tops: Large caliber rifle. There were bursts of shots, 3 or 4 together: Semi automatic handgun.  Target practicers. I'm thinking they were 1/4-1/2 mile away. As I stepped out from behind the RV I was able to determine that they originated SW of me. The campfire smoke was coming from the same direction. Later in the evening I started having lymphadenopathy symptoms. Morning came and they were pretty painful. I took Rosie out again, and my symptoms escalated from there. My spine also became swollen and a blister formed and burst in my esophagus. I didn't smell anything when I was outside but there was obviously something getting me. I had to do emergency shots, shiatsu, acupuncture and herbal teas to knock it all down to a manageable level. After that I made sure to masked up to go out. I figured that the shooters had spray painted a target and it would dissipate in a few days. We mostly stayed in during the rest of the week, again only going out twice a day. I worked on spinning. The weather was cold, snowy, sleeting or pouring rain. Then yesterday (Thursday) afternoon the sun came out and the temp was in the upper 60°s. When I took Rosie out to potty in the late afternoon my tongue felt weird and it was hard to breathe. It wasn't long before my tongue began to swell. Yes, I had still masked up! My tongue more than doubled in size and I spent the night choking on floods of exudate from my lungs, sinuses, mucus tissue and throat; assumption: Glyphosate. This morning I got up and called the Park's office, as soon as they opened, asking to move to Anson-Wright.

It was snowing hard, so I figured I'd be able to unhook myself without significant additional damage. The cold temps would keep the chemical from volatizing. We drove to the gate, where I had to get out to unlock it. Then again to close it after we passed through. I was still feeling pretty sick but there wasn't another vehicle on the road, so I drove slowly. By the time we were halfway down to Anson-Wright the snow storm had turned to pouring rain. I did the gate thing. I noticed water shooting off all 4 gutter spouts on my RV. There weren't any trucks or equipment in the yard. I was pleased. I could hear a high pitched noise. It sounded like an alarm. When I got to our usual spot and tried to plug us in, I found there was no power. I thought maybe I just needed to go to the main panel and throw a breaker. So Rosie and I walked down the hill. 

The nearer we got to the breaker boxes, the louder the alarm was. It was coming from the "Main Control Panel." It was labeled that, so I assumed it was. I examined the panel. It had a white diode light that was lit and the alarm was so loud that it physically hurt my ears. I had neglected to bring my glasses. I couldn't tell what was going on with the latch. I didn't really want to mess with something I wasn't sure about. It appeared locked with a combination lock. I decided to see if I could call the office from the camp host's office. Greg had told me the gate key worked in that door. We went back to the RV and drove over there. I was so sick and tired I didn't want to use up my limited resources by walking clear over there. My key worked but the office was too stinky for me. As soon as I opened the door, the stench of LP rushed out. I backed up as far as I was able and swung the door shut. On our way back to our spot we stopped at the breaker boxes. I took my glasses and did a better examination. It wasn't really locked. It was partially latched. The latch was complicated.  I got it open. The alarm was deafening. There was a toggle switch that said, "auto, stop, man." It was set to auto. I tried each of the other positions. No change. The alarm kept on shrilly screaming. I checked all of the breakers, none were tripped. There were a lot of spider webs, bits of leaves and dead bugs. I used the plastic boat whistle on my key chain to clean them out. I wiggled them and pushed them to the top. I didn't want to wreck anything incase I wasn't even in the right box, so I didn't reset them. There didn't appear to be much more that I could try. The other panels were locked. I decided I should at least report it to the main office. I figured I'd be boondocking until Monday (the county guys work 4-10s), or maybe Ron could fix it when he came up with supplies. We drove back out the gate and up the mountain until I got a cell signal, and reported the problems. We returned to Anson-Wright. Doing the gate all these times was exhausting. I set up a few things and sat on the sofa in the dark. I only had one window shade open to conserve heat. I just sat and thought. Presently it occurred to me that maybe this was only this leg that didn't have power. I hate it when my brain is foggy. Maybe I could move to one of the other legs and have power, and heat. I decided the easiest way to find out was to take a small electrical appliance out and plug in to the 110 circuits. I rested a bit more before attempting that. The easiest thing I had to use was my coffee grinder. Just to be thorough I decided to start with the one at my spot. I was stunned to find out it worked! Well shoot! So maybe the 30 amp had a bad connection or the circuit was bad. Maybe it had spider webs or gunk.Before I did anything else I needed to check it again. I plugged it in and this time treated it a bit more roughly, incase there was debris fouling the connection. That happens sometimes. Who knows? It worked! I was a bit stunned. I was also relieved and feeling blessed. Then I realized that the alarm was still screaming and wondered if it would be safe to use? The responsible thing would be drive back up the mountain and ask about that, and also tell them so no one made a special trip to fix the power, just in case. Ugh! I really didn't want to do the gate thing again, but I need to be considerate of others. I unplugged us. Back Rosie and I went, inside. I packed everything up again. We drove down and did the gate thing, And repeated our trip up the mountain. I told myself, "Its not like I had anything else to do all day." Kirsti confirmed that Greg would not have come until Monday. She also let me know that Greg said it was safe to run the power and not to worry about the alarm. Well, that's  good. And back down the mountain we went. I was dreading the gate thing. I encouraged myself by pointing out to me that it was just one more time, then I could rest. Only when we got here, it was wide open. I was sure I'd locked it. I drove in. There was a white truck in front of the rest rooms. I thought maybe a County employee who was putting some overtime, had to go to the bathroom.  I continued up the hill to our spot. Turned off the ignition and waited. Sure enough he drove up to our spot to confront me.

I would have done the same, so I wasn't offended. He began with, "The park is closed." I grinned in response and told him, "I know it is. I have permission." I explained a little, giving my contacts' names. He told me he was actually there doing rodent control. I let him read my doctor's letter. He told me he understood completely, he used to be an applicator. We talked about pesticides and what he was using. We discussed VOCs and toxicity. We talked about detox and pesticide poison recovery. We ended up having a great conversation. He told me that he usually just locks trespassers in that come in behind him without permission, and refuse to leave, and sends the sheriff to deal with them. He asked if I had a key and did I want him to lock the gate behind himself? I showed mine to him, and said, "Yes please." We exchanged names. He took off to finish his route. 

After he left and his fumes dissipated, I went out and plugged us back in. I turned on the fridge and the heat, then took Rosie for another walk. It was nice to be able to wander around safely again. Then we came back inside so I can rest. And here we are.

Saturday March 25, 2017

Ron brought supplies today. He figured out how to shut off the alarm. I read the rest of the day.

Sunday March 26, 2017

I read some more. Having trouble keeping food down again. I think it was stuff resolving out of Ron from his operation. I brushed Rose out. She still has lots of dandruff. Her eyes and ears continue to discharge. I played Wii. Frustrated day.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I woke up chilling and hurting all over. I can't say for sure what it was. I was recharging a battery and smelled battery chemicals last night. It could of been that. I did smell weird petroleum based fumes when I took Rosie out last night. Could have been that. I did smell the same fumes or solvent again this morning. Its been a very sick, painful, long, day. Greg did check in. They are pulling the pump at OHV. It will be down for 2-3 days. 

Tuesday March 28, 2017

I'm feeling better this morning. I still have a headache but the rest is better. I set my internal alarm for 6:00 a.m. so I could take Rosie out before the traffic started. It was still dark so we waited until 6:30 a.m.. 

Rosie's cycle is finally starting to taper off. That will be a relief. The smell is terrible when you're as sensitive as I am. 

This is the first time I've knowingly let my fresh water get this low. We're operating in the red. I'm trying to not let it stress me. I have no idea how many days I can get by "on the red." I haven't taken a shower or washed my hair since I left home. I've just been doing a "sink bath." Something I remember doing when I was little and we lived in a log cabin in the woods in Colorado. It was on a dam project my father was engineering. Surprisingly my hair and scalp are less "dirty" after all this time than after one day at home. Its gotten so bad there that my scalp is constantly extruding toxic gunk. I'd love a shower. I just haven't got the access to water to enjoy that luxury. I was going to do it at OHV, but the chemical problems nixed that... They won't be turning the water on here for a while yet.

Thursday March 30, 2017

I changed my truck's diapers yesterday. I told you about that last time right? The firewall between the engine and the cab leaks. Last year we thought the water was from the leak in the roof. We fixed that and some flashing leaks. We still kept getting water on the driver's side floor. So this winter, before his operation Ron cut the carpet and padding out (they were ruined), and went looking for the leaks. He sealed a few more things, but hasn't stopped it yet. The pieces he cut out he replaced. If it rains I pull them up and put disposable diapers on the areas were the water runs down, to soak up the water. The diapers last for several rainy days. The leaks aren't very big at this point, just big enough to ruin the carpet again if we don't do anything. It poured last night, so I checked them again this morning. They're a little used, but still have some capacity left. In order to find the leaks we'll probably have to disassemble the dashboard. Thats another thing, like rebuilding the cab-over, that has to wait until we have a safe space. In the meantime, diapers.

This afternoon I plan on driving back up the mountain to schedule with Ron for water and supplies. It may be more convenient for him to come tomorrow rather than Saturday. He can choose. We'll meet in Lexington. He'll get the gas station there to fill my fuel tank. 

Greg just radio'd me and let me know they'll have the pump installed and working this afternoon at OHV. I still can't get out there until the glyphosate dissipates. 

Friday March 31, 2017

We did drive up to OHV to make phone calls yesterday. There was an empty flat bed trailer in the turn-out across the hi-way from the back gate. I'm guessing it was used to haul a piece of equipment for the road project the county is working on. What ever was on it was most likely the source for the petroleum/solvent smell that was bothering me earlier in the week. 

I passed Greg, driving down the mountain, as I was driving up. He did turn around and follow me back up to make sure that I was o.k.. We had a nice chat. I called Ron and arranged to meet him on Saturday in Lexington. He said things were pretty quiet there. He did tell me my step-mother, Debby, called and my dad was getting weaker, and "feeling despondent." She'd tried me, but since she couldn't get me, she called Ron.

I called my dad. He sounded a lot weaker. He could only talk for a few minutes. I try not to cry while I'm talking to him. He won't be with us for much longer and the knowledge breaks my heart. Once he's gone, thats it. There won't be any "meet you in the sweet bye and bye." He is an avowed agnostic. He believes there is a God, but he's basically shaken his fist at Him in defiance, the major of his adult life. We've had horrific fights over it. As far as he's concerned my faith is my biggest failing. He's always been intolerant of failure in his kids. When he detected something that he perceived a failing he verbally, unrelentingly, harangued us until we "corrected the problem." He was like a terrier after a rat. And like the terrier, he enjoyed the sport. He thought he could verbally beat Christianity right out of me. We fought over it for years. He would get quite irrational and abusive. I had to set very firm boundaries about it. If he couldn't be civil, we couldn't talk. Eventually he learned to respect my boundaries. Now I'd like to bring salvation up but I'm afraid he'll revert to form and give himself a stroke. So I just continue to pray that he'll repent before its too late. I know he knows the message. He was raised as a Catholic, and even taught CCD, before he turned his back on God. We certainly covered the message enough times. I hope that by my continued presence that he is reminded of Christ's love and forgiveness is still waiting for him. That is the best I can hope for for him. Even though he was a difficult father to grow up with, he's still the only father I have. I will miss him when he's gone.

7:07 p.m.
The sun came out today. I opened up every window, ceiling vent and door and dried it out in here. I dried windows and stripped the bedding and aired my mattress. I even opened the rear basement bin doors and aired that out as well. While waiting for things to dry out I plied yarn and took Rosie for walks. We ran completely out of tank water today. I'm piling up dirty dishes in the sink. I also dumped the black and grey water. I'm beat. 

Saturday April 1, 2017

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. And couldn't get back to sleep. I gave up after an hour. Too many anxious thoughts. 

I separated batts into sliver and watched movies until 9:00a.m. It looked like rain so I took a roll of Duct tape up on the roof and inspected for leaks on the rear window. It hasn't been dry long enough to calk and the duct tape might slow down the leaking. I found that the window seal needs replacing. That will mean taking it out, cleaning the surfaces and reinstalling with new adhesive. Thats going to have to wit until I'm in a safe location. The worst parts were the top corners and edges. I couldn't reach them from the top or bottom, but someone had left an unsplit piece of log by the fire pit for sitting on. I rolled it over and used it as a step stool to reach from below. I tore some thin strips of duct tape and applied them starting at the lowest point and worked my way up the sides, lapping them like shingles. I did the top of the window by hanging over the edge of the roof. Then I inspected the rest of the the back. All five top running lights' lens are severely cracked. That may be my most likely source of leakage. I put some thin strips of duct tap over the top edge of those as well. I need to place an order for those. I'd left Rosie inside, since she can't be off lead. She was letting me know she was not o.k. with it. 

7:35 p.m.
I'm waiting for my leftovers to cool so I can put them in the fridge. 

Rosie and I drove down to Lexington and met Ron for water, supplies and fuel at noon. He's wearing real pants for the first time since his operation! Big milestone! He's going to get the running light covers for me. I got the data from him to start the taxes. He didn't have much news from the kids. When Rosie and I returned I put larger pieces of tape on the light covers. It looked like it might rain again. After Rosie's walk I started on the taxes. The sooner I finish the sooner I can go look at properties. Around 5:00 p.m. I took a break and made our suppers. I made sweet potatoes for us both. I mashed mine. I added a few to Rosie's lightly scrambled eggs. While Rosie's was cooling I took her out again. She's definitely feeling better. She was actually prancing on our walk again. Its been awhile. I'm experimenting with balancing her PUFAs and CLA fats. I was doing some reading in Steve Brown's "The Canine Ancestral Diet" that said they get used up really fast when an animal is stressed. She was certainly stressed over that kale poisoning. Too few, or too many, can cause a number of problems, including skin issues. And apparently the oil needs to be matched to the protein source. Eggs are pretty complete but I added a tsp of coconut oil tonight. I've been alternating that with olive oil. Since I've started supplementing them her over all body odor has improved. Her nose is finally getting moist again, too. After dinner I went back to the taxes. I'm done for the night and I'm turning in early

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