Friday, April 28, 2017

Life Goes On

Wednesday April 12, 2017

Ugh! Reactions from the exposures! Its supposed to be a rest and recovery day. Thats exactly what I'm going to do. 

Friday April 14, 2017

The deer returned to the camp today. There was a herd of 7. One very large buck, too early for antlers, some yearling fawns and a couple of does. Rosie spotted them creeping along just under the brow of the hill below us. We just happened to have the window wide open so I'm sure they got a very good smell of us. They were tentative, so I'm thinking this was their first visit back. Last year they were so accustomed to us that they'd graze the grass patch right outside the RV window. Rosie remembered to be very still and quiet. I did have to mop up the drool after they left. 

I didn't write yesterday, there wasn't anything to say that you haven't already heard. Trials with reactions and going up the hill to call in supplies. I did hear from Ron that my kids, grandkids and Ron's parents are coming for a visit Sunday, for Easter. I'd waited to share that until it was confirmed. My son is planning on moving back to Texas, my daughter-in-law's home state. She misses it. That will mean he won't get back to visit us any time soon. He may not get a chance to see his grandparents again. They are in their 80's. As it is they can't drive and Ron is going to get them and bring them back to my daughter's for an Easter dinner on Saturday. Ryan will take them home before he and his family go back to the valley. Ron would do it both ways if he could, but he still can't travel very far, or very much, with his surgeries. His doctor told him the type of mesh they put in takes longer to heal, but is supposed to be more flexible and stronger.  He's struggling with being a sicky. I told him, "That's o.k.. I still hate being a sicky." 

When I think of them all having a wonderful sit-down family celebration without me, it breaks my heart! I'm grateful that they are at least coming for a visit and up to see me too. But being left out of family celebrations, no matter how logical, practical, or rational it is, it still hurts. I'll never get over it. 

Saturday April 15, 2017

Its a beautiful morning. Almost a cloudless sky. Just a few right where the sun comes up to reflect back the golden hues. There's still frost on the grass down below. 

I busied myself yesterday searching out leaks. I got fresh chemical burns after going up to OHV to call Ron Thursday. I don't know what it was. I haven't spoken to Greg in a couple of weeks. Stuffs getting in somehow and I need to find out where. I opened the cab doors, dried out the windows and with the aid of my flashlight peered up under the dash. It appears as though a good portion of the firewall is damp. The seam must be leaking under the cowling. I figured that perhaps a wee bit more duct tape might be in order under there (you remember Ron put some in before I left home right?). For those of you that don't take apart cars, a cowling is the plastic "shield" between the hood and the windshield. I did have to figure out how to remove the windshield wiper before I could get the cowling off. That was something I've never done before. It was tricksy. Ron had done a pretty good job with the duct tape, however there was one spot where he'd taped a piece of gasket he'd glued that bent the gasket up so it didn't seal. I loosened that tape. Then I applied more tape making the gasket wider there. In another area I built a "channel" to direct the water over some seams and to an area where it could run harmlessly out underneath. I hope that works. Its the best I could do. I'll have to see about ordering some new gaskets. Since it hailed off and on all day I wasn't able to leave the doors open to dry it out in there.

Following that little chore I decided I'd check the wadding I'd put around all the places where tubes and wires penetrate, in case it had come loose. There were a couple. I re-stuffed them all and duct taped them for good measure. Then I duct taped around the access panel, in the bedroom, that goes under the shower. It always looked tight, but why not? I have three colors of duct tape: brown, white, and a blue/white floral. I used white around the panel since the walls are white. Maybe that will cut down on the gas fume problem. I figure there was probably some calking around the plumbing fixtures under the shower or the toilet, that got knocked out when the tires blew last year that I can't fix until I can tear the whole thing apart. Which I can't do until I have a safe space and can take everything out of here before I open that up. In the mean time I can mitigate the problem, from the inside, as much as possible. When I went up to OHV I logged on to the internet and ordered some plastic cutting mats. I intend to use one as a barrier under the stove. You see, there is ducting that goes from the LP heater, which I can't use, under the stove, through the wall between the kitchen and bathroom, under the toilet and shower. I'm guessing there's a T under there. What I want to do is unhook the ducting from the heater, and the T. I'll remove that section. I'll put baggies over both the heater connection and the T, and duct tape them on. That will keep any residual VOCs contained until I can remove the heater and the rest of the ducting. Then I'll use the plastic cutting sheet to cover the hole in the wall under the stove. I'll duct tape it in place. That will complete my measures to contain any fumes from the generator, that are getting up under the shower and toilet, until I can safely tear up the bathroom. I intended to do this last winter but it was so toxic that I couldn't get out of the house. I need to get it done before I start boondocking again. 

After I did all that mucking about I spent the rest of the day spinning. I watched a couple of movies and then listened to praise music to fill the silence. Praise music makes me cry. It reminds me of better times. I contemplated Job who said to his wife when she recommended he "...curse God and die," 

"You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?" Its in Chapter 2, verse 10. 

I relate a lot to Job. Not his purity. I can not claim that. It is by God's grace and gift of salvation, only,  that I will be allowed into heaven. But I relate to his struggles, anguish and pain. 3:24-26 says it succinctly, 

"For sighing comes to me instead of food; my groans pour out like water. What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me. I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, but only turmoil."

And this line from 9:27

"If I say, I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile, I still dread all my sufferings."

And this, 13:15 

"Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him."

So many lines that I find I can relate to. Job keeps me from despairing. The modern church is rife with the deceit of the Prosperity Doctrine, just like Job's friends argued to him. Job shows us that it is false to believe that only blessings and prosperity come to believers. People of faith do have trials and troubles for what ever reason God chooses. "...Should we accept good from God and not troubles?" Like Job, I have no clue as to why I was not spared this. It grieves me, but I continue to hope in God.

Last night when I took Rosie out I got sick in my stomach. Later when I got ready for bed I discovered my gums were bleeding. This morning after going out, my teeth hurt. Someone applied something. Its not close. Probably a mile. The assault does not end. Its getting harder to believe that I can find a safe place. It will be by God's grace and provision only.

I couldn't do anything about it last night. I thought about it. I debated, but I would have thrown it all up. This morning I did cod liver oil and astaxanthin, vitamin C, coconut oil and iodine. Cod liver oil and astaxanthin are brutal to throw up in the night. They go into my sinuses and lungs. They burn. I'm also oil pulling with coconut oil. I gave Rosie a big teaspoon full of coconut oil, too. She loves it. She starts drooling as soon as I open the jar. She got cod liver oil and astaxanthin with her breakfast. I hope the toxins are gone by tomorrow. 

Sunday April 16, 2017

Happy Resurrection Day! Rosie and I are groomed. The house is cleaned. We've unlocked the gate. It is less toxic outside than it was yesterday, so far. I hope no one decides to spray today. Yesterday there were more bad chemicals but I think they were from ATVers that were on the Flat just up the road. I saw a parade of them leave and when I took Rosie out about an hour later, it was much better. It is amazing how far "everyday chemicals" travel and how toxic they really are. 

We have an hour and a half, give or take, before our company arrives. I've played out various scenarios in my mind about how it will go, but I have no idea what the reality will be. The grandkids will be great. Everyone else will have their own "stuff." I think they will all be tired from the effort it took to get here. Ron will have worn himself out to make it all happen. As you know he's still recovering from his surgery. Ryan and his family have traveled a long way. Especially Ryan, who had a 5 hr drive to get home from his job sight, before collecting his family and driving to our house. My daughter-in-law is undoubtably anxious because she wants them to move back to Texas and she knows we don't want that. My father-in-law is finally recovering from septicemia and having a knee replacement, replacement surgery. My mother-in-law is usually only happy when its all about her. It could have been a terrific day for her yesterday, it may not have been enough attention... My daughter is pregnant. My son-in-law may have kidney stones. They all had a really big supper and family day yesterday. Like I said, I imagine they are all tired and there will be "stuff." Normally I get so delighted to see people and distracted that I forget to tell them how much I appreciate their coming. I'm trying to remember to remember to do that. I think it will help them to know their efforts are appreciated. 

4:48 p.m.
They have gone home. I had a great time playing with my grandkids. I had chosen an outfit that I would shuck into a sealed bag when we were done, so I could hug them all while they were here. Then I'd shower and put on my regular clothes. I did remember to thank them all for coming. No one seemed to have anything that weighed on them. Ron was worn out, but seemed to be o.k. with it. He took it easy while everyone ate and played. My daughter is having a girl! Thats very big news. No one had any new info on job interviews. I told my son, his wife and their oldest child (7 yrs) that I was very pleased for them going back to Texas, but sad for me. I know they are excited. I did tell my son to look for jobs around La Grande. He made a sort of positive comment, but I think he was just humoring me. 😕 I had a good time playing with the kids. I ran to greet them all and swung them around. My eldest grandchild, Mia, was trying not to get fragrance on me and hanging back, but I told her about my disposable clothes plan. So, she got her hugs too. I got my youngest grandchild from my father-in-law and hugged and kissed him. He was a little out of it. Later, he woke up a bit more. Then he was excited to see me and wanted me to hold him and play with him. The bigger boys were a bit fussy because of lack of sleep/naps. That happens on family weekends. I sent Joey to time out rock because he was whining. When he was in better control of himself I had him follow some directions before he could get out. You know, like jump up and down 3 times, turn around... That kind of thing. It reinforces following directions and they get positive feed back for doing the skill. Gabriel wanted to be sent to time out rock, too. Mia joined in. We made a game of it and everybody got to laughing. Later my son, Ryan, got out a small soccer ball to play with the kids. Ron was giving me my supplies, so I couldn't play. When we finished I went down and joined the soccer game. Since the "big boys" are 4, its not like its anything close to a real game. I mostly yelled "Not with your hands!" "Use your feet." And tried to demonstrate what they were supposed to be doing. We all had a good time with it, and they started to catch on. Everybody had their dogs, so there was that cacophony added to the scramble. Mostly I had Rosie stay in the RV. She gets excited and knocks the little ones over in her enthusiasm. Plus her lead could clothesline some little person or trip up an old one. My son had his dogs stay in their truck much of the time too. They get vaccinated and treated for fleas so they can't get near me. My daughter's 6 month old beagle got drug around on the leash by the kids, and vice versa, a lot. My father-in-law seemed to be in much better health. I'm glad. My son-in-law was in good spirits, other than he'd had trouble with a dog attack on his route on Friday. My mother-in-law, I'm not sure. She started out pretty good. But by the end of the visit I'd somehow managed to piss her off. Maybe I didn't give her enough attention. Maybe the kids gave me too much. I just noticed there was no warmth in her expression when I said goodbye. Nothin'. I thanked her again for making the effort to come. Hmm, maybe it was because I made some pro-Trump comments. She hates him. We got there because she asked me what I did up here and said it was too bad I couldn't read books. I told her I do read books on my ipad but I've already read everything I have, more than once. I mentioned my two latest books, "Hillary's America," by Dinesh D'Souza and "The Making of a President," by Roger Stone. Apparently she hates Stone too. Who knows?! Anyway, it was a very good visit in every other way.

I'd started heating the water for my shower when I noticed people packing up. Thats when I said my goodbyes and went in for my shower. Ron dumped the black and grey for me afterwards. Then he, and everyone in his car, went up to OHV with me to fill my fresh water. 

I called my Dad while Ron took care of the water. He was asleep and had been a bit disoriented the last couple of days. His wife did not think it would be a good idea to wake him. I talked to her to find out how he was doing. I suggested some things that might help his memory. Things I'd noticed with Rosie, like balancing the fatty acids. She thought those things might work. 

Then I drove back down, and pulled into my spot. Ron plugged me in and they left. After the fumes dissipated Rosie and I went out for her walk. We were back on our routine. 

Monday April 17, 2017

I definitely have kidney and bladder damage from yesterday. My pee is the color of strong tea and tinged with fresh blood. It hurts, but I've had worse. I'm doing o.k. with getting in liquids still. That's good. 

It poured all night. Hopefully the air is cleaner. I'll check the leaks when its a little lighter out. I got up at 5:30 a.m., and raised the blinds. We watched the light of the sun blossom as it was climbing up the back side of the mountain and the mist billowing and rising off the creek as the air warmed, spilling out through the tree tops. It was cool. The sun finally topped the peak at 7:15 a.m. 

I did get those cutting mats I ordered. I'm waiting to begin that project until all the state and county workers who drive big diesel trucks finish commuting. I want to have the door open when I do it, so any fumes in there will roll out the door. Petroleum fumes are heavier, so they tend to roll along the ground/floor and seek the lowest spot. I'm also on the look out for Greg. He's got to be showing up here to get Anson-Wright ready for the season sometime in the next two weeks. Could be anytime now. If its sooner rather than later, I might be able to do laundry and shower more regularly. Wouldn't that be heavenly! 

8:53 a.m.
Well, it wasn't as straight forward as I expected. There were bundles of wire and plumbing that came through there. I'd forgotten about them. I had to cut the mat to go around them. Some were too close to the floor to get duct tape around them to seal them tightly. I could feel the air passing through so I knew I needed to block it. I finally figured out that small plastic bags with a little air in them would work. I shoved them in the spaces underneath and applied a solid, intricate mass of duct tape over the whole thing. I used about a half a roll. GFETE. I'll tidy it up when I take out the stove. Hopefully that will solve my problem for now. I also discovered that there was no T. There was a separate tube for every vent outlet. I pulled them from the heating unit, duct taped those outlets, and collapsed the vent tubes (looks like dryer vent hose) and shoved it back through the wall into the space under the toilet/shower. I did remove the connecting hardware. I stowed those in the rear basement bin. It was a thoroughly dirty job. I cleaned up as best I could, but I trashed another shirt. I surely need that laundry day! 

Its later. I got to thinking about the three tubes I shoved into the space under the toilet. I realized I only knew where 2 of them went. I had no idea where the little one came out at or what it is for. I got to wondering if it was for exhaust from the LP furnace or even air intake. Either way it most likely came out someplace that might be exposed to fumes. I certainly wasn't going to take apart what I just did to retrieve it. I could however remove the vent cover in the bathroom, under the toilet, and access it from there. Which is what I did. I rounded up a clean garbage bag from one of the basement bins and after removing the cover pulled the tube that was connected to it directly into the garbage bag. I was trying to keep the filth to a minimum. It worked pretty good. Then I reached in through the hole and pulled out that small third tube. I put a baggie over the open end and duct taped it. Then I stuffed it back in the hole and reinstalled the sealed vent cover. I had gone out and inspected the basement bins to see if I could see where it came out but couldn't find it. The only bin I didn't inspect that it could have exited in was the generator bin. Too toxic. Maybe that was where the fumes were coming from? The connection at the furnace was loose. It may have been a conduit for stink. I'll find out more when we fire up the generator next. I'm tired now.

The rest of the day I spent making sliver and spinning. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I started plying at 6:30 p.m., last night. I worked until 10:00 p.m., then went to bed. It was a rough night and I am dragging. I heard it start to rain at 5:00 a.m. It was still raining hard when we  got up before 7:00 a.m.. I intend to finish my plying, then take stock of everything I will need later, for Ron's list. I'll have to estimate what I will use once I find out what Roger's schedule is. And when I will be leaving. Today is the day I plan to call him and see if there are properties to look at. I'm hoping I can go look at stuff on Thursday. Once I get up to OHV I will have to patiently run property searches. I figure it will take some time since the internet is so slow. Once I have some suggestions, then I can make that call. After that, I can call my Dad, and Peggy and Julia. 

3:15 p.m
Ugh! I don't get to look at properties until Monday. Bummer, bummer! Roger is worried about getting my RV up to that property. So I'm waiting until its "safe" at home. We'll pull into the driveway. Rosie and I will download maps, plug into power and change vehicles. Then we'll head out to look at properties to the east. 

Its still raining here. Cold and damp. Fits my mood. 

Wednesday April 19, 2017

Rained hard most of yesterday, last night and this morning. It was very damp in here. I hunted down all the condensation I could find, dried everything I could dry, aired out everything as soon as the rain let up. The cabover might be leaking again. It could be condensate, I'm monitoring it again.

I heard from Greg today. He asked me what wildlife I'd seen in the park? Then he told me that there's a wolf that has been spotted several times on the property just across the highway from the park. He said thats why the deer haven't been around. I have not seen any wolf tracks here at the park. 

The park won't be opening until the 11th due to the cold weather. The water won't be turned on for 2 weeks, also because of the cold weather - freezing pipe possibilities. He said I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted. I did tell him about the property I was going to go look at. He was quiet after I told him it was in a different county. I wondered if he was concerned about Ron moving away?

At 5:00 p.m. I drove down to Heppner and met with Ron to get my prescriptions. I didn't get back until almost 9:00 p.m.. Full dark. Ron did tell me his mother was very angry that I did not return down the mountain with them. He heard about it all the way home. When he got home and found out we'd forgot my meds, he heard about that too. Ryan and Justin took his folks back to Baker and they heard about it the whole trip. She's called Ron every night this week, so far, and complained about it. I told him he could call her tonight, on his way home and tell her I now have my meds. That should make her a little bit happier.

Thursday April 20, 2017

On a good note, the cab was much drier this morning. It rained, lightly, around 5:00 a.m. There doesn't appear to have been much leakage in that spot. Overhead its cloudy; to the south, I see blue sky. 

I'm feeding Rosie cooked carrots along with her raw 2013 venison and balanced fats. She was quite excited about it. Apparently she loves canned carrots. Who knew? 

12:00 p.m.
Its been another morning of airing it out and home fixit projects. Did I tell you I fell against one of my box valances and broke it a week or so ago? Well, I did. So this morning I removed it from the wall; a lengthy process, as everything in an RV is securely attached. I fixed it and added a couple more screws at thr weak point, to make it stronger. Next it was a bath day for both of us. I managed not to get as much water on the floor this time when I did Rosie. After I rested from that I tackled that leak coming around the a/c. I surmise that I just needed to tighten the mounting bolts. Its the disassembling the covers, etc., thats been daunting me. Plus I didn't want to take the cover off and spill a load of gunky water on myself... It wasn't too bad. The bolts are hex head, and require a socket wrench. I got a lovely full set from my daughter this last Christmas, specifically for my RV. I keep them in the rear basement bin, so I've been waiting for a weather appropriate day to dig them out. I have an 11mm driver in here, for my spinning wheel, but these bolt heads were smaller. I selected 3 possibles: a 10 mm, a 3/8ths and some others weird one a pinch bigger ?/32nds. The 10mm did the trick. I tightened it up. When its warm enough to calk and I do the rest of the stuff, I'll take off the outside cover and calk around the housing base. 

I have a couple more projects to work on. I had Ron bring me all the parts to put in another electrical run. After I rest, that will be the next one I'll start. 

Friday April 21, 2017

I changed my mind. I was too tired. So instead I did the other project. When I dug that small vent tube out in the bathroom I got some really stiff reactions. It occurred to me that there could be even more seams that fumes could get out of. I'd used up so much brown duct tape (the cover over the plumbing, that also houses the wiring and ducting, is brown) I had to ask Ron to bring me more. I wanted to give all the seams a thorough taping. I did that instead. I slept last night with out coughing. Of course. It also did not rain. I'm guessing both things helped. I have clear skies. If it stays clear for a couple of days I should be able to calk. That will take care of that problem.

A dog pee'd on my tire last night! I've never seen a loose dog up here.  Of course if a dog pee'd on my tires any other night, they were too wet for me to notice because of the weather. It was finally a clear night so the rest of the tire was dry. The dog pee was still wet. Or, maybe it was a wolf? So, is that pee-mail to Rosie or territory marking?

Saturday April 22, 2017

I decided to seal the bottom edge of the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom yesterday. I stuck a piece of tape over the plug-in too. Its on the same breaker as all the other receptacles, so it won't work to plug my heater in there. My air purifier is aleady plugged into one of the outlets. I noticed the tape on the vent cover was starting to come off, so I removed it. There was quite the draft coming down the vent tube. I retaped it shut as quickly as possible. Reactions for the rest of the day. I read and rested instead of starting the new plug-in project. 

Sunday April 23, 2017

I read most of yesterday. I did begin the plug-in project. I started cutting the whole in the paneling, from the inside of the closet. I did look to be sure the wiring would not interfere with the future tambour doors I intend to also add. That shouldn't be a problem. The problem that stopped my forward progress was that when I cut out the rectangle for the box I discovered that there is an inch between the closet wall and the bedroom wall. I assumed, since all the framing for the closet is exposed that they were the same panel. I need a different kind of wiring box. A nail-in one won't. Nail in, that is. There are ones with flanges that screw in. They might work better. I should try one of those. If not there's always duct tape...

We didn't go out much since there was a lot of traffic on the highway. I did vacuum the ceiling for cobwebs. In the afternoon I cooked a sweet potato for Rosie and I to share. The books I was reading kept talking about food. It made me hungry for something savory. 

This morning Rosie appears to have gotten more pee-mail. I wondered if my getting up at 5:30 a.m. yesterday interrupted the delivery? I slept in this morning until almost 7:00 a.m.(no coughing, regurging or choking 😄). If the depositor is feral, any noise or movement inside the RV would make him cautious about approaching. If it were someone around here's dog, I doubt he'd be so cautious. My suspicions are its either a feral dog, or the wolf. A lone wolf spreading into new territory would be looking for a mate. If there are no available female wolves, he'd court a bitch. A feral dog may or may not be intact. I don't think a neutered male would be leaving calling cards, or hanging around. I doubt we'll see him before we leave tomorrow. I guess we'll never know for sure.

I did see some deer again this morning. There were 2 that passed by just up the hill, 50 ft from us. Rosie was quite excited.

Monday April 24, 2017

6:00 a.m. Leaving and heading NE to another part of the Blue Mountains to look at property. Its a 4 hr drive.

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