Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Into the Wind and the Wilderness

Into the Wind and the Wilderness

Friday, May 12, 2017

5:53 a.m.

Its snowing here. I arrived yesterday afternoon amidst a driving rain. Shortly thereafter it became a dense swirling fog. The fog lifted in the evening. We woke up to this.

 We are boondocking. At 4:45 a.m. it was 48°F. I started the generator and the heater. Its up to 57°F.

Yesterday was a day of frustration. I left Anson-Wright early and spent hours at OHV trying to use the internet and make phone calls to arrange a place to go, and arrange gas. I finally left there at noon, still without a place. I thought I had gas arranged but their system rejected my card when entered manually. Its not a process they're familiar with, so I'm thinking it was "operator error." She tried hard. I can't fault her for that. I finally got a message from Roger just before I left cell service area. The Listing agent had a counter suggestion for my offer to sign a waiver. He wanted me to make, and sign, an offer To buy the place BEFORE I had a chance to see the property, then he'd let me stay for two weeks. I said "No." Oh, he said I could put a contingency on it that if it didn't work for my disability then it was void, but that wouldn't hold up in a court of law that doesn't recognize my disability because they're prejudice. Been down that road. 

When I first arrived I went out to open the binge door for the generator. I got a face full of gas fumes. I was instantly sick.

Ron showed up with mountain phone minutes. He didn't want me up here with no way to call for help. He stayed for an hour. It was nice to visit. We walked to keep warm while he told me the news. He told me: Ryan and his family are stopping by on their way back to Texas, He got the job offer, It was a substantial raise, They move in two weeks. They're very excited (Ron and I are heartbroken), Justin's parents are coming in July, I have 12 new lambs now (Ron kept the rams out of the flock until November. They normally don't ovulate past the first half of October. Since they're lambing now, they were ovulating in December. The farmers were drilling endocrine system disrupting ground fumigants all fall clear thru January). Think its connected...? I sure do.

It was a cold, hard night. My symptoms escalated into a major episode (like the last one). With the inside temperatures in the 55-57°F range at best (while running the heater). Without the heater they fell to 43°F. The hypothermia was brutal. My fingers were frozen, the skin paper white. My toes were beyond feeling. The rest of me shook hard enough to rattle my bones. This was even while hunkered in front of the heater, cocooned in woolen blankets and dressed like a Himalayan goat herder. Including the hat. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

6:30. a.m.
When Ron called me Friday morning he kept telling me "You're babbling..." I wasn't. My tongue was swollen, I couldn't enunciate. I was still very, very sick. I was weak and exhausted. It only seemed like I wasn't making sense. I think the feds sprayed something here.

I rested most of the day, scraping up energy to potty and feed Rosie. I finally managed to make coffee around 11:30 a.m. I ate sometime in the afternoon. 

A couple of guys arrived Friday afternoon as well, to go camping. In a tent. In the snow. One of them had a couple of beautiful black labs that ran around off leash. It made pottying Rosie dicey. If they came running over and had flea and tick treatment on them, I'd be toast. Just the epitaph I'd want, "Killed by a friendly off leash lab."

On Saturday the campers got up early and went somewhere. Probably to breakfast. That made it easier to potty Rosie. 

My daughter called me. We had a nice long Mother's day chat. She was checking to see if the weather was doable for them coming up for lunch. It wasn't. I told her so. And definitely not with the campers here.

Ron came up. He brought up my supplies. We went down for gas. He was following in his own car. We stopped at Willow Creek Dam overlook so he could work on some possible fume leaks and cleaning the generator. When we got back up here I was exhausted. I intended to run the generator to warm it up in here and take a nap. After he left and his fumes dissipated I took Rosie out (it was time for her evening potty and feeding). I'd parked in a different spot away from the campers and the labs. I don't know why people like to "huddle together." SMH Then I cranked up the generator. It purred to life. Only there was no power... I turned it off and waited for the fumes to leave. I went out to the circuit box telling myself it would be o.k. because Ron had just cleaned it all. I checked the circuits. No tripped breakers. I went back in and tried it again. Still no power. I called Ron. His cell was out of the service area. I waited several minutes and tried again. I didn't want him to get halfway home and have to turn around and come back. On the third try I left a voice mail. I still kept trying because sometimes the voice mails don't go through until the next day. Eventually he returned. It felt like hours; it was only 30 minutes. 
There's a breaker on the generator that prevents the power from going through. He said he must have used too much alcohol cleaning everything and caused it to trip. Anyway, by that time, I was so exhausted that as soon as I heated it up in here, I went to bed. Don't worry, I cooked Rosie's dinner while it was warming up. 

I woke up cold at 12:30 a.m. I waited until I was fully awake before getting up to run the heat. We're on a bit of a slant and I didn't want to slip, fall and injure myself because I was groggy. I ran the generator for a couple of hours, on a timer. I next was awakened by the cold at 4:30 a.m.. I repeated the procedure, setting the timer for only an hour. At that point I got up and filled drinking water from my reserve jars under the dinette bench, ground coffee beans and got ready to percolate coffee. At 6:00 a.m. the sun was over the horizon so I opened the blinds. Low and behold! My camping neighbors were packing it in. Literally. They were just about finished loading their vehicles. I didn't know if it was me running the generator at night, or the cold that had them leaving, but they were on their way. After they pulled out I turned off the generator and waited for the air to clear. I actually went out with Rosie and walked around a bit. Breakfast for Rosie was next on the agenda. When I bent over to pick up her dish the scent of decay wafted out of my clothing. The ignobility of this condition is cruel. I now knew I'd have to suck up my resolve and force myself to bathe and tend those chemical burns in the frigid temperatures. I'm not so courageous that I wouldn't wait until it was at least 55°F in here though. No matter how warm the water when you apply it, the evaporation is shocking to an ailing system. So I restarted the generator, made my coffee, ran the heat and rested. Ron called to check on me. He was relieved to hear I spent a better night. The things he did on the outside to block fumes were helpful. He'd slept hard. I was glad. We reviewed our property options. He was out surveying. When he arrived at the sight, I let him go.

9:30 a.m.
I'm tidy, clean and my wounds are treated. I didn't do my hair on the sick day. Lots fell out from the trauma. I had snarls. Big ones. I'd tried doing it yesterday but its hard to do 3 1/2' of hair while weak and wearing 6 layers of woolen clothing. Static... So this morning I peeled off a few layers since I had to wash and dress my chemical burns anyway, and brushed the mess out. First I had to work the braid out. It was like one huge dreadlock. It took me over an hour just to get it snarl free. I was pretty worn out by then so its not the neatest replaiting I've ever done. It got to 60°F in here! The sun's out. It must be warmer outside because the snow's melting. I turned off the generator for awhile.

2:02 p.m.
Its snowed most of the day. Its not sticking. Its still pretty even though its cold. My body's warm enough, its my toes. They hurt with the cold. I guess if it continues cold and snowy there won't be as many visitors to the campground. I'm not doing much of anything, just resting and reading. I wish I'd been able to get that yarn cleaned so I could work on that project. I did crochet Rosie a new ball since I can't find the one I made her before.

Monday, May 15, 2017

6:05 a.m.
I couldn't get it above 50°F in here all night. When I opened the curtain this morning, the sky was clear. There was an inch of new snow on the picnic tables. It was pretty warm when I shut the blinds last night. And the snow had been all melted away. It was so warm I'd removed my hat and unbuttoned sweaters and heavy flannel shirts. It had been so warm I didn't need to stay huddled under blankets and even felt like cooking. I cooked sweet potatoes. I made mashed potatoes with my serving. They were so tasty, but that didn't work out so well. I coughed and gagged all night. I'm still gagging everything up. The sun just hit the window. We're up by 2°s. 

The last 2 times Ron has called me he's complained about weird leg pains and spasms. When I let Rosie out last night, and it was warmer, my teeth, tongue and mouth began reacting big time. I'm sure they sprayed. Leaving here. Don't know where I'm going. 

I drove up the mountain further and followed some signs to a lake. I took a few "roads less travelled" and got my RV into some dicey situations. I got her back out again, no harm done. I found a few more places I could boondock, but no cell service. Ron specifically stated he wanted me someplace with cell. I finally found one. It was right along the road. I made some more realtor calls. No permissions yet. I discovered the property I wanted to look at next is an affiliate of the listing agent for the last piece. The one that wanted me to make an offer without seeing the place. Next option: I called the Morrow County Park's reservationist. She told me no other campers until Friday. So I headed back down the mountain with a check for the gas station in an unlocked basement bin and topped off my tank. Then 
I drove back up the other mountain to "my usual spot." Lots of driving. Not much property progress. I'm so frustrated! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5:50 a.m.
I took a shower soon after I arrived. As soon as the water was hot. I didn't do the waste waters, too tired. I was so looking forward to sleeping in my bed, and not having to get up and down to run the generator. Only I coughed all night. The windows not right yet. ☹️ Its raining. I'll do the waste water when the weather breaks.

12:40 p.m.
Not doing the water. 1.) its snowing, hard. 2.) I'm having another big crash.  

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