Friday, July 28, 2017

Signed, Sealed, Done!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

7:24 p.m. 
It was a fantastic birthday! Joey wanted to spend most of his time relaxing in Grandma's "house." We visited and played imaginary Yoshi's were coming in. They kept popping up everywhere and getting into all kinds of trouble. We'd go to drink our cocoa, there'd be a Yoshi in the cup! We even had a Yoshi battle, throwing Yoshies at each other. Joey started it! (Said in voice of child caught in mischief)  That kid has the greatest imagination! The Yoshies only settled down if you gave them yarn. Luckily I have lots. Joey kept us both entertained! Joey asked me all kinds of questions about yarn, spinning, knitting and all my tools for knitting. So I showed him how I'd cast on and start knitting a Yoshi. He was quite pleased and even understood the concept of which piece I was making. He busied himself with piling up balls of yarn for the (pretend) Yoshies to sleep in. Every so often he'd check, and or remind, me to keep working on knitting the Yoshi. 

He slept that night in Poppa's camper since I don't have any safe (for me) blankies and toys for him. He brought his own from home but they are too smelly for me. Also I wanted to take my shower and my bathroom doors have no locks. No need to risk mentally scarring a 4 year old...

Saturday morning Joey and I had hot cocoa together and let Poppa go back to sleeping in. Then we ate breakfast together outside at the picnic table. Roger and his wife came by at 10:00 a.m. and I signed the closing documents. It was great to finally meet her. Joey played quietly and waited patiently. Ron will sign Thursday when he hands over the check. Rosie was so excited about having company this weekend she forgot her training and ran over to greet Roger's wife. She had residual fragrance and though she didn't touch Rosie, Rosie did all the naughty and came away smelly. Joey and took Rosie to the pond and threw sticks and pinecones in for Rosie to retrieve. I finished cleaning her by hosing her off in the outside shower. Then Joey and I gave his knitted Yoshi from home a bath so he could bring him in "Grandma's house." My daughter and her family arrived before noon. "Toby the Intrepid" marched for miles around the section of woods we are camped out in. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. For my birthday I got a landscaper's cart that can haul 1000 lbs.. I have all kinds of jobs in mind for it. Ron, Justin and Joey put it together for me. Then Justin hauled Toby around in it for an hour. My daughter and her family headed home around 3:00 p.m.. Joey wanted to stay with Grandma "...for days and days!" But I told him he needed to go home with Mommy, Daddy and Toby because they would miss him. He said, "But I will miss my Grandma." Touches my heart. I love that sweet little boy! Ron's planning to ask our daughter if he can bring him back on Thursday. πŸ˜€ We'll have him until Saturday again. Then Ron will take him home. 

Ron stayed over this Saturday night, as well. I let him do a lot of napping. He sure needed it. I did laundry. He had put in several hikes while he was here as well as all the other stuff. He hiked the perimeter of the 80 and found that we really only have 1 1/2 of the sides fenced. Lots of work to do there. I got in another shower last night and put on clean sheets. Ron left this morning. I drove the RV back to town with him and we filled and dumped again. He drove back to the farm and I drove up the mountain. I took lots of time setting back up. I got quite the startle from a huge toad. It was the size of a soup bowl! I wouldn't have even seen it, hiding in the grass where I was about to park the RV except it moved. I took a long stick and herded it out of the way. It had hopped under the coach and I didn't want to squish it. The eat mosquitoes and other insects. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and writing a pictogram letter to my other 4 year old grandson Gabriel. I also sewed the buttons on my expected granddaughter's romper and sweater. I worked a little on the knit Yoshi I'm trying to make for Joey. No pattern, so I'm creating it as I go. 

That wraps up my wonderful birthday weekend. πŸŽ‚πŸ’–πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

9:39 a.m.
I received a call from Patrick, the silviculture steward. They will be spot spraying an area for tree planting 1/3 of a mile off my NE corner, this morning. He didn't say what they will be using. I didn't ask. His speech was slurred. I wondered if it was from mixing the pesticide or ??? Hope he'll be o.k. I kept it pleasant. I know its hard for these guys to call me. Him keeping the spraying to ground based, spot spraying is very conscientious. Normally they would use a helicopter. I brought in my damp laundry and hung it in the bathroom. Guess we'll find out if my theory about mountains and trees protecting me works.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

9:11 a.m.
Rosie and I spent the day yesterday in the RV. I took her out just before sunset, after the wind dropped. I'd got some adverse symptoms sealed inside, during the day: nausea, stomach pain, regurge, headache, vertigo, hot flashes, chills, skin burning. Tough to sort out what was the cause of all those. Some of that could be lack of oxygen. Some leaking in CO2. Too low for the detectors but enough to elicit responses in me. Anxiety, PTSD. Going out increased the regurge, headache and nausea. But it wasn't "all that bad." This morning there was a 3 mph breeze from the N, when we went out to potty. I could smell faint chemical and my skin reacted. I developed mild lymph pain in my face and ears, and a resurge in regurge. Still "not that bad," all things considered. Texted my appreciation for all Patrick's efforts to him. Got a response indicating everything they'd used. Then I was really impressed by his careful efforts! My theory has merit!

Rosie and I will spend another day locked inside. The wind will be switching directions later to WSW, at 8 mph, which will help blow the toxins back out of our area and lessen the accumulation of volatizing drift. I'll keep you posted on how that effects me. 

7:24 pm.
Still waiting for that WSW 8 mph breeze. We did have some winds out of the SW quadrant, but its been still for hours. I'm waiting for it to cool down. Today I worked on creating that knitted Yoshi pattern until my brain got tired. That's about it. I did eat 3 times, which is a much faster recovery than I used to have.πŸ˜€ As Patti and I mentioned on my FB page, we're both pretty excited about it! Less hurt, faster recovery! Yes!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7:15 a.m.
Well! It was an exciting morning here on Grandma Mountain! I got out of bed, dragging. I was not at all thrilled about getting a stronger exposure last night. Still pretty mild reactions comparatively. It was the wind blowing from the sprayed side, then not blowing, leaving it all here. It didn't blow at all last night. I was dreading another exposure this morning. I'm worrying about accumulative effect negating all the recovery I've gained. I shuffled glumly to the blinds over the sofa and shoved them up, "whizzzzk!" Thats the noise they make. Right outside the window, on the other side of the shade pine were two cow elk! They had to be no more than 15' from me. I blinked, thinking when my eyes got open again they'd be gone. Nope. They'd frozen, staring at the RV. I blinked a couple more times trying to clear the sleep from my eyes and my brain. They calmly went back to grazing. I whispered to Rosie, who was also begrudgingly getting out of bed, "Elk." That one word electrified her! She sprang to the sofa from halfway down the hall. We watched for several minutes in pleasure and wonder. Rosie doing the wiggly body dance of joy. I've trained her nit to bark, so she won't scare critters away. Out of the fold of the hollow where the pond rests, more elk came. Old cows, young cows, last year's calves, and this year's calves. They raced, and sprang, and bucked. The chased each other through the trees and across the open spaces. They were having so much fun the yearlings and young cows joined in. I remembered my ipad camera and tried to get some pics, but they were moving.

I snapped this one at what was a very brief pause in the game. Most of the herd was to the left behind the shade pine and the camera kept focusing on the pine boughs and blurring the elk. Sorry. They were impressive. Their hides were glossy and they were sleek. Very healthy. We watched for about 30 minutes, then they moved away up Huckleberry Hill. 

I took Rosie out to potty. I detected lingering pesticide: lip burning, lymph gland reaction. I walked down to the clothes line, waiting while Rosie accomplished her business. Then we started walking back. The woods erupted in wolf hunting song. I could hear 6-8 voices. They were strung out in a semi-circle around me from Violet Way, across the top of Huckleberry Hill, and over to Wolf Top. The nearest being something like 600' away. You can only imagine the primal, gut reaction that sound inspired. The howling is designed to panic the elk into stampeding, so they can pick off a straggler. It worked on me. My adrenaline fired and I mentally calculated the distance/time it would take me to "run" from where I was to the coach door, including the fraction of a second more it would take me to avoid cold-cocking myself on the awning struts. I knew I'd never make it before the wolves reached us. I reigned myself in. Ordered myself to walk, and called Rosie to me, incase they were thinking of a hot dog breakfast as opposed to elk roast. Briefly I considered that they might be tempted to taste a little plump granny, but reassured myself they could probably smell the toxins and would know I would taste bad. I had to tell myself something, to keep myself walking at that calm, assured pace. You know, its like when you're little and you're sleeping on the bottom bunk, you tell yourself all the night monsters are tall and can't bend over, so they won't see you... The howling continued. It was beautiful really, if it wasn't for the fact something was about to die. Rosie seemed oblivious to the threat. That's not reassuring. I did not have my gun with me. I had gotten lax. We made it to the RV, and slipped inside. It was 50 something degrees in here so I turned on the generator and the heat. I could no longer hear the wolves over the rumble. 

So, Patti, how about, "SheHearsWolves?"

9:18 a.m.
I called ODFW (Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife) and relayed my experience to a wolf biology team member, in case they wanted to know. They did, and were very excited about it. They'd send someone out to scout surrounding roads for tracks to verify which way the pack went. She stated the pack was most likely "hunting through." She also said I did exactly the right thing, in faking a calm, assured manner, and calling Rosie to me. I didn't mention the lack of gun...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

8:00 a.m.
Today is the official closing date, where Ron goes into the Title Company, signs the documents and hands over the check!!!!

Sitting around waiting, seems kind of anti-climactic. Please throw a huge party for me with brownies, nachos, guacamole and fizzy drinks.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„  Enjoy! 

8:52 a.m.
Just got off the phone with the chemical free cattle rancher, Jim. πŸ™‚ Sounds good. He'll bring a load tomorrow. We'll hold them in the corral, and if I can get there (past the timber co. spraying) I'll check them for toxicity. If they're good he'll bring in a second load and release them all.

Friday 10:53 a.m.
Ron's down mending fence by the corral. We messed around with a cell signal booster most of the morning. The results were unimpressive. We're sending it back. We'll try a different kind next visit. 

Ron didn't get here until after dark last night. He stopped to visit long time friends he hadn't seen in years. They immediately said,  "If she  needs anything, tell her to call and let us know. We're a lot closer than you are!" Good to have support like that. 

The Closing was final as of the bank opening today and the funds being available for dispersal. I have a place!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Keep Going Forward!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

7:32 a.m.
Slept hard, woke up with detox twice. Wasn't ready to get out of bed. But I needed to lower the awning. I was so groggy I put my coffee grounds in the percolator w/o the basket.πŸ™„ Strained it through the tea ball.

July 17, 2017

8:56 a.m.
Yesterday was a routine day. Weeding, knitting, called my Dad (I do this at least every 2 days or when ever Debby texts me and asks me to for various reasons, even if I don't mention it). Rosie and I hiked about 3 miles. This old body is slowly getting back in shape. 

Another shooter was in the forest south of the road. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

12:12 p.m.
Nothing different to write about yesterday,  so I didn't. More hiking, more weeding, more knitting.

After dark the wolves were howling in the meadow not far from the RV. 

I either got an exposure, this morning, from residuals from a low flying plane, or I'm trying to fight a virus. Chilling, achey. Hiked out to the corral to warm up, encountered toxic cattle smell, guys aftershave and girl's soap smell. When I got down to the weak spot in the fence, it was torn up. Possibly Bob had a cow out and when the kids tried to put it back in, it came over here (through the fence and back out the same way). Not feeling very good at all now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

11:28 a.m.
Climbing out of the pit. It was an exposure not a virus, compounded by the second exposure. I texted with Bob, yes a cow was out and got in here, and was rounded up by his "cowboy and girl. I asked that they warn me if it happens again so I don't walk into the cloud of toxins. Upside for him, his cow's insecticide is still working. I got the new owner's (for the piece south of us') number from him. We need to get together to work on building a fence between us on the 80. I called the silviculture steward to ask if he had any idea who might be flying across me. He got cranky and I had simply asked him to help me run down who it might have been. He gave me the spiel about lots of ag here, I shouldn't be trying to live here... @@ I called around and discovered there is only one commercial ag sprayer that works this area. He was really nice and informed me he hadn't been contracted to spray anything up here in more than a year. So that kind of blows the timber company's argument out of the water. The ag pilot asked for my contact info and location so he could put it in his flight manifests for future jobs in this area. Since pesticide poisoning is now a known hazard of their job, most of the "younger guys" get it. I contacted the forest service to ask if they use planes for smoke chasing and the director told me no, but the helicopters could have been his. He'd check, and gave me a great lead. He advised me to try to get a "permanent restricted airspace" from the FAA. I've tried that years ago, but its worth trying again. I got a gentleman at the FAA that shared the difference with me between a restricted airspace and a NOTAM. That's a NOTICE TO ALL AIRMAN. It would simply be an inflight message telling them why they need to exercise caution and not fly over this area, or they need to exceed the minimum allowed ceiling. That would work!!! 99.9% would respect that. There's a chance I might be able to get that one! He's sending me the contact info! πŸ˜„ Its been a busy morning. 

We are officially closing on the 27th! Whew! Finally! Everybody has their ducks in a row! We sign, fork over the cash, on the 27th but it takes effect on the 28th.

It was close there for a few hours. Ron panicked when I got toxed and wanted to pull out of the sale. He calmed down after I broke over the worst of the symptoms late that night. He realized that this is still the safest place for me.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

5:55 a.m.
I got awoken at 4:00 a.m., or there abouts, by the timber company's equipment whining in the distance. Sounds like a mosquito. Boom! I'm awake. Not because I fear a mosquito borne virus. I find the pitch highly irritating.

On Tuesday while I was suffering the nasty, painful symptoms of that day's exposures Ron called me. Well, technically Joey called me from Poppa's phone. He wanted to tell me how he had fed the "itty-bitty baby lambs." With a little bit of prompting from Poppa he counted them and told me how many he'd bottle fed (3). Then this sweet little voice says, "I miss you Grandma!" I teared up, but told my little buddy I miss him too, and I love him. 

I can not express how much pain and heartache it gives me to be forcibly excluded from their lives like I've been. The Bible tells us that, "Where your heart lies, there your treasure lies also." My children and grandchildren are my treasures. I've been robbed. I try not to focus on these things because it destroys me, but its very real. Ron tries to arrange visits as much as he can, bless him. He wants to bring Joey up on Friday and they'll spend the night, with the rest of my (very pregnant) daughter's family joining us on Saturday. The very pregnant part is why she (and the rest of her family) are not spending the night. Tobes isn't quite old enough to camp out without mommy or daddy, and 2 little boys in a camp trailer is a little much for Poppa to handle. We're celebrating my birthday. My age, you ask? Just put down, "Old as dirt." Anyway, I'd love to have them overnight, but I don't think the gas, RV dump and water refill station right next to the highway is a very safe place for a 4yr old boy. Poppa hasn't mastered the art of doing 2 things at once, yet. So him watching Joey while trying to take care of filling, not a good idea (its giving me anxiety). Much too long for an active little boy to be contained.  I'm operating "in the black" on the fresh water tank. In other words, its so low it doesn't register. I do have a little laundry water left. I've been conserving it. Thats what I'm using for dishes. 

I'm on my second full cup of mocha. Yes, the water situation being what it is, I drank the dregs from yesterday's pot this morning. You know me so well now. We've come a long way together. 

Before Tuesday's toxing I was actually thinking about changing my "handle." You know, since I've reached a turning point. I've been singing the "We're Out of the Woods" song from "the Wizard of Oz" to myself off and on. I was thinking of maybe changing my screen name to "ToxedandFound." Or even "OffGridGrandma." My husband likes "GrandmaWithWolves." But if I go that route I'm more inclined to go with "DancesWithElk." Anyway, it seemed, or maybe I was just hoping, it was an end of the Toxed2loss story and a beginning of a brighter new story. Now I'm mentally humming "Somewhere a Place for Me," and I feel like I've found it. I doubt I'll ever be completely safe from exposures. But I'm so hopeful they will be a lot more rare. 

I want my story to be less about dealing with toxic exposures, and the bigotry and compassion involved when encountering people who've never dealt with someone like me before, and more about over coming the obstacles in living off grid in the wilderness. Is that too optimistic?

9:33 a.m.
I went outside for my call with Ron this morning. The flock of turkeys was traversing the meadow. A cow was mooing out near the road. After my call I walked down the drive to cautiously check on the cow. I didn't see her and her voice was coming from over by the west corner of their property. I weeded my way back. It was a very pleasant morning. When I got back I decided it was time to address a repair issue. The fantastic fan wasn't opening again. I figured the pin had come loose. I don't have a crimping tool. So I took it apart, again. Reinserted the pin, and applied a little "farmer's friend." Duct tape. We'll see if it holds. Only three dead flies fell in my face, or down my shirt. Progress.

2:16 p.m.
I got another email from my FAA guy. Its a no go. Bummer!!!!!!!!! 😭 He suggested I ask the airport manager. Another bummer. The manager knows/works with Ron and I can't ask for anything that has the appearance of special privileges. I also have to be careful I don't ask for anything that will make him uncomfortable in his work relationship with Ron if he has to turn me down. You guys know I have no tact! I'm going to have to talk with Ron about how to proceed with this. 

Friday, July 20, 2017

1:18 p.m.
Today is refill day. Ron and Joey are coming to spend the night! 

When I went out to take my call from Ron this morning I heard a plane coming. It was close by. Right on the other side of the mountain! I was instantly filled with dread and sick to my stomach. I was much too far away from the RV to make it back before it got here! It never did come on this side of the mountain. My stomach hurt so bad I couldn't eat for hours. I had talked to Ron about talking to the airport manager. Its the same guy handling the road vacating. He's the "Public Works Director." Ron says he'll talk to him after the public hearing on the road. Thats next month...

2:44 p.m.
Rosie's been having a terrific time sticking her head into every interesting nook and hollow. My only objection is I'm brushing seeds and burs out of her ears and face multiple times a day. So I gave her a "puppy cut." I cut off all her long ear hair. I trimmed her face, neck and chest down too. I'll finish the rest of her up when Ron hooks up the propane generator so I can use the clippers outside. 

I've finished the sweater, except for the buttons and blocking.

Ron and Joey are on their way!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Longing for Independence

Saturday, July 8, 2017

8:23 a.m.
I need to be more independent. Supporting me is wearing Ron out. Its been bothering me for some time. I need to locate safe locations for me to get/do: Fresh water, Septic dump. I've located accommodating: Gas, Groceries. 

Ron is fishing today. I wish it was for more days. 

8:28 p.m.
It was good to have food and water again. πŸ˜‹

Rosie and I hiked up Cell Hill to upload the next chapter because it has 4 pics. Since I changed to a spot deeper in the trees, I don't get enough signal to get on the internet most of the time. Rosie went swimming in the meadow pond on our way over. Other than that it was a laundry day, and general fussing about. It was easier to keep it cooler in here, now that we have morning shade, too. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

8:03 p.m.
A cooler day. I worked on temporarily shoring up that down fence by the corral and weeded along the road. 

I called my Dad. It was short. He was in good spirits but couldn't track conversations very well.

I  set the snaps on the inseam opening of the romper and started the cardigan that goes with it. It was a nice, relaxing day. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

8:43 a.m.
Last night, just after I ran the generator for the last time, as the light was fading, the Fantastic Fan cover broke. The knob wouldn't open the vent cover. I looked at it from the inside. I tried tightening the screw in the knob (that works on the back one). Didn't help. Nothing that I could see from inside. The mechanism was inside the housing. I thought maybe it was easily accesed from the top. The wind was blowing, and it was switchy, so I figured I couldn't climb the ladder without getting gas fumed. I decided to wait until morning...

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. And lay in bed screwing up my gumption to climb up on the roof before coffee, and before the wind came up. Before coffee because I'd have to run the generator, and that would increase gas fumes... I got dressed, loaded up with tools and went out to do the chore. I got passed the gas fumes, no problem. I only had to come down for additional tools once. I unbolted the aerodynamic shroud and lifted the vent cover. The lift arm came clear out of the housing. It had a geared end. I inspected the exterior housing. It was riveted. Dang. I knew then I'd have to dissemble the unit from the inside. I replaced everything, and climbed down. Before I continued with the repair, I needed coffee and Rosie needed breakfast. It wouldn't matter if I ran the generator now.

I took it apart from the inside. Dead bugs and filth rained down on me.  I was trying to avoid that... A "pin," that held the geared end of the lift arm against the corresponding gears on the knob drive shaft, had vibrated out. Nothing was actually broken. Problem solved. Parts put back together. Mess cleaned up. 

Proceeding with regularly scheduled program...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

7:09 a.m.
Good morning. The sun is shining, the birds are squawking . Its a beautiful day here at "Grandma Mountain." 
There are tweeting and warbling birds as well, but there seems to be a major hoo-hah of the upland game bird variety going on this morning in the Eastern Pine Woods.

Yesterday was wonderfully overcast all day, and therefore cooler. I weeded off and on all day: Hawkweed and Sulfur Cinquefoil. Rosie and I made forays into parts previously unexplored sections hunting the elusive "Meadow Hawkweed" and the not so elusive "Common Hawkweed." The Cinquefoil are more prominent. They kind of shout, "Here I am!" And its a resounding chorus.

At close of day yesterday 2 deer came out and grazed the house site. Rosie was laying in the open doorway and spotted them first. She jumped up and was staring so absorbedly I peered out through the branches of our shade pine to see what had her attention. I had expected it to be a sassy squirrel. But they were right out there, about 60' away. Unfortunately it was getting cold and I had to eventually reach out and shut the door. They didn't spook! The next thing on my evening agenda was dishes. I needed to heat the water. I started the generator. I looked out the window. They were still browsing! I turned on the water heater, the generator revved up. Deer still calmly eating. Set the timer. It was the beeping of the microwave buttons that sent them running.😐

Anyway, moving on to other things... I washed my granddaughter's romper and laid it out to dry. I made it using a Dale of Norway pattern, #19108. I modified it. Remember? I made it so the inseam opens for easier diaper changes. I would have used white snaps but when I checked with my daughter and son-in-law they voted for really obvious one's that sleep deprived parents could easily locate through bleary eyes in the semi-dark of a nap prepared room. I'm still waiting for the buttons. Here's the pic.

12:18 p.m.
I finally walked the road to the eastern end of the 80. I was weeding. Boy does my body hurt. Resting now.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

8:04 p.m.
I was having a lovely day yesterday, though the woods were unusually quiet. It could be because the wolves are back. I heard them Tuesday night. Rosie and I walked down to the end of Violet Way (weeding). Later, I was doing laundry, my second set of sheets that had been in the bag since they (via my body) got toxed out in the spring. This was the first time I've had the spare wash water to tackle them, since I've got all the other laundry finally caught up. It was around 10:30 a.m. when a helicopter came over the top of the mountain suddenly. Then went over us low and slow. As soon as I realized what was happening I headed for the RV. I didn't make it before they arrived. I got hit. It didn't turn out as bad, since I'm getting a chance to recover, but it still felt pretty miserable. 

It took me all day to sort out my thinking and decide it could have been ODFW tracking wolves. I couldn't think of anyone else who'd have a reason to go over that low and slowly. I called them today and asked if the receptionist could check with the wolf biologists and see if they did a fly over yesterday. They were out. I let her know that I'd like to know if it wasn't them, so I could figure out who I need to call and ask for accommodation from. If it was them then to please let me know ahead of time if they have to fly over. The call went well.

Roger came out with another extension. Ron has gotten written notice of the counties support for vacating the road. Now we just need to get the title office to set the date for closing!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

6:25 a.m.
I think there were 2, non-consecutive hours without thunder storms last night. We did get a little rain. I had all the blinds open and the awnings rolled up so I could watch for nearby strikes. Most of the storms were 12+ miles away. We had a few within 2-3 miles. A lot of the lightening was sky lightening, from what I could tell here in the trees. 

The rest of yesterday was weeding and knitting. I did get a text from a very anxious longhorn rancher, wanting to know if we've closed yet. Nothing monumental, unless you count wildflower identification...

7:52 p.m.
Rosie and I went out to the east boundary in the morning and checked to see where we smelled smoke from. It was coming down the canyon from a fire to the NE of us more than 12 miles away. Later the wind shifted and blew 10-12 mph from the NNW. I put up the awning again.

We kept it low key the rest of the day. We did have the person shooting into this property from the road again this evening at about 6:00 p.m.. 

So tired! I can barely keep my eyes open...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings

Sunday, July 2, 2017

6:33 a.m.
Good morning! It seems like the perfect day to count my blessings. Perfect because I needed to be reigned in. You see, yesterday I didn't post because I didn't do any work. We are still waiting for written word from the county on their intentions about this road, and I'm out of garbage bags. So I was moping a bit. But, But! I started thinking about my blessings, and that always kicks moping's hieney. So, 1.) even camped out here, with no improvements, I'm safer and have more freedom. 2.) even with the timber guy burning nasty stuff and/or spraying it gets filtered through the trees, hurts me less and doesn't last as long. 3.) I'm getting healthier: I'm losing the toxic fat, my finger nails are stronger than they've been since I was 6 yrs. old, I'm getting exercise again and can do more. 4.) My friends and family are visiting more since I can get out of my RV, and its safe for my TI friends. 5.) I do have (limited) cell and internet. 6.) I can do laundry regularly. 7.) During the height of spray season, which is fire season,  there's a "stop all industrial work in the forest"policy! That doesn't includes spraying and burning is limited. July and August are the ONLY spray months! 8.) It's beautiful here which restores my soul. 9.) I have food, water and shelter. 10.) God is in control.

I could go on with stuff like I'm finally sleeping through the night, and I'm keeping food down better (less regurge), but I figured 10 was good. Your turn, list 10 blessings. πŸ€”

I did get lots of calls yesterday. That was really nice. Ron called me a couple of times, I spoke with my daughter about the romper I'm making for the baby girl they're expecting, a woman I, and my husband, have known for years through our business called just to chat. 

After that I put together puzzles on my ipad app. Its pretty close to the real thing, plus you can't lose any pieces.

Monday, July 3, 2017

6:02 a.m. 
I woke up to a unique Great Horned Owl call. It must have been an alarm call of some kind. When we went out to pull down the awning there was a strange faint whirring noise. I mean really faint. I have no idea what it was. 

With the warmer weather an egg yolk yellow fungus bloomed on one of the logs outside my window. I noticed it in several other places in the forest. If its the one I found on the net, its edible!

I downloaded more books yesterday and read after our hike. I discovered a few of Bob's cows were out. They were still too toxic for me to put back in so I called and left him a message.

Did I tell you that Ron is extending the length between visits so he can get some farm work done? Its tough to get anything done on the farm with just one day a week, as he spends the other weekend day resupplying me. He is taking this whole week off to get caught up. I also ordered him to go fishing. He says he'll go Friday and Saturday. I only hope he does. He needs the stress release.

3:37 p.m.
I finished reading my new books. Rosie and I went out and played stick. I decided she needed a "bath" as she had dirt in her fur. I tossed stick in the pond and laughed myself silly as she tried to figure out how to get it back from that tricky water. First she tried bounding out to it, like she normally does, but she didn't like the water's reaction. She was quite perplexed that it wouldn't hold her up. She tried circling around from all kinds of approaches but couldn't find one that got her closer. She waded out there a couple of times but when she grabbed it, she got her mouth full of water so she'd let it go and come back to dry land. She had a great time and eventually figured it out. While she gnawed stick I balled the red yarn for the next baby project. I'd brought it and the equipment out before we went to the pond. I wanted something to do outside while waiting for her to dry out.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

I had a busy day. Rosie and I went down to the corral and deconstructed that fire circle. It was just so tempting, I worried about it constantly. I used a ziploc bag that I had sweet potatoes in to bag up the trash. I pulled up all the rocks and put the cinders into a mud puddle. We pulled sulfur cinquefoil on the way back.

I made Rosie sweet potatoes, we're walking so much she's getting too thin. She needs the added calories.

I pulled a furnace vent tube from under the dinette bench to make more room for drinking water jars. Later I pulled the one under the sink to make room for groceries. 

Someone was shooting on the road. So I put on my hiking clothes and we checked it out. They were gone by the time we got there. More weeding while hiking.

I repaired some broken places on the seal on the coach door. 

Finally, I stitched the ribbons on the legs of my expected granddaughter's romper. I've ordered snaps and buttons. Ron said the snaps arrived yesterday. The original pattern didn't have the inseam opening. But I've changed enough diapers to know its a "must have" feature. I modified the pattern.

I talked with Justin, my Daughter, Joey and Tobes this morning, and Ron, Joey and Tobes this evening when he went over for bar-b-que and to watch the fireworks. The boys got new beds and bedspreads as Mommy was redecorating the Nursery for the new baby. Joey had to take Poppa up to show him the new bedrooms (again). Apparently he's pretty thrilled with them. Tobes, not so much because he had to give up his crib. 

Ron said he'll be coming up Friday, with supplies, on his way to go fishing at Brownlee. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7:26 p.m.
It was a beautiful day here. Sunny, 97°F. Too hot for me, but I do have a/c. Rosie and I got out by 7:30 a.m. and hiked/weeded sulfur cinquefoil, meadow hawkweed and common hawkweed for 3 hours. The last 2 are on the "A" list. We returned to the RV and did chores. At 10:00 a.m. I called the ODF guy Mitch about the burn barrel specs. I asked him a few questions about neighbors burning. I had uploaded an incident report for fires and noticed the slash burns weren't on it. He told me they won't be. The incident report won't cover that unless they lose control of it. Darn! Mitch did e-mail me an excellent hand out on the burn barrel specs. I also tried to call my Dad but he was unavailable. I did get to talk to him in the evening, and he did really, really well. πŸ˜€ 

I discovered two of my 1/2 gal drinking water jars were moldy. Ron's not coming until Friday morning. We're already low on drinking and wash water. We're low on food too. I have enough eggs for Rosie's breakfast, and one more bowl of gruel for me. Don't know what I'm eating after that.

Got a call from the longhorn rancher. He was checking to see if we still intend to rent pasture to him. We had a nice, and lengthy chat.

Thursday, July 6, 2017
6:30 a.m.
I had an interesting evening. Rosie and I were outside, last night. I was trimming her fur down again. It's growing like weeds! It's so hot, she's really panting between a/c runs. The elk showed up. It was full daylight! They were fine with us being out there. I was sitting in my camp chair with Rosie standing in front of me. They were fine with me standing up and moving around to clean up the clipped fur. They were not fine with me opening the RV door and windows to cool it off in here. They protested loudly with booming barks! 

Then this morning when I stepped out of the RV to pull down the awning (I put it up in the afternoons so if the wind comes up in the night it doesn't wake me up. And I wouldn't have to put it up in the dark... Anyway, I step out of the RV and due west of me I hear the "puppy whining!" The sound is coming from the meadow. I look over there and see... 2 white tail deer! No way! 


I'm going to have to investigate this more! Deer make puppy noises! SMH. I still don't quite believe it, but I've learned that deer say a lot more than I ever thought. I even went out to the area where the sound came from (and the deer were standing), no puppy of any kind.

5:47 p.m.
Roger brought the next extension out for my signature this morning.

I got my first activity notice from ODF. I called several of the guys listed as contacts. One was retired. One, the guy that the official paper work listed as requesting the permit knew nothing about it. I talked with the boss of the retire guy, who was very understanding and gracious, and am tying to make contact with the silviculture steward. 

It's 99°F! It was so hot in here last night I didn't get to sleep until after 1:00 a.m.. Even with opening the windows and doors I couldn't get the heat out. I'm parsing the fuel for the generator, too, so I didn't run the a/c. I'm out of wash water. I remembered Ron had some water in a cooler for guests, so I'll use it. I ate my last gruel custard mid-morning and then a bowl of runny yogurt mixed with maple syrup, mid-afternoon. Still hungry. I have enough meat and sweet potatoes for Rosie's meal tonight, and 3 eggs (+ 1 white) left for her breakfast. We'll split the remaining yogurt in the morning. 

Friday, July7, 2017

8:30 a.m.
I started the week counting blessings, and I'm ending the week the same way. I just spoke with the silviculture steward for the timber company. He was very understanding and very willing to co-operate! He was willing to notify, watch wind directions and take steps to minimize pesticide drift! Praise God!! He even was willing to direct his ag pilots to avoid flying over, or near, my property. I'm so relieved!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rotting Meat, What Is It and Who Did It?

Saturday June 24, 2017

8:30 p.m.
Today was a long day. I heard a motor out front this morning and snuck up on it. The new neighbors across the road were driving around their property with a UTV. They were too far away to see the people. They did have a white pickup like rancher Bob's.

I hiked half way up Cell Hill to call my Dad. I didn't get him. They were out "Joy Riding." 

I did more weeding. We hiked over to the corrals. The sheep I've been hearing were right on the other side of the fence. Lots of sheep. I went over because I heard the LGDs barking. I thought they'd be further away.

It was also  "Supply Day." I enjoyed my company, but I was exhausted by the time they left. I've been resting and knitting. I went out to push laundry. Rosie was sniffing and looking anxiously t'ward Huckleberry Hill. I sniffed: Rotting meat. Ron says if there's a carcass I should expect evening and night time diners. This could get interesting...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

7:45 a.m.
I slept in! Clear 'til 7:30 a.m., and I slept hard. If there was any growling, howling or carrying on, I missed it. The only thing I did hear was a bunch of wheezy honking by a deer, around 10:00 p.m. just before I went to bed. How disappointing. πŸ˜’ 

9:45 a.m.
Rosie and I finally went out this morning. Its already too warm. I pushed laundry while Rosie took care of her business. I did something I've never done before. I put out the big awning. The refrigerator side gets the full morning sun and it causes the refrigerator to lose cold too fast. Usually I haven't used the big awning because its something else I'd have to spend time taking down in a "toxic emergency," like the cows. But I think everyone's on board with this being our place now, so there shouldn't be any more toxic exposures (They took down the for sale signs yesterday). Anyway, I read how to do it years ago. I couldn't remember all the directions, but I figured it out. I'm quite pleased with myself. ☺️

I couldn't smell any rancid meat this morning. I want to go take a look, but I'm still tired from yesterday. I think I'd better rest. I wouldn't want to run into trouble in a depleted state.

Ron bought me a really nice machetΓ© for hacking weeds, better than the one I had as a kid. I'm eager to get out and use it. This one has a serrated edge on the backside of the blade. Nice! Still, I need to rest. I have to be good and wait. Maybe this evening, when it cools down a little, and I'm rested up, I can do a few. 

I talked to my Dad this morning. He sounded tired, though he was coherent. Debby had taken him to Dairy Queen on Friday and out for a ride yesterday. It was good for his mental health, though physically taxing. He was cognizant that there were things he wasn't remembering. That's an improvement. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

6:30 a.m.
I spent yesterday resting, knitting and pushing laundry.  I'm at the point where they say, "Weave in ends." Not my favorite part.

Rosie and I smelled the rancid meat smell again yesterday, at about 6:00 p.m.. We didn't smell it at 5:00 p.m.. So either there was a significant wind shift, of the "rancid smell" itself is mobile. As in "a bear." I asked Ron what a bear smells like but he said he'd never smelled a bear. He's had several bear encounters over the years, so he should have smelled them. Dead nose. We should know something later this morning, after our breakfast/colding up the refrigerator routine,  as I'm feeling ready to weed. 

We did see 6 cow elk and a yearling calf at dusk yesterday. It was so dark the pics didn't turn out very good. The camera had a hard time focusing. Here's the best one...

(Animals were closer than they appear) I lightened the pic so you could at least see the "elk blobs." They didn't come through all at the same time.  They straggled through. Just when I'd think they were done, here'd come a couple more. The naughty little yearling went through way behind the others. 

9:40 a.m.
Whew! I weeded for an hour (which is fantastic for me). Then we walked out Violet Way with a garbage bag an picked up the Houndstongue we'd weeded the other day, until the bag was full. They hadn't seeded out yet, so they were o.k. to leave in piles. I have one or two more bagfuls up there, and plenty more to hack down, then dig up their roots. I didn't dig up or pull very many today. I focused on hacking off the seeded tops and stuffing them in garbage bags. I did half the area where we're going to put the house. My new machetΓ© made it super easy! Did I tell you Houndstongue like full sun and disturbed areas? I know I told Ron that.  

We didn't smell any rancid fat or rotting meat while we were hacking weeds. That's the direction its been coming from. Maybe its a bear coming down to the cattail pond for water in the evening? I looked at one end of the pond for tracks in the mud, but didn't see any (Rosie went wading). I'll look around the rest of the pond later. Rosie showed a lot of interest in going up Huckleberry Hill, but I'm not up for that yet. 

I hauled 2 black garbage bagfuls back from the house site. I left one that still had room left in it for tomorrow. I was too hot to keep working. When we got back to the RV I had to bathe my face and wash up. Toxic sweat, as well as over heating. My body still can't regulate its own temperature yet. After I got my body temp back down I brushed out Rosie. She had lots of Beggar's Lice, grass seeds and dirt. Then I shook out the throw rugs and swept the floors. Pretty good morning's work for this old lady. 

Now for some breakfast. πŸ˜‹

4:26 p.m.
We had a downpour, with thunder. After it poured for 30 minutes we got some lightening. Mostly sky lightening. It continued to rain. We did get one strike. Either on or behind Cell Hill. After most of the storm had passed we got gusty wind. I went out and put up the awning. While it was pouring I collected 3 gallons of water for clothes washing (off the awning). 

8:00 p.m.
Good thing I put up the awning when I did. The wind really came blasting through. It was a real tree bender. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8:58 a.m.
I slept in again, waking up around 7:30 a.m.. The sun was already beating on the side of the RV with the refrigerator. I jumped up and threw on a T-shirt and sweat pants. Rosie and I went right out to unroll the awning. As soon as we were out the door we heard very loud whimpering and whining. Like a puppy. It was right behind our guest trailer, 30 ft. away. Rosie wanted to immediately investigate. I ordered her to leave it alone. The last thing I wanted was for either Rosie or I to get between a mother wolf and her cub. I didn't even have my gun. Rosie obediently went off to do her business and the whining quit abruptly. I'm guessing the momma slipped up and collected the pup. I took care of the awning. Rosie climbed the bank by the pond. She watched something for a moment and then came racing back, very excited. She must have seen a critter at the pond.Everybody needs water. We'll investigate after our morning routine. 

10:28 a.m.
I filled my leftover bag, plus 2 more. Since it rained yesterday I pulled roots on the smaller ones. The tap root can get up to 3', so I didn't bother on larger plants. We finished with all the blooming and seeded plants in that location. Tomorrow we'll start machetΓ©ing them on Violet Way. I didn't go collect the rest of the pulled weed piles from Violet Way. Too pooped. Too hot. Maybe this afternoon, weather permitting. I picked Begger's Lice out of Rosie's fur again.

My sock's had their own collection. 

I did walk around the pond looking for tracks and sign. Nothing. I looked behind the guest trailer, too. Nothing. In movies there are always tracks. But densely weeded meadows, with rocky soil and deep pine needles don't leave obvious tracks. There is disturbed ground, but not in any way that I can determine what disturbed it. In our walk around the pond I watched a squirrel try to chase two Hungarian partridges out of his tree. He'd run right at them, where they were on a branch. If they didn't move, the squirrel would shove them, or bite at them. They'd fly to another branch. The squirrel'd get so mad, he or she, was cussing up a storm. 

2:53 p.m.
We went out Violet Way to pick up the piles. I ended up hacking a few more that had seed heads. I needed to fill my bag. I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Sometimes I feel pretty useless. I just sit around and barely do anything. Today I worked both morning and afternoon. Thats better than I was doing. 

6:30 p.m.
We went out and weeded along the road to the west of the drive. We'll try to do the east side tomorrow.

8:00 p.m. The elk were grazing across the meadow again this evening. I got a better pic.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

8:17 p.m.
Today went pretty much according to routine. I machete'd Houndstongue on Violet Way. I only did one bag. Thats a long way to carry a full bag of fresh weeds. I went up Cell Hill to post a chapter and call my Dad. I took weeding supplies since I knew there was Houndstongue. On our way up the hill I spotted an LGD on our property. I hollered to run him off, since I didn't know if he was pesticided. The sheep were pretty close to that fence today. We weeded our way back down the hill. 

When we got back I called the forestry management company that holds the title on that property, to get the name and number of the sheep owner. I talked with the grazing lease manager, Mr. McClellum. I explained why I wanted it. He was a little hesitant, but finally gave it to me. Then I asked him to notify me when they spray. I got a peeved lecture and was told that I had no business even buying property right next to a timber operation. I (amazingly) stayed calm and polite. I stated that I'd been looking for years, there were timber operations next to all mountain properties, and had researched properties from Spray to north of Waitsburg. I'd found that this was the best option. He continued to complain, so I just repeated myself. I asked him again to please notify me as I didn't want to get hurt, or "walk into it." He did not take my contact info...

Then I called the sheep owner. He doesn't use chemicals on his livestock, or his dogs. He produces for the "natural" market. He only gives the mandatory vaccines. He wants to rent summer pasture for his longhorn cattle from us, after we close. πŸ™‚ We talked sheep, wool, shearing and cattle. 

I was a little stressed from my call with McClellum, so I stayed in and worked on my knitting. Still weaving in ends.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

6:18 a.m. 
Last night just before dusk morphed completely into darkness, the elk advanced (closer than ever before). Four cows and a calf. They'd screwed up their courage; they were set on investigating this strange invader (the RV). It was the most bizarre behavior I'd ever witnessed. They danced. Some parts of their movements resembled the minuet: step forward, nose reaching high, step back, step forward, high nose, mince back, pivot, stumble back, curtsy. It must be a behavior similar to the wounded bird routine, when a bird is attempting to lead a predator away from its nest, because the next part of the elk's dance involved hobbling, limping and leg dragging. The lead elk would turn her flank to me and appear to nearly collapse, then stagger away. Everybody behind her would move up and back and pivot with her also, looking back over their backs to see if a predator took the bait. Sometimes she'd repeat the whole presentation several times. Then they'd all run off a few steps and conclave to discuss their next move. Pretty soon they'd be back and somebody else would take the lead position and they'd dance the routine again. I can just hear the elk's discussion in my mind, 

Elk 1: Well. What do you think? Safe?
Elk 2: I don't think you did it right Francine (for that is Elk 1's real name).
(Elk's 3 & 4 get big eyes and inch backwards, out of the line of fire.)
Francine: What do you mean "...didn't do it right?" I did it perfectly. Only a dead eater or a rock could resist my dance! Do you think you could do better Melva (Melva, being Elk 2)?
Melva: In my sleep! Honey, you just don't have the haunches for it. Your's are all skin and bone! Now mine, umm, umm, umm, um, uh, uh, uh!...

 Anyway, thats what I imagined them saying. They danced for an hour before darting off leaping and kicking like frolicsome steers. It was pretty cool! I've named this part of the meadow "Elk Dancing Lawn," 
with a nod to C.S. Lewis.

I saw fat bats winging past the window while the elk discussed their next move. Very fat bats. They're doing an excellent job keeping down the mosquitoes! 

10:10 a.m.
I filled my last trash bag. I didn't finish hacking the Houndstongue on Violet Way. I have to wait for more bags. After we delivered that bag to the pile at camp, we searched the Eastern Pine Wood (east of the drive) for a stout, long pole with a forked end. I need one, or two to replace the cement board under the generator. Did I mention it was browning the grass underneath it? I was concerned about it eventually catching fire. So I asked Ron to bring me a piece of cement board. Then I had him fasten a removal cord with baling twine and put a stout stick in it for a handle... This sounds really familiar! I could swear I shared this, but I read back over the week and didn't see it. Maybe I erased it, as it wasn't relevant to the discussion at the time. Anyway, I found a few long poles with forked ends that might work. I can't leave it there when I have to leave, because if I drive over it I'll break it. So I have to pull it out. I don't want to get that close to the stinky generator, hence the need for a long pull cord with a handle. When I get everything arranged so Ron doesn't have to do it, I want to be able to put it back without exposing myself. That's where the forked poles come in.  I can push the board back in with those. I also had Ron put a small log as a roller under one side of the board, to ease it in and out. πŸ˜‰

I hadn't previously explored that part if the forest, so that was a good excuse. I found old bear scat. Yesterday when I was on the net I downloaded a bunch of bear scat images. Some of those piles of poo Ron told me were "elk diarrhea," and "elk poo," aren't. I'm assuming he just didn't want me to be alarmed. There's a lot of bear poo! 

After that hike I still wasn't ready to go in. I decided I needed to take a trip out to the corral and check out things on that end. I found that someone had used the fire pit that someone else had made right by the corral.😠 I strung up my downed barbed wire. They were obviously crawling through there to gather fire wood. I'd smelled smoke yesterday. Now I know why. 

I hiked down the road to look for weeds. More Houndstongue. I need more bags. I started feeling puny, and decided I better come back for breakfast. On the return hike I discovered fresh bear scat. Looks like the most likely candidate for the rotting meat/rancid fat smell was a bear. The poo was only a few days old, upwind of the trailer by a couple hundred feet. The smell would come from blood and guts left on the bear's fur after eating. Bears being messy eaters and all. Mystery solved. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

5:45 a.m.
Yesterday afternoon they burnt slash piles on the timber property. They only burned for a couple of hours.The wind was blowing from that direction. The smoke smelled of diesel. I had to stay in. Later that evening and during the night I got painful skin reactions.  I'm going to have to amend my notice request to include burning. I figured I'd have to make a formal, written accommodation request anyway, since Mr. McClellum basically blew me off. 

12:57 p.m.
I contacted ODFW about spec.s for burn barrels, and found out there is a permit notification site on ODF. I signed up. I'll get notified when anybody files for a permit for forest activity, like burning and chemicals. πŸ‘

Thursday, July 6, 2017

One Week To Go...

Monday, June 19, 2017

6:30 a.m
Good Morning! I had a lovely weekend! For the first time since 2004 I got to participate in celebrating Father's Day. Traditionally, at our house, Father's Day has always been celebrated by attending my husband's father's family reunion. When I became so chemically sensitive, due to my toxic injuries that they sent me home to die saying "Avoid all fragrances (toxins)." I could no longer go. I stayed home and the rest of my family went. One of the organizers was a proud Avon rep. In my husband's family you don't "impose" on other people by asking them to accommodate, or even change a behavior. I was prohibited from attending. But back to the point, my husband, daughter, son-in-law and "little buddies" came and camped with me over the weekend. They stayed in a separate trailer. Sunday they went on to the Family Reunion. It was wonderful having company

 for almost the whole weekend! My mother and father-in-law came for several hours on Saturday too! 

I have to admit, I was pretty tired after they all left. But it was a good tired. Chasing little buddies around is hard work! 

Rosie and Daisy had a terrific time too! They ran and chased and played with each other and Joey until they couldn't run any more. My daughter told me Daisy used to hate getting in her traveling crate. Last time they came she was not happy about having to ride in her crate and fought being put into it. Then she pouted and sulked the whole ride. This time when she saw them putting it in the car she got all excited, and could barely wait to get in it! Thats a smart little doggie, with a good memory! It doesn't matter what fun thing we go to, Rosie still hates riding in my baja. She actually prefers the RV, even with the things flying out of the cupboards and refrigerator!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Good morning! I spent yesterday doing laundry, reading, knitting and resting. Laundry in a 5 gal. bucket doesn't go very fast. It was warm again, pushing the temperature to 79°F inside. Too hot for me, but the insects loved it. Several kinds of flies had a major hatch, including blue bottle flies and those little hover flies that look like bees. I can't remember their name and don't have an insect ID app. Caddis flies hatched out too. The forest was buzzing an' humming. The bees were out in industrial force. I saw 6-8 extra large bumble bees. And that was just between me and my laundry station. I also got a surprise visit from a humming bird! I had the window open. I started hearing a loud, deep hurrumming noise. I thought it sounded kind of like a bull frog. I leaned toward the window to look out and right on the other side of the screen, two inches off my nose, the humming bird darted up. She hovered there for a second or two and zipped away. Pretty cool. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 7:16 a.m.
I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to frame this next piece of info, not for you, for me. I have learned that happiness is an internal decision, not the result of external circumstances. Ron told me last night that we won't be closing on the 23rd (that chapter title didn't last long!) The reasons are valid. Its the road issue. He's been waiting to hear back from the County Planner, so we can move ahead... He finally got word yesterday that the Planner's on vacation! He spoke with Ron right before he left. Ron told him he'd be getting documents for him to review this week for our closing. He could have mentioned his upcoming vacation then. @@ Anyway, he won't be back until next week. Some other things Ron learned have pushed our closing date back further. Possibly a month. SIGH (that's a big sigh). So, I'm trying to adjust my attitude. 

Ron also informed me that my daughter and her family got so little sleep while they were here that its not likely that they'll want to come camping again. SIGH.  Little buddies didn't want to nap, and were cranky. They wouldn't sleep so "Mommy and Daddy" didn't sleep either. It didn't help that the buddies were right in front of the door. He feels that if we bought a larger, more luxurious camper for them to stay in, with buddy bunks, they might come back. Hmmm. They're staying in the camper Ron's folks bought and camped out in with 4 kids. I remember when our kids were little, we had a 10'x10' tent. When I was a little kid we slept out on the ground, no tent. Later, we had a 10'x10' tent for 8 people. It was crowded, sure. But that was part of camping. I thought the 10'x10' tent Ron and I had was pretty luxurious, it had a separate section for shoes and coats. "A camper!? That's for softies!" said the woman who now lives in an RV. πŸ™„

Ron looked at a few on craigslist. I don't mind him buying a bigger, nicer one, even if it was just for him. I had some stipulations. Before he can get a new one, this one (they left it here for future uses) goes. And not back to our farm. It goes home to his mother. "She doesn't want it." he informed me. "Then sell it for her." I replied. He's going to ask her. The next thing, it can't be stinky. That's going to be hard. Most people use toxic fragranced products. Camping people especially make extensive use of "Fabreeze." I don't want it sitting around up here destinkifying and polluting my air. And finally, it has to have enough room for Ron to sleep in there too. He slept in the canopy of his truck, on an air mattress, this last weekend. He's getting too old for that. Watching him crawl out was painful.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

6:55 a.m.
A low flying plane woke me up at 6:30 a.m. There was one yesterday. It was a little later in the morning. Since I was up when the one flew over yesterday, I laid eyes on it. It was an ag plane. I really had to debate with myself as to wether to do something about it or not. It could get me retaliation. Been down that road. I looked up the county vector control website. I called. Multiple times. He never answered. There were no office hours. I asked Ron to looked up county weed control and give me the number. I figured I better talk to him too, since our closing date is being postponed. I got the county weed control guy. Its the county road master. The gentleman Ron's been talking to. He made the connection. I made sure to sound real positive and cheerful. They have a formal owner maintenance program here. In the county where my farm is, they don't. But they do basically the same thing for me and a few others. So Ron will get some signs when he's in town on a week day.  The County Road Master told me the vector control guy works at night. I called him back and left a message. Then when I hiked up Cell Hill I went to the county noxious weed page. I copied it. It didn't have pictures, so I used my wildflower app. We have a few of the "Class A noxious weeds." Houndstongue and Hawkweed I've already identified. There are a couple more I need to verify. 

Roger came by with an extension for closing for me to sign last night, 7:30 p.m. He confirmed they had an offer on the property south of us. Good thing we made an offer right away! I checked with him if it was o.k. for me to start removing noxious weeds. He said "Not a problem." Just crossin' my "Ts."

Rosie and I were both surprised that it was 46°F in here this morning. She's actually hogging my spot on the sofa, in case its warmer than hers. She's never been a cuddler, so I'm enjoying the rare opportunity. Though the gurgles in her tummy are giving me pause... At some point, they will emit as a gaseous cloud. And guess which end is snuggled up against me?

11:24 a.m.
Rosie and I went out and collected the table we'd set up yesterday to sign papers on. Then we headed out to do a little weeding. I realized I needed to review the differences between "Sulfur Cinquefoil" and "Cream Cinquefoil." So I left those. I focused on "Houndstongue." There wasn't any along the drive. I crossed the meadow. I knew there was some out Violet Way. I was working on the second patch when I realized I'd lost my glasses. Arrrrgh! I dug around in the grass and weeds where I was standing. Didn't find them. We looked all the way back down Violet Way. I did find a cigarette stub. 😠 We got to the meadow. I prayed I did not lose them there, in the long grass. We searched but didn't find them on our first pass. I looked all around the spot where I'd set the table back up. Nothin'. We continued retracing our steps back up the drive. I found them near where I'd broken down the table. Whew! Guess I better make a keeper! 

3:04 p.m.
How disgusting! I'm sore from that teensy bit of weeding I did! Pathetic!

Friday, June 23, 2017

6:12 a.m.
Cold! 43°F in here this morning, Brrrrrr! I've got the heater running and the coffee pot on!

This was supposed to be Closing Day. πŸ™ At this point I don't even have a new date. It will happen. Just not today. So time to gird up my big girl panties and get on with it. I'm planning on doing more weeding this morning and hiking up Cell Hill. If there's enough left in me after weeding that is. There wasn't yesterday and I had business I had to do. Talk about frustratingly slow. I couldn't do anything big but I was able to get my business done and check my FB page. I even got out a short response to Patti. That was a bonus. I didn't think it would even go.  Once I poop myself out its back to knitting and laundry. I'd like to be looking for an LGD, but fences need mending first. The coyotes are getting bolder. Theres been lots of howling the last couple nights. Though somethings not typical with these coyote calls. The pitch is deeper, there's less yodeling/kiyiing. I wondered if these were hybrids? I read where Eastern Red Wolves were crossing with coyotes and migrating south and west. Made me wonder. The wolves in this area are "restocked." If there aren't enough mates, they could interbreed with coyotes... Maybe I should check with Fish and Game?

10:28 a.m.
Cell was down this morning. No call from Ron. I went out and did my weeding after making a leash for my glasses. I got more done than yesterday. I pulled up the Sulphur Cinquefoils along the drive too. I have more Houndstongue along Violet Way to eradicate, but I need a shovel. They have a deep tap root. They take more effort than the cinquefoil. I worked on Houndstongue until I was tired, then switched. I came back to rest before hiking up Cell Hill. I checked cell service, it was back up. Called Ron. His folks are coming to visit our daughter and her family this weekend, and want to come visit here with Ron. Ron and I are both wondering if the pack sounds we're hearing are wolves?

I climbed the hill and posted the next chapter. Patti was excited to find out what happened next. While I was up there, I heard quite a ruckus east of us. Sheep, the pack. I was trying to download some audio on "wolf sounds." Only they play when you do that. Not a good idea. I uploaded the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife wolf page instead and called them when I returned to the RV. I asked her about the "coyote like" howling I'du heard. I told her there was no "kiiyiing, and it was lower." She said, "Nah, it was wolves." I've learned something else new. Wolves make lots more sounds than just the classic howl. The one I did download, sounded exactly like what I'd heard yesterday from up on Bear Top. I think I'm going to have to change the name to Wolf Top. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Planning, Locating and Other Positive Steps

Saturday,  June 10, 2017
7:15 p.m.

I started out the day hiking up Cell Hill to call my Dad before the rain set in. I found the same spot next to a 5' stump that gets 5 bars. I didn't take my ipad but I'll try to remember to tomorrow. The view is spectacular. When I first called Debby she was just leaving to go visit him. When she arrived she found that my Dad wasn't up yet. He's finally sleeping in his bed! The staff greeted Debby with comments about how social he was. She's quite pleased with his progress. When the rain started I hiked back down. I got a bunch of texts from Debby all the way down the hill. My Dad was still sleeping. When I got back to the RV I took my shower since Debby relayed that Ron was on his way.

When Ron got here it was raining steadily. He had some breakfast and then hauled out the sledge hammer and fixed my step. Then we both put on our hiking boots and toured the possible building sites. 
Ron voiced his concerns. The spot I like for my house has lots of rocks. He feels it may indicate shallow top soil and then bedrock, with no possibility of putting in the daylight basement I want. He thought it might cause problems for the septic field, too. He had concerns about where I would go when they drill the well. They use a big stinky rig. I'd already thought of that and showed him the spot down at the end of Violet Way where I planned to relocate my RV whenever stinky equipment needs to be used. We discussed the locations of propane tanks and the generator, as well as solar panel arrays. 

We also discussed were to park the trailer for Alex, Justin and the boys for next weekend. πŸ˜€ 

While we were out hiking Rosie spotted something in the woods. We kept walking. Suddenly I realized she was no longer with us. She'd taken off.  I whistled and called. Nothing. I walked back and whistled and called again. Finally, sproinging and racing she came bounding back through the brush. She was excited, grinning and soaked. I have no idea what she was investigating. It was near the spot where we heard the grouse. It could also have been deer, elk or any number of other critters. I could see Ron was on the verge of chasing off with her to see what it was. I mentioned grouse and his interest doubled. But it was already late and we still had chores.

We did supplies after that and headed down the mountain to fill the tanks. I had two problems. I hit a rut at an angle pulling out of the meadow, causing my RV to buck and rock. My refrigerator door burst open, despite my having taped it shut, throwing a quart jar of half-n-half out. It struck something, broke its plastic lid and exploded 1/2 n 1/2 all over the galley. It was like a cream bomb went off. There was cream running down the microwave, the walls, across the floor, spattered on the ceiling and out of the now closed refrigerator. The door, having launched its dairy grenade had swung shut again. I was surprised Rosie didn't panic. She's getting used to things flying out of the cupboards when I drive, I guess. I had to stop and mop it all up. I used all the throw rugs and half a roll of paper towels. I threw them all down the steps to deal with when I returned. The second was the mud hole. We've had so much rain that it was a deep squishy mess. My poor RV fishtailed, slipped and churned her way through it. At one point I wasn't sure we were going to make it up the slope! We were actually sliding backwards!

When I got back here I took the rugs and spread them out over branches and stumps so the rain could clean them for me. There were some great storms lining up. Wouldn't you know it, in an hour and a half the sky had cleared and its sunny! Lol 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

6:57 a.m.
Good morning! The sky is a glorious clear blue. The sun is just climbing up to peek over the tree tops that blanket Huckleberry Hill and stretch its warm rays into our windows. I slept through the night and woke up at 5:30 a.m.. The down side was that without running the heat in the middle of the night, it was 43°F in here. Its taken this long to warm it up enough to write. Its still only 54°F. When I first put up the blinds the sun was stretching its fingers over the long meadows to the west that lay between Huckleberry Hill and Cell Hill. The mist was rising off the grass and hung in a thin sheet of fog that floated 6' off the ground. The grass beneath glowed golden green with the promise of a warm sunny day. 

Rosie is curled up on the sofa, under her blanket in front of the heater and sees nothing whats-so-ever to wax poetic about. 

I got internet access back! I finally got the sim card from my cell carrier to get service on my ipad. I went up to the top of Cell Hill again this morning and sucked in all the hundreds of missed emails. I unsubscribed from a bunch of stuff. I only get a limited amount of data. I want to prevent all unnecessary bleeding off of my data bytes.

I also talked with my Dad. He was in excellent spirits. He cracked jokes and was quite chatty. It was so much better than he had been! He was still having trouble with vocabulary and following the conversation, but he was no longer depressed. He's definitely benefiting from the social setting. I'm so pleased!

Afterwards I made that call to Bob, the cattle rancher, that I wanted to finish. I mostly just wanted to thank him. Turns out we're both shirttail relatives by marriage (his late wife, my husband)! We talked cattle, and sheep. He told me his riders had seen a lot of bear sign. I told him my plans for livestock guardian dogs. I asked about wether he'd known a gentleman from around where he lives that I used to know (he's passed now). Bob had known him. We talked a little bit about him. He was a relative of my husband's that I really enjoyed visiting with back when I could attend the reunions. He was a very interesting character. Then Rosie and I hiked back to our RV home.

2:09 p.m
I spent hours both before and since the last post deleting emails! Then I got an enjoyable call from a friend. She's planning a visit after closing. And a call from Ron. He wanted to let me know he'd ordered a propane generator for this weekend. πŸ™‚ That does relieve my mind. I was worrying about exhaust fumes.

4:17 p.m.
I started a bucket of laundry: The throw rugs. I set out shoes to dry and hung up wet socks. My feet have been wet for the last three days. I rubbed the skin off a couple of places hiking up the hill this morning with wet shoes and socks. So I sat outside with bare feet for awhile to dry them out. But, I got bored. I decided to tidy up the area around the little fire circle someone had made. That didn't take long. Still bored, I thought, "How about a short stroll out Violet Way? I don't have to go all the way to the end." So I put on my last dry pair of shoes and we meandered over there. While I was walking I noticed all the sharp sticks and limbs that could puncture a tire, or damage the body of the RV when I would have to drive back there to get away from stinky equipment. I started picking them up and putting them to the side of the track. After closing, when Ron brings me some tools, like a wheel barrow, I'll collect them. Eventually we got to the end so we turned around and started back. I happened to notice a suspicious, dark pile of stuff on the opposite side of the meadow, in under some trees. It could be more rusty junk that would need cleaning up. I decided to make my way over there and check it out. It was just huge butts of large old logs. I then noticed some unnatural earth formations and hiked up the hill to investigate. They were just the remains of old burn piles, well aged. So we meandered back to the meadow and headed south along the mostly dried up stream that runs from pond to pond. I was surprised it was so dry with all the rain we've had. Eventually we crossed back over and walked up through the trees onto Violet Way. Storm clouds were gathering and I started worrying about my shoes and socks. I hurried. In a few minutes we arrived back at camp, I collected my stuff and we parked ourselves on the sofa for a well earned rest. Rosie thinks its dinner time already, but doesn't she always?

Monday, June 12, 2017

6:30 a.m. 
Raining. With gusty winds. I woke up early and started the generator and heat. It was above 60°F in here when we got up. I won't be hiking up Cell Hill in this.

7:55 a.m. 
As I hung up from my call with Ron I looked out the window to see a deer run through camp and up Huckleberry Hill. It was coming from the front of the property and appeared as though it had been alarmed by something. Not sure what that would have been, a cow? A vehicle on the road? A large branch from a tree blown down? I have yet to see any predators or their scat. Not that it couldn't have been one.

12:35 p.m.
I was just finishing up lunch when Rosie gave her "intruder!" Bark. I looked out the window, "Wow!" At first I wondered if there were moose around here because she was so leggy and HUGE! It was a cow elk. Its hard to tell from the picture but she's actually taller than most horses. I'd estimate her at 17 or 18 hands. She appears to have been disturbed while calving as there were legs sticking out... She looked as though she was going to bed down right under the trees across from us until Rosie barked. Then she staggered back up and crept away. The shepherdess in me wanted to go after her and "assist," but the reality of that - wouldn't happen.

Anyway, still working laundry, and knitting. Its continuing windy, but not much rain, and in the mid 60s, so comfortable. 

9:07 p.m.
Shots fired. Sounds like by the corrals, on the 80, or on the property to the east. Hard to say. We'll check it out in the morning. If I went over to check it out now, I'd be coming back through the woods with no clear trail in full dark. I started the generator in hopes they'd think it was a 4 wheeler and scram.

Earlier this evening I saw another cow elk. Actually, I heard her first. It sounded like a puppy yipping. I looked out and she was crossing the meadow, headed for the Pine Woods. She had her head up and was calling to her friends.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6:02 a.m. 
Woke up at 3:00 a.m. detoxing my lungs. I never could get back to sleep. I gave up and made coffee at 5:00 a.m. 

Even though it remained windy thru the night, my laundry was still on the line. πŸ˜€ That was a nice surprise. I expected it to either be in the dirt (because the line snapped) or wrapped around a tree behind me (down wind). The throw rugs still aren't dry, but I brought in Rosie's seat cover. The sky is overcast so I'm not sure if we'll get those rugs completely dry before the rain begins. 

10:46 a.m.
I should not go hiking before breakfast. I did. I'm regretting it. I started out to just check out the gate for signs of shooting. I didn't find any. I ended up hiking in and out of all the draws along the front and fighting through all the brush. We came out down by the corrals then swung back around through the sheep meadows to the RV. I limped the whole time. That spot that I'd rubbed the flesh off a few days ago is still an open sore. I'd bandaged it and placed folded paper towels between it and the spot that was rubbing. It wasn't too bad, but I did limp. I brought in the throw rugs and hung out the next one. I still felt pretty good. This is where I made my mistake. I decided to hike up Cell Hill. I should have stopped to eat. Once I got up there, with low blood sugar, lots of wind whipping my breath away (asthma) and distractions, my accounts not liking me accessing from a new location and requiring all security protocols, the heavy equipment operating two valleys away, etc. (the noise was whiney like an over sized mosquito), my frustration level was ultra high. When they wanted me to re-enter my credit card #, which was back at the RV, I admitted defeat. Ugh. I tottered back down the hill. Dang. So now I'm resting so I can make breakfast. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6:50 a.m.
I rested most of yesterday. I wrote responses to emails and worked on knitting. Not much to tell. 

12:27 p.m.
I hiked up Cell Hill again to finish ordering a present for my grandson. Yep, I ate first. The wind had dropped to a gentle breeze, too. That helped. I realized some of my problem yesterday was that some of the Insecticided cows were up wind of me. Bob had put them on the property next door. On a normal, not windy day, they were far enough away, it wouldn't have mattered. With the high winds yesterday, I got an exposure. I figured it out when I realized my eyes and throat were "burnt" after I got back. There was some irritation today. Rosie had kept telling me there was something back in the trees. Probably the toxic cows.

One of the things I'm trying to research on the net is cell boosters, so I (and guests) don't have to hike to the top of the hill every time we need to use it. That will keep my exposures down since that cell stump is right on the fence line. My neighbor needs to be able to conduct whatever business he wants without checking with me. Thats the reason for buying this big of a property. 

8:13 p.m.
I fell down coming down a hill. I broke my fall with my right hand, left elbow and knee. Since I averted the face plant onto sharp rocks, I'm good. It was a stick that tripped me up. One end caught on my shoe, the other buried itself in the ground and I went over it. Bruised but other wise o.k. It was a nice 70°F afternoon and I was checking out a closer hill, which I have named "Bear Top," to see if I could get good cell reception there. I did not see any bears or even sign. It has a flat top and it just seemed like a place one would see a bear. I did hear something big in the brush, but it was most likely an elk or deer jumping up and running away.  Lets just say that was it... I heard more shooting, as I was picking myself up, so we walked over to the corrals. We didn't see anybody.  I arnica balmed the bruised places when we got back. I did find myself walking into a spot where an animal had bedded down and had face and eye burning as a result. Must have been a cow.

I was having trouble with my hair so I brushed it out. It took me a couple of hours. I'd had another major hair loss episode. πŸ˜’

Afterwards I aired out the RV, cleaned floors, swept and shook out rugs and seat covers. I'm doing laundry. When I went out to check it just now there is a "furry animal smell." I can't really tell what kind of animal. Though it does smell a little like cat, or bunny. Does that make sense to you? Or am I the only one that sniffs critters? 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

1:45 p.m
Same routine. Nothin' new to share. The highlight of the day so far is that I got my laundry off the line before the rain. Just knitting.

Friday, June 16, 2017

6:41 a.m. 

I broke my 2.5mm knitting needle twice yesterday. So knitting is on hold. First it snapped off leaving me 1.5" piece. I sharpened and sanded it. Kept knitting with the stub. I also emailed the company for a replacement. They were really great about it when I broke a 2.0mm before. (Haven't heard a word from them this time, 3 weeks later...)

But then the tine, that goes into the tube broke off. I whittled the longer snapped off piece's end down to make a new tine and shoved it into the tube but it wont stay. Waiting for Ron to bring UV glue.

I think today is going to be shower day. Tomorrow I'll have company. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Insecticided Cattle Go Bye Bye

Monday, June 5, 2017

6:15 a.m.
Cold this morning! I actually ran the generator for 2 hrs to get the temperature up to 59°F. I opened the east blinds and am waiting for the sun. The sky is cloudless. There's frost on the grass in the clearing outside my window. My digital thermometer is telling me the low temperature was only 52°F in here. It felt colder than that to me. I must be having a bit of hypothermia. 

Last night Ron called me at 9:00 p.m.. Roger had just texted him. The cattle rancher had been chasing down cattle that broke out of their summer pastures in another part of the county all day. I feel bad for the guy. He promised to get here first thing in the morning. I kinda think the cattle here might have broken out of the 80, too. I heard mooing south of my current location, which is too far west. I just hope those aren't his cattle. They could be someone else's. Lets hope that for him. When Ron gets a chance he'll hike the 80 and check fences. If they're good, we'll know the cows belong to someone else. 

1:42 p.m.
I've been knitting, texting and trying to keep warm. Then the sun got up past the trees, and its too warm. @@ 

The cattlemen, and women, arrived around 10:00 a.m. With horses and dogs. I was relieved to see the horses (no ATVs!). The rancher's "men" were mostly under the age of 25. A couple of them looked 16. A few of them were girls. They finished quickly and left about 11:30 a.m.. The rancher stopped by to apologize on his way out, but I told him it wasn't necessary, it wasn't his fault. It was a mark of character that he apologized anyway. He looked about 80 something. Raised in an era where character and taking responsibility were the norm. He said he thought he got them all, but if I see any stragglers, call. Both he and his (roughly) 18 yr old great grand daughter were very nice.  

Ron has checked with the County Road Department. They say there is no public road on this property. Still waiting on confirmation from County Planning. 

4:30 p.m.
County Planning confirmed what the Road Department said. Ron called Roger and had him submit the paperwork. 

The older model dark blue pickup sped by again. I have no idea if he stopped this time, as he approached from behind me. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

9:07 a.m.
Up in the night with pain and bloating. My digestive system has been down. Judging by the location of the pain now, I think I finally got it moving again. 

Ron called on his way to Portland, just as I was waking up. He's going to help my stepmother, Debby, move my father to a memory care facility. Its going to be hard on everybody. My father's dementia has progressed to the point that he's rarely cognizant, highly suspicious and often violent. Apparently he ordered his sister out of the house yesterday, during a full blown temper tantrum. She'd come down to help with the transition. Debby is trying to make it as smooth as possible for him. Intermittently he regains his right mind and apologizes for the trouble he's causing. Its heartbreaking. The hope is that he will find the activities and social life engaging, making him less frightened and agitated. Plus they have people to help him up when he falls, etc. My father likes Ron, and my stepmother hopes he will be a calming influence. I believe her brother-in-law is also standing by. I pray this goes smoothly. 

5:10 p.m.
Ron called and told me that the initial transition went pretty well. All my stepmother's planning paid off. Hopefully the next few days will go well, also. My Dad liked the attention the staff showered on him at first. He did tire of them pretty quickly. He recognized Ron, though he couldn't remember his name. Ron did a good job keeping my Dad's spirits up. Once they shoo'd the staff out Ron said, "Great! Now that their all out of here, lets order in some beers!" Neither of them drink beer, but its the kind of joking around that my Dad enjoys and Ron's good at. Debby had my father's room all set up with some of his favorite furniture and important pictures and memorabilia. He has a large flat screen monitor with a slide show of pictures as his screen saver. He has his photo albums. Ron said he was in and out of cognizance. He did mostly remember the reason his wife gave him for being there: that she needed to go take care of her mother for a few days. He did tell Ron that even though they were telling him "a few days," he figured it would be 2-3 months. At one point he told them he was ready to go home now. I was worrying that he might try to leave on his own but Ron said its pretty secure. Hopefully he'll adjust quickly. 

Ron did say Roger sent him documents. More seller signatures on stuff. He'll review them from a full sized screen later. We talked a little bit about the stuff we wanted to start with once we close. I let Ron know that I did have realistic expectations about how fast things can get done. I'm hoping that when he comes on weekends he will line me out on stuff to work on each week. As a for instance, identifying the front property line so I can pound fence posts and fix the fence. When that's completed, he can stretch the wire, I'll clip it. That kind of thing.  If need be I can stretch wire by hand, but he insists that he do it with an ATV or the Kabota tractor. 

No traffic on the road today at all.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

8:53 a.m.
Heating water for dishes.

I slept through the night, waking up around 4:15 a.m.. Not so much cold or symptoms, as starving. I did the usual coffee/Rosie breakfast routine, packed everything up and drove down to see if I could get out to open the gate. Success! Well partial success. I forgot to pull in the step and I messed it up going through the mud hole spot. 

I'm back on the property. I've set up in a different location since the original spot was very close to where the cows liked to bed down. I took the time to set up level. I'll have nice afternoon shade here, reducing the need for running the a/c. 

I took my camp chair and placed it on a spot some distance away that got better cell reception. Not even a single bar right here. I called Ron when I thought he might be on his way to work. While we talked, I sat in the morning sun and enjoyed the peace. The insecticide didn't seem to make a dent in the mosquito population. I was hoping there would be a silver lining...

10:38 a.m.
When we came in I noticed there was one lock gone from the front gate. It must have belonged to the rancher. So I hiked over to the corrals to check those locks and chains. They were gone, too. I checked with Roger to see if I could put chains and locks up myself but he said to wait for closing.

11:36 a.m. 
Oops! I missed one of my grandson's birthdays yesterday. I didn't have very good cell service anyway, but still. So I called my daughter-in-law's cell, no answer, voicemail box full. I called my son, he was at work. I arranged a time to call Gabriel this afternoon. It would be evening for them in Texas.

4:56 p.m.
I made my call to Gabriel from the same place I called Ron this morning. Four years old! Their lives are rushing past and I'm missing it. I was walking back, dragging my chair, when I noticed 3 head of Angus cattle on the south end of the cattail pond. I called Roger, so he could let the rancher know, then hustled up and got in the RV, shutting the window and vent. As I was coming t'ward the RV I started smelling the chemicals again and my throat is giving me problems.πŸ˜• 

Wouldn't you know it they moseyed over and are grazing and bedding down right next to the RV. The rancher will try to get here in the morning. I hope he's early. Roger got permission to give me his name and number. 

We're stuck in here until he comes, or they wander off. I'm worried about Rosie's need to potty. Its a bull, a cow and a calf. I took this out the rear window. Nice looking cattle!


I tried starting the generator and the a/c in hopes that they'd leave. Nope. 

7:30 p.m. They finally decide to move on. I last saw them disappearing into the timber east of the cattail pond. The pond is on the other side of the grass berm behind them in the pic.

During my evening call from Ron I learned that my Dad had a sleepless night last night. He roamed the halls all night long looking for his wife and trying to get out so he could get home. Debby decided the original plan to leave him there, by himself, for a couple of days before going back was not a good idea. Instead she spent the entire day with him today. She was hoping he'd nap in his chair. I don't think he did. The narrative I got from Ron was unclear on that point. Debby had sent out emails, but I don't get them yet. My Dad and Debby looked at his photo albums of his adventures, and were visited by a few of the other residents. One of the pictures they hung on his wall was an announcement poster heralding a book signing for one of his books. It generated some conversations with the residents. My Dad continued to ask to go home. Its got to be heartbreaking for both of them. I know it breaks mine.

Ron also relayed the findings on the road that's shown on the property map during that call. It took a lot of digging but he eventually uncovered the history. It is a public road. It was dedicated in 1892. The previous Title searches don't include it. The petition was never completely finalized. The road has no name. It hasn't been used in something close to a hundred years. It will still have to go through the formal process of vacancy. Ron recently went through a similar situation like this in another county, for a client. It was a real mess because they'd ignored it, built on it, then the county wanted to develop it... They hired Ron to clear up the mess. Thats why he wants this taken care of now. He put together a bunch of info for the estate, and volunteered to do all the work for free if they submit it and pay the fee. Since they're the long time property holder it would be better if they initiate it. There will have to be a public hearing, with notice. It will be cheaper and faster if they elect to have Ron do it and their lawyer is not involved. They meet tomorrow to vote on it. Its up to them.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

7:30 a.m.
It was a peaceful night, with mild detox at 3:00 a.m.. I have some symptoms, painful, but not severe. Rosie and I got up at 6:00 a.m.. No sign of the cows. We spent a little time outside getting soaked by dew and playing stick. No call from Ron this morning. He'd had to go in early because there was a train derailment at work yesterday, and repairs have been underway. Inspections and blaming "sessions" were scheduled for early this morning. Basically its going to be a day of heated arguments for him. We are now waiting for the cattle rancher, Bob.

9:24 a.m.
Well, bummer!! My symptoms escalated to severe, "All Shots, All Meds" level. Lying here trying to recover before the cattle people come and find me a mess; Bob already feels bad enough. 

Ron did call briefly around 8:30 a.m. to touch base. I didn't tell him about the rising symptoms. He already had a full plate of stress. There's nothing he can do about it anyway. "Its my burden. Its mine, and mine alone to bare." (Frodo Baggins) 

1:20 p.m.
There's a lull in the rain. Its been pouring since 10:00 a.m.. I stopped expecting Bob once the rain began. If the rain really stops, he might yet come today. If the cows show up at the pond at 4:30 again, that would be an excellent time.

Ron texted me saying he had a good call from the executor of the estate. I'll have to wait until later to find out the "skinny." 

I got a call from Debby. She put my Dad on. Apparently he no longer remembers he has children unless he's looking at the pictures. He hasn't slept in his bed yet. Debby did say that when she told him she needed to go he said, 

"I'll stay here and pick up chicks." A moment of clarity and humor. That made Debby feel pretty good.

3:00 p.m.
Ron called. He had a few minutes. He wanted to share his conversation with the executor with me. He said the executor, John, informed him that he (Ron) was now the estate's agent for the road vacancy. He also relayed that the estate's board of trustees were "... thrilled that shirttail relatives were purchasing this property." He also said that they were told originally that "relatives wanted to camp on this property for 2 weeks. There was no mention of my interest in buying it. They've had a lot of trouble with relatives that have camped and left trash all over. When they said "No," they were next told that I offered to pay (to camp here). Well, I did, because I was that interested in seeing if it would work for me. But there was still no mention to them by the listing agent of my interest in buying it! They feel that with everything thats happened, and that we're still going forward, it must be "meant to be." I told Ron, "Or, it could be that their "shirttail relatives" are just stubborn..." Anyway they voted to approve the sale. Its Official!

Friday, June 9, 2017

7:54 a.m.
I got a call from Bob. He apologized for not getting here yesterday. I told him it was raining so hard up here they couldn't have done a thing. He'll be up in about an hour to an hour and a half. He was also going to apologize for missing some, but I told him we have Angus down in the valley, and I know how they are. 

I also got my Friday morning call from Ron and the boys on their way to daycare. Last one until fall. I shared with the boys about the dead snake Rosie and I found 2 days ago. It had been stepped on in the cattle drive. I told Joey it was still a little bit alive when I found it, but I didn't have any snake's ointment or snake bandages, so I couldn't save it. Then I told him about the really big snake I almost stepped on last week. He wants to see them. I told him I had seen Fox's house, and Snake's house, but I hadn't seen any owls. Joey knew immediately that I was referring to the story of "the Gruffalo."  He claimed to have a gruffalo at his house. I wonder if they're making gruffalo toys now? They certainly merchandise everything else. It could be an imaginary one. He has quite the imagination. He told me he was going to stomp on that gruffalo with his feet. I told him to be sure and wear strong shoes because, remember, "Gruffalos have sharp spines on their backs." Lol

I told them about the deer that came down to check out Rosie and I last evening. He wants to see that, too! We even talked about the cowboys coming to round up the cows this morning. Toby had a lot to add to the conversation but most of it wasn't intelligible. I think it helps Ron to have me entertain the boys during the drive. Especially since they aren't happy about going to daycare.

9:50 a.m.
Cowgirls rode passed. I heard one of their horses calling to a horse friend. I went to the rear window and saw two more horsemen riding across one of the upper meadows. I did't see the cows though. I'm hoping I just missed the cows running out ahead.

Twenty minutes later the cowboys made another pass along the front fence. Boy did one of the horses holler! I'm wondering if they kicked those cows up this time?  

10:37 a.m. 
The cowgirls made another pass. Nothing more after that.

12:42 p.m.
Bob called around noon. We are (hopefully) cow free! There were actually 2 cows with calves, and the bull. I lost the call, so I didn't get to thank him properly. When the thunder storm passes I'll go out and make a call with a little more signal strength. We are having another downpour which will be good for me. Washing the property clean. I let Roger know, and gave him the update I'd got from Ron last night. Just as we finished that call the T-storm started. I texted Ron and shut everything down including the cellphone. It was right on top off us. I couldn't even count to one. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up.