Monday, July 10, 2017

Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings

Sunday, July 2, 2017

6:33 a.m.
Good morning! It seems like the perfect day to count my blessings. Perfect because I needed to be reigned in. You see, yesterday I didn't post because I didn't do any work. We are still waiting for written word from the county on their intentions about this road, and I'm out of garbage bags. So I was moping a bit. But, But! I started thinking about my blessings, and that always kicks moping's hieney. So, 1.) even camped out here, with no improvements, I'm safer and have more freedom. 2.) even with the timber guy burning nasty stuff and/or spraying it gets filtered through the trees, hurts me less and doesn't last as long. 3.) I'm getting healthier: I'm losing the toxic fat, my finger nails are stronger than they've been since I was 6 yrs. old, I'm getting exercise again and can do more. 4.) My friends and family are visiting more since I can get out of my RV, and its safe for my TI friends. 5.) I do have (limited) cell and internet. 6.) I can do laundry regularly. 7.) During the height of spray season, which is fire season,  there's a "stop all industrial work in the forest"policy! That doesn't includes spraying and burning is limited. July and August are the ONLY spray months! 8.) It's beautiful here which restores my soul. 9.) I have food, water and shelter. 10.) God is in control.

I could go on with stuff like I'm finally sleeping through the night, and I'm keeping food down better (less regurge), but I figured 10 was good. Your turn, list 10 blessings. 🤔

I did get lots of calls yesterday. That was really nice. Ron called me a couple of times, I spoke with my daughter about the romper I'm making for the baby girl they're expecting, a woman I, and my husband, have known for years through our business called just to chat. 

After that I put together puzzles on my ipad app. Its pretty close to the real thing, plus you can't lose any pieces.

Monday, July 3, 2017

6:02 a.m. 
I woke up to a unique Great Horned Owl call. It must have been an alarm call of some kind. When we went out to pull down the awning there was a strange faint whirring noise. I mean really faint. I have no idea what it was. 

With the warmer weather an egg yolk yellow fungus bloomed on one of the logs outside my window. I noticed it in several other places in the forest. If its the one I found on the net, its edible!

I downloaded more books yesterday and read after our hike. I discovered a few of Bob's cows were out. They were still too toxic for me to put back in so I called and left him a message.

Did I tell you that Ron is extending the length between visits so he can get some farm work done? Its tough to get anything done on the farm with just one day a week, as he spends the other weekend day resupplying me. He is taking this whole week off to get caught up. I also ordered him to go fishing. He says he'll go Friday and Saturday. I only hope he does. He needs the stress release.

3:37 p.m.
I finished reading my new books. Rosie and I went out and played stick. I decided she needed a "bath" as she had dirt in her fur. I tossed stick in the pond and laughed myself silly as she tried to figure out how to get it back from that tricky water. First she tried bounding out to it, like she normally does, but she didn't like the water's reaction. She was quite perplexed that it wouldn't hold her up. She tried circling around from all kinds of approaches but couldn't find one that got her closer. She waded out there a couple of times but when she grabbed it, she got her mouth full of water so she'd let it go and come back to dry land. She had a great time and eventually figured it out. While she gnawed stick I balled the red yarn for the next baby project. I'd brought it and the equipment out before we went to the pond. I wanted something to do outside while waiting for her to dry out.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

I had a busy day. Rosie and I went down to the corral and deconstructed that fire circle. It was just so tempting, I worried about it constantly. I used a ziploc bag that I had sweet potatoes in to bag up the trash. I pulled up all the rocks and put the cinders into a mud puddle. We pulled sulfur cinquefoil on the way back.

I made Rosie sweet potatoes, we're walking so much she's getting too thin. She needs the added calories.

I pulled a furnace vent tube from under the dinette bench to make more room for drinking water jars. Later I pulled the one under the sink to make room for groceries. 

Someone was shooting on the road. So I put on my hiking clothes and we checked it out. They were gone by the time we got there. More weeding while hiking.

I repaired some broken places on the seal on the coach door. 

Finally, I stitched the ribbons on the legs of my expected granddaughter's romper. I've ordered snaps and buttons. Ron said the snaps arrived yesterday. The original pattern didn't have the inseam opening. But I've changed enough diapers to know its a "must have" feature. I modified the pattern.

I talked with Justin, my Daughter, Joey and Tobes this morning, and Ron, Joey and Tobes this evening when he went over for bar-b-que and to watch the fireworks. The boys got new beds and bedspreads as Mommy was redecorating the Nursery for the new baby. Joey had to take Poppa up to show him the new bedrooms (again). Apparently he's pretty thrilled with them. Tobes, not so much because he had to give up his crib. 

Ron said he'll be coming up Friday, with supplies, on his way to go fishing at Brownlee. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7:26 p.m.
It was a beautiful day here. Sunny, 97°F. Too hot for me, but I do have a/c. Rosie and I got out by 7:30 a.m. and hiked/weeded sulfur cinquefoil, meadow hawkweed and common hawkweed for 3 hours. The last 2 are on the "A" list. We returned to the RV and did chores. At 10:00 a.m. I called the ODF guy Mitch about the burn barrel specs. I asked him a few questions about neighbors burning. I had uploaded an incident report for fires and noticed the slash burns weren't on it. He told me they won't be. The incident report won't cover that unless they lose control of it. Darn! Mitch did e-mail me an excellent hand out on the burn barrel specs. I also tried to call my Dad but he was unavailable. I did get to talk to him in the evening, and he did really, really well. 😀 

I discovered two of my 1/2 gal drinking water jars were moldy. Ron's not coming until Friday morning. We're already low on drinking and wash water. We're low on food too. I have enough eggs for Rosie's breakfast, and one more bowl of gruel for me. Don't know what I'm eating after that.

Got a call from the longhorn rancher. He was checking to see if we still intend to rent pasture to him. We had a nice, and lengthy chat.

Thursday, July 6, 2017
6:30 a.m.
I had an interesting evening. Rosie and I were outside, last night. I was trimming her fur down again. It's growing like weeds! It's so hot, she's really panting between a/c runs. The elk showed up. It was full daylight! They were fine with us being out there. I was sitting in my camp chair with Rosie standing in front of me. They were fine with me standing up and moving around to clean up the clipped fur. They were not fine with me opening the RV door and windows to cool it off in here. They protested loudly with booming barks! 

Then this morning when I stepped out of the RV to pull down the awning (I put it up in the afternoons so if the wind comes up in the night it doesn't wake me up. And I wouldn't have to put it up in the dark... Anyway, I step out of the RV and due west of me I hear the "puppy whining!" The sound is coming from the meadow. I look over there and see... 2 white tail deer! No way! 


I'm going to have to investigate this more! Deer make puppy noises! SMH. I still don't quite believe it, but I've learned that deer say a lot more than I ever thought. I even went out to the area where the sound came from (and the deer were standing), no puppy of any kind.

5:47 p.m.
Roger brought the next extension out for my signature this morning.

I got my first activity notice from ODF. I called several of the guys listed as contacts. One was retired. One, the guy that the official paper work listed as requesting the permit knew nothing about it. I talked with the boss of the retire guy, who was very understanding and gracious, and am tying to make contact with the silviculture steward. 

It's 99°F! It was so hot in here last night I didn't get to sleep until after 1:00 a.m.. Even with opening the windows and doors I couldn't get the heat out. I'm parsing the fuel for the generator, too, so I didn't run the a/c. I'm out of wash water. I remembered Ron had some water in a cooler for guests, so I'll use it. I ate my last gruel custard mid-morning and then a bowl of runny yogurt mixed with maple syrup, mid-afternoon. Still hungry. I have enough meat and sweet potatoes for Rosie's meal tonight, and 3 eggs (+ 1 white) left for her breakfast. We'll split the remaining yogurt in the morning. 

Friday, July7, 2017

8:30 a.m.
I started the week counting blessings, and I'm ending the week the same way. I just spoke with the silviculture steward for the timber company. He was very understanding and very willing to co-operate! He was willing to notify, watch wind directions and take steps to minimize pesticide drift! Praise God!! He even was willing to direct his ag pilots to avoid flying over, or near, my property. I'm so relieved!

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