Thursday, July 6, 2017

One Week To Go...

Monday, June 19, 2017

6:30 a.m
Good Morning! I had a lovely weekend! For the first time since 2004 I got to participate in celebrating Father's Day. Traditionally, at our house, Father's Day has always been celebrated by attending my husband's father's family reunion. When I became so chemically sensitive, due to my toxic injuries that they sent me home to die saying "Avoid all fragrances (toxins)." I could no longer go. I stayed home and the rest of my family went. One of the organizers was a proud Avon rep. In my husband's family you don't "impose" on other people by asking them to accommodate, or even change a behavior. I was prohibited from attending. But back to the point, my husband, daughter, son-in-law and "little buddies" came and camped with me over the weekend. They stayed in a separate trailer. Sunday they went on to the Family Reunion. It was wonderful having company

 for almost the whole weekend! My mother and father-in-law came for several hours on Saturday too! 

I have to admit, I was pretty tired after they all left. But it was a good tired. Chasing little buddies around is hard work! 

Rosie and Daisy had a terrific time too! They ran and chased and played with each other and Joey until they couldn't run any more. My daughter told me Daisy used to hate getting in her traveling crate. Last time they came she was not happy about having to ride in her crate and fought being put into it. Then she pouted and sulked the whole ride. This time when she saw them putting it in the car she got all excited, and could barely wait to get in it! Thats a smart little doggie, with a good memory! It doesn't matter what fun thing we go to, Rosie still hates riding in my baja. She actually prefers the RV, even with the things flying out of the cupboards and refrigerator!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Good morning! I spent yesterday doing laundry, reading, knitting and resting. Laundry in a 5 gal. bucket doesn't go very fast. It was warm again, pushing the temperature to 79°F inside. Too hot for me, but the insects loved it. Several kinds of flies had a major hatch, including blue bottle flies and those little hover flies that look like bees. I can't remember their name and don't have an insect ID app. Caddis flies hatched out too. The forest was buzzing an' humming. The bees were out in industrial force. I saw 6-8 extra large bumble bees. And that was just between me and my laundry station. I also got a surprise visit from a humming bird! I had the window open. I started hearing a loud, deep hurrumming noise. I thought it sounded kind of like a bull frog. I leaned toward the window to look out and right on the other side of the screen, two inches off my nose, the humming bird darted up. She hovered there for a second or two and zipped away. Pretty cool. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 7:16 a.m.
I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to frame this next piece of info, not for you, for me. I have learned that happiness is an internal decision, not the result of external circumstances. Ron told me last night that we won't be closing on the 23rd (that chapter title didn't last long!) The reasons are valid. Its the road issue. He's been waiting to hear back from the County Planner, so we can move ahead... He finally got word yesterday that the Planner's on vacation! He spoke with Ron right before he left. Ron told him he'd be getting documents for him to review this week for our closing. He could have mentioned his upcoming vacation then. @@ Anyway, he won't be back until next week. Some other things Ron learned have pushed our closing date back further. Possibly a month. SIGH (that's a big sigh). So, I'm trying to adjust my attitude. 

Ron also informed me that my daughter and her family got so little sleep while they were here that its not likely that they'll want to come camping again. SIGH.  Little buddies didn't want to nap, and were cranky. They wouldn't sleep so "Mommy and Daddy" didn't sleep either. It didn't help that the buddies were right in front of the door. He feels that if we bought a larger, more luxurious camper for them to stay in, with buddy bunks, they might come back. Hmmm. They're staying in the camper Ron's folks bought and camped out in with 4 kids. I remember when our kids were little, we had a 10'x10' tent. When I was a little kid we slept out on the ground, no tent. Later, we had a 10'x10' tent for 8 people. It was crowded, sure. But that was part of camping. I thought the 10'x10' tent Ron and I had was pretty luxurious, it had a separate section for shoes and coats. "A camper!? That's for softies!" said the woman who now lives in an RV. 🙄

Ron looked at a few on craigslist. I don't mind him buying a bigger, nicer one, even if it was just for him. I had some stipulations. Before he can get a new one, this one (they left it here for future uses) goes. And not back to our farm. It goes home to his mother. "She doesn't want it." he informed me. "Then sell it for her." I replied. He's going to ask her. The next thing, it can't be stinky. That's going to be hard. Most people use toxic fragranced products. Camping people especially make extensive use of "Fabreeze." I don't want it sitting around up here destinkifying and polluting my air. And finally, it has to have enough room for Ron to sleep in there too. He slept in the canopy of his truck, on an air mattress, this last weekend. He's getting too old for that. Watching him crawl out was painful.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

6:55 a.m.
A low flying plane woke me up at 6:30 a.m. There was one yesterday. It was a little later in the morning. Since I was up when the one flew over yesterday, I laid eyes on it. It was an ag plane. I really had to debate with myself as to wether to do something about it or not. It could get me retaliation. Been down that road. I looked up the county vector control website. I called. Multiple times. He never answered. There were no office hours. I asked Ron to looked up county weed control and give me the number. I figured I better talk to him too, since our closing date is being postponed. I got the county weed control guy. Its the county road master. The gentleman Ron's been talking to. He made the connection. I made sure to sound real positive and cheerful. They have a formal owner maintenance program here. In the county where my farm is, they don't. But they do basically the same thing for me and a few others. So Ron will get some signs when he's in town on a week day.  The County Road Master told me the vector control guy works at night. I called him back and left a message. Then when I hiked up Cell Hill I went to the county noxious weed page. I copied it. It didn't have pictures, so I used my wildflower app. We have a few of the "Class A noxious weeds." Houndstongue and Hawkweed I've already identified. There are a couple more I need to verify. 

Roger came by with an extension for closing for me to sign last night, 7:30 p.m. He confirmed they had an offer on the property south of us. Good thing we made an offer right away! I checked with him if it was o.k. for me to start removing noxious weeds. He said "Not a problem." Just crossin' my "Ts."

Rosie and I were both surprised that it was 46°F in here this morning. She's actually hogging my spot on the sofa, in case its warmer than hers. She's never been a cuddler, so I'm enjoying the rare opportunity. Though the gurgles in her tummy are giving me pause... At some point, they will emit as a gaseous cloud. And guess which end is snuggled up against me?

11:24 a.m.
Rosie and I went out and collected the table we'd set up yesterday to sign papers on. Then we headed out to do a little weeding. I realized I needed to review the differences between "Sulfur Cinquefoil" and "Cream Cinquefoil." So I left those. I focused on "Houndstongue." There wasn't any along the drive. I crossed the meadow. I knew there was some out Violet Way. I was working on the second patch when I realized I'd lost my glasses. Arrrrgh! I dug around in the grass and weeds where I was standing. Didn't find them. We looked all the way back down Violet Way. I did find a cigarette stub. 😠 We got to the meadow. I prayed I did not lose them there, in the long grass. We searched but didn't find them on our first pass. I looked all around the spot where I'd set the table back up. Nothin'. We continued retracing our steps back up the drive. I found them near where I'd broken down the table. Whew! Guess I better make a keeper! 

3:04 p.m.
How disgusting! I'm sore from that teensy bit of weeding I did! Pathetic!

Friday, June 23, 2017

6:12 a.m.
Cold! 43°F in here this morning, Brrrrrr! I've got the heater running and the coffee pot on!

This was supposed to be Closing Day. 🙁 At this point I don't even have a new date. It will happen. Just not today. So time to gird up my big girl panties and get on with it. I'm planning on doing more weeding this morning and hiking up Cell Hill. If there's enough left in me after weeding that is. There wasn't yesterday and I had business I had to do. Talk about frustratingly slow. I couldn't do anything big but I was able to get my business done and check my FB page. I even got out a short response to Patti. That was a bonus. I didn't think it would even go.  Once I poop myself out its back to knitting and laundry. I'd like to be looking for an LGD, but fences need mending first. The coyotes are getting bolder. Theres been lots of howling the last couple nights. Though somethings not typical with these coyote calls. The pitch is deeper, there's less yodeling/kiyiing. I wondered if these were hybrids? I read where Eastern Red Wolves were crossing with coyotes and migrating south and west. Made me wonder. The wolves in this area are "restocked." If there aren't enough mates, they could interbreed with coyotes... Maybe I should check with Fish and Game?

10:28 a.m.
Cell was down this morning. No call from Ron. I went out and did my weeding after making a leash for my glasses. I got more done than yesterday. I pulled up the Sulphur Cinquefoils along the drive too. I have more Houndstongue along Violet Way to eradicate, but I need a shovel. They have a deep tap root. They take more effort than the cinquefoil. I worked on Houndstongue until I was tired, then switched. I came back to rest before hiking up Cell Hill. I checked cell service, it was back up. Called Ron. His folks are coming to visit our daughter and her family this weekend, and want to come visit here with Ron. Ron and I are both wondering if the pack sounds we're hearing are wolves?

I climbed the hill and posted the next chapter. Patti was excited to find out what happened next. While I was up there, I heard quite a ruckus east of us. Sheep, the pack. I was trying to download some audio on "wolf sounds." Only they play when you do that. Not a good idea. I uploaded the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife wolf page instead and called them when I returned to the RV. I asked her about the "coyote like" howling I'du heard. I told her there was no "kiiyiing, and it was lower." She said, "Nah, it was wolves." I've learned something else new. Wolves make lots more sounds than just the classic howl. The one I did download, sounded exactly like what I'd heard yesterday from up on Bear Top. I think I'm going to have to change the name to Wolf Top. 

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