Friday, July 28, 2017

Signed, Sealed, Done!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

7:24 p.m. 
It was a fantastic birthday! Joey wanted to spend most of his time relaxing in Grandma's "house." We visited and played imaginary Yoshi's were coming in. They kept popping up everywhere and getting into all kinds of trouble. We'd go to drink our cocoa, there'd be a Yoshi in the cup! We even had a Yoshi battle, throwing Yoshies at each other. Joey started it! (Said in voice of child caught in mischief)  That kid has the greatest imagination! The Yoshies only settled down if you gave them yarn. Luckily I have lots. Joey kept us both entertained! Joey asked me all kinds of questions about yarn, spinning, knitting and all my tools for knitting. So I showed him how I'd cast on and start knitting a Yoshi. He was quite pleased and even understood the concept of which piece I was making. He busied himself with piling up balls of yarn for the (pretend) Yoshies to sleep in. Every so often he'd check, and or remind, me to keep working on knitting the Yoshi. 

He slept that night in Poppa's camper since I don't have any safe (for me) blankies and toys for him. He brought his own from home but they are too smelly for me. Also I wanted to take my shower and my bathroom doors have no locks. No need to risk mentally scarring a 4 year old...

Saturday morning Joey and I had hot cocoa together and let Poppa go back to sleeping in. Then we ate breakfast together outside at the picnic table. Roger and his wife came by at 10:00 a.m. and I signed the closing documents. It was great to finally meet her. Joey played quietly and waited patiently. Ron will sign Thursday when he hands over the check. Rosie was so excited about having company this weekend she forgot her training and ran over to greet Roger's wife. She had residual fragrance and though she didn't touch Rosie, Rosie did all the naughty and came away smelly. Joey and took Rosie to the pond and threw sticks and pinecones in for Rosie to retrieve. I finished cleaning her by hosing her off in the outside shower. Then Joey and I gave his knitted Yoshi from home a bath so he could bring him in "Grandma's house." My daughter and her family arrived before noon. "Toby the Intrepid" marched for miles around the section of woods we are camped out in. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. For my birthday I got a landscaper's cart that can haul 1000 lbs.. I have all kinds of jobs in mind for it. Ron, Justin and Joey put it together for me. Then Justin hauled Toby around in it for an hour. My daughter and her family headed home around 3:00 p.m.. Joey wanted to stay with Grandma "...for days and days!" But I told him he needed to go home with Mommy, Daddy and Toby because they would miss him. He said, "But I will miss my Grandma." Touches my heart. I love that sweet little boy! Ron's planning to ask our daughter if he can bring him back on Thursday. 😀 We'll have him until Saturday again. Then Ron will take him home. 

Ron stayed over this Saturday night, as well. I let him do a lot of napping. He sure needed it. I did laundry. He had put in several hikes while he was here as well as all the other stuff. He hiked the perimeter of the 80 and found that we really only have 1 1/2 of the sides fenced. Lots of work to do there. I got in another shower last night and put on clean sheets. Ron left this morning. I drove the RV back to town with him and we filled and dumped again. He drove back to the farm and I drove up the mountain. I took lots of time setting back up. I got quite the startle from a huge toad. It was the size of a soup bowl! I wouldn't have even seen it, hiding in the grass where I was about to park the RV except it moved. I took a long stick and herded it out of the way. It had hopped under the coach and I didn't want to squish it. The eat mosquitoes and other insects. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and writing a pictogram letter to my other 4 year old grandson Gabriel. I also sewed the buttons on my expected granddaughter's romper and sweater. I worked a little on the knit Yoshi I'm trying to make for Joey. No pattern, so I'm creating it as I go. 

That wraps up my wonderful birthday weekend. 🎂💖🎈🎉

9:39 a.m.
I received a call from Patrick, the silviculture steward. They will be spot spraying an area for tree planting 1/3 of a mile off my NE corner, this morning. He didn't say what they will be using. I didn't ask. His speech was slurred. I wondered if it was from mixing the pesticide or ??? Hope he'll be o.k. I kept it pleasant. I know its hard for these guys to call me. Him keeping the spraying to ground based, spot spraying is very conscientious. Normally they would use a helicopter. I brought in my damp laundry and hung it in the bathroom. Guess we'll find out if my theory about mountains and trees protecting me works.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

9:11 a.m.
Rosie and I spent the day yesterday in the RV. I took her out just before sunset, after the wind dropped. I'd got some adverse symptoms sealed inside, during the day: nausea, stomach pain, regurge, headache, vertigo, hot flashes, chills, skin burning. Tough to sort out what was the cause of all those. Some of that could be lack of oxygen. Some leaking in CO2. Too low for the detectors but enough to elicit responses in me. Anxiety, PTSD. Going out increased the regurge, headache and nausea. But it wasn't "all that bad." This morning there was a 3 mph breeze from the N, when we went out to potty. I could smell faint chemical and my skin reacted. I developed mild lymph pain in my face and ears, and a resurge in regurge. Still "not that bad," all things considered. Texted my appreciation for all Patrick's efforts to him. Got a response indicating everything they'd used. Then I was really impressed by his careful efforts! My theory has merit!

Rosie and I will spend another day locked inside. The wind will be switching directions later to WSW, at 8 mph, which will help blow the toxins back out of our area and lessen the accumulation of volatizing drift. I'll keep you posted on how that effects me. 

7:24 pm.
Still waiting for that WSW 8 mph breeze. We did have some winds out of the SW quadrant, but its been still for hours. I'm waiting for it to cool down. Today I worked on creating that knitted Yoshi pattern until my brain got tired. That's about it. I did eat 3 times, which is a much faster recovery than I used to have.😀 As Patti and I mentioned on my FB page, we're both pretty excited about it! Less hurt, faster recovery! Yes!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7:15 a.m.
Well! It was an exciting morning here on Grandma Mountain! I got out of bed, dragging. I was not at all thrilled about getting a stronger exposure last night. Still pretty mild reactions comparatively. It was the wind blowing from the sprayed side, then not blowing, leaving it all here. It didn't blow at all last night. I was dreading another exposure this morning. I'm worrying about accumulative effect negating all the recovery I've gained. I shuffled glumly to the blinds over the sofa and shoved them up, "whizzzzk!" Thats the noise they make. Right outside the window, on the other side of the shade pine were two cow elk! They had to be no more than 15' from me. I blinked, thinking when my eyes got open again they'd be gone. Nope. They'd frozen, staring at the RV. I blinked a couple more times trying to clear the sleep from my eyes and my brain. They calmly went back to grazing. I whispered to Rosie, who was also begrudgingly getting out of bed, "Elk." That one word electrified her! She sprang to the sofa from halfway down the hall. We watched for several minutes in pleasure and wonder. Rosie doing the wiggly body dance of joy. I've trained her nit to bark, so she won't scare critters away. Out of the fold of the hollow where the pond rests, more elk came. Old cows, young cows, last year's calves, and this year's calves. They raced, and sprang, and bucked. The chased each other through the trees and across the open spaces. They were having so much fun the yearlings and young cows joined in. I remembered my ipad camera and tried to get some pics, but they were moving.

I snapped this one at what was a very brief pause in the game. Most of the herd was to the left behind the shade pine and the camera kept focusing on the pine boughs and blurring the elk. Sorry. They were impressive. Their hides were glossy and they were sleek. Very healthy. We watched for about 30 minutes, then they moved away up Huckleberry Hill. 

I took Rosie out to potty. I detected lingering pesticide: lip burning, lymph gland reaction. I walked down to the clothes line, waiting while Rosie accomplished her business. Then we started walking back. The woods erupted in wolf hunting song. I could hear 6-8 voices. They were strung out in a semi-circle around me from Violet Way, across the top of Huckleberry Hill, and over to Wolf Top. The nearest being something like 600' away. You can only imagine the primal, gut reaction that sound inspired. The howling is designed to panic the elk into stampeding, so they can pick off a straggler. It worked on me. My adrenaline fired and I mentally calculated the distance/time it would take me to "run" from where I was to the coach door, including the fraction of a second more it would take me to avoid cold-cocking myself on the awning struts. I knew I'd never make it before the wolves reached us. I reigned myself in. Ordered myself to walk, and called Rosie to me, incase they were thinking of a hot dog breakfast as opposed to elk roast. Briefly I considered that they might be tempted to taste a little plump granny, but reassured myself they could probably smell the toxins and would know I would taste bad. I had to tell myself something, to keep myself walking at that calm, assured pace. You know, its like when you're little and you're sleeping on the bottom bunk, you tell yourself all the night monsters are tall and can't bend over, so they won't see you... The howling continued. It was beautiful really, if it wasn't for the fact something was about to die. Rosie seemed oblivious to the threat. That's not reassuring. I did not have my gun with me. I had gotten lax. We made it to the RV, and slipped inside. It was 50 something degrees in here so I turned on the generator and the heat. I could no longer hear the wolves over the rumble. 

So, Patti, how about, "SheHearsWolves?"

9:18 a.m.
I called ODFW (Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife) and relayed my experience to a wolf biology team member, in case they wanted to know. They did, and were very excited about it. They'd send someone out to scout surrounding roads for tracks to verify which way the pack went. She stated the pack was most likely "hunting through." She also said I did exactly the right thing, in faking a calm, assured manner, and calling Rosie to me. I didn't mention the lack of gun...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

8:00 a.m.
Today is the official closing date, where Ron goes into the Title Company, signs the documents and hands over the check!!!!

Sitting around waiting, seems kind of anti-climactic. Please throw a huge party for me with brownies, nachos, guacamole and fizzy drinks.😉😄  Enjoy! 

8:52 a.m.
Just got off the phone with the chemical free cattle rancher, Jim. 🙂 Sounds good. He'll bring a load tomorrow. We'll hold them in the corral, and if I can get there (past the timber co. spraying) I'll check them for toxicity. If they're good he'll bring in a second load and release them all.

Friday 10:53 a.m.
Ron's down mending fence by the corral. We messed around with a cell signal booster most of the morning. The results were unimpressive. We're sending it back. We'll try a different kind next visit. 

Ron didn't get here until after dark last night. He stopped to visit long time friends he hadn't seen in years. They immediately said,  "If she  needs anything, tell her to call and let us know. We're a lot closer than you are!" Good to have support like that. 

The Closing was final as of the bank opening today and the funds being available for dispersal. I have a place!

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